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Kensy Maxwell and Intentionally Made Are Near-Unanimous in Am. Two-Year-Old Mares at 2013 APHA World Show

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By: Brittany Bevis


Returning from a 14th place finish last year at the APHA World Show, Kensy Maxwell was thrilled to be named the near-unanimous winner of the Amateur Two-Year-Old Mares today with her beautiful mare, Intentionally Made. Maxwell purchased “Roxy” in February of last year from another client in trainer Olin Parker’s barn. She’d had her eye on the mare since it was a baby.

“I liked her, plus I loved her mother,” Maxwell says. “Clint Fullerton used to show her mother, Starletta Verse. They almost look identical, actually. I’ve always loved that mare, so I was like, ‘This is her twin! I have to have it!’ “

Recently, at the 2013 National Halter Championships, Maxwell’s mother, Lisa, showed the mare to an Amateur division win. Because the mother-daughter duo shares horses, it was Maxwell’s turn to take the lead today.


“We took her to Iowa where she won the National Halter Championship,” Maxwell says. “She won there as a yearling the year before. Then, she was Reserve in the 2-Year-Old, and won all the color classes up there this year. My mom showed her there, so that’s why I showed her here. We share horses. All along I thought she was going to show her. Then, after Iowa, in September, she said since she won there, I could show at the World Show. I wasn’t going to say no!”

This marks the fourth win of the day for the Olin Parker crew. It was up to Maxwell not to break the winning streak.

“Olin had a horse win the Amateur Weanling Fillies,” she says. “Then, Jason’s horse is with us, and it won the Breeding Stock Amateur Weanling Fillies. Then, Nathan is with us, and he won the Breeding Stock Amateur 2-Year-Old Mares. So, Olin’s won four in a row!”


Amateur 2-Year-Old Mares

1-Intentionally Made/Kensy Maxwell

2-Cool Secrets N Lace/Robin Robinett

3-Double Shot Of Hot/Gary Martin

4-Golds In Her Future/Debra Sue Larson

5-Kiss Frank

6-Tr Picturesque/Marlena Lucas

7-I Got Junk In My Trunk/Fred Cole

8-SS Femme Fatale/Christine Eller

9-Timeless Ruby/Ramona Caldwell

10-Too Cool To Execute/Thomas Scheckel

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