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It’s All About the Legs – Proper Strides for Hunter Under Saddle

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130 – October, 2020

By Rachel Kooiker

The minute a Hunter Under Saddle horse trots down the center line, your eye should be drawn to a soft, elastic step that floats above the ground. You could set a beat to the sweeping stride that seems to cover a lot of ground, but in elegant, slow motion. The ideal Hunter Under Saddle horse moves effortlessly and appears to almost hover above the ground instead of touching it. But what makes up this elusive stride and how can you identify and develop these qualities in your own horse? We spoke with three leading trainers to gain perspective on how to identify, develop, and maintain correct strides for Hunter Under Saddle. Read on for an in-depth look at the all-important legs that create a winning Hunter Under Saddle performance.

Meet the Experts

Lainie DeBoer
DeBoer has been a professional horseman since 1993 and is an AQHA Specialized Judge cardholder for Over Fence events. Lainie and her clients have won over 50 AQHA World Championships and Congress Championships in Working Hunter, Equitation over Fences, Hunt Seat Equitation, and Hunter Hack.

Beth Case
Case is a nine-time World Champion and is also an AQHA Professional Horseman and a multiple Congress Champion. Case was the 2019 NSBA High Point Open Hunter Under Saddle rider.

Amber Hanson Pickard
Pickard, together with her husband, Dwayne Pickard, train for Pickard Hanson Show Horses in Byron, Michigan. Pickard was the 2019 NSBA High Point Limited Open Hunter Under Saddle rider and along the way collected a number of impressive wins in the Hunter Under Saddle arena.

From the Rulebook

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130 – October, 2020

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