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Kirsten Christopherson and Artfully Fancy Win First APHA World Championship in Amateur Pleasure Driving

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By: Brittany Bevis


In an Amateur Pleasure Driving class of eight entries, Kirsten Christopherson and Artfully Fancy won their first World Championship title. Christopherson has owned “Artie,” a 6-year-old gelding by All Time Fancy, for the past three years. The pair just began competing in pleasure driving this year. Although she is a relative newbie to this event, Christopherson doesn’t have any reservations.

“People have all these scary stories about it, but he’s been so good for me that I haven’t gotten worried,” she says. “I haven’t gotten into a jam with anybody. I’ve driven with calm horses wherever  I’ve been.”

Christopherson’s trainer, Karen Qualls, will be showing Artie in Senior Pleasure Driving and Senior Hunter Under Saddle at the World Show next week. Currently, Qualls and Artie are sitting in the number one spot in the nation in Senior Pleasure Driving.

“Artie is really easy to get along with, and he’s really fun to drive,” she says. “He’s really fun to ride. Artie is a Houdini. He can get out of anything. He’s a goofball.”


Before Christopherson entered the pen for her class this evening, Qualls provided some helpful advice.

“This show was so much more crowded than other shows,” she says. “Karen said to try to pick a lane and stay in it. If I had to pass, obviously I needed to go around them to show off his big stride.”

A few of Christopherson’s friends flew in from Minnesota just to watch her compete today. Now, the trio is headed to Dallas to enjoy some fine-dining and toast to Christopherson’s first World Championship.

“This means a lot to us,” she says. “My mom and I have always wanted a horse that could do pleasure driving.”


Amateur Pleasure Driving

1-Artfully Fancy/Kirsten Christopherson

2-All About The Swing/Anne Rosen

3-He’s Worth The Gamble/Jennifer Shexnayder

4-Heza Texas Hobo/Ashley Wildes

5-Good Zippin Time/Teresa Lewis

6-Hez Got It Go N On/Diane Luckey

7-Reddy Made Rockstar/Kaye Nell Ivins

8-I Want That One/Tracy Hull

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