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Inside The Home Frank Lloyd Wright Designed For His Son

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Why are we sharing a YouTube video about architecture?

This particular video from Architectural Digest showcases the home of the grandparents of Kim Lloyd Wright, a name not only associated with Frank Lloyd Wright, but also with multiple World and Congress Champion Blended Choclate, aka “Ben.”  Ben is now mostly retired, with activites in his days such as teaching Kim’s nieces to ride in Arizona.

Kim recently shared this video on her Facebook page in recognition of her great-grandfather, Frank Lloyd Wright, who designed more than 1,000 structures in his illustrious career, with eight of those structures designated UNESCO sites. He designed this home for his son and daughter-in-law, who were Kim’s grandparents.


Text from Architectural Digest:

Today, AD travels to Phoenix, Arizona, to tour the David and Gladys Wright house—the home designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright for his son. When your father is America’s most celebrated architect, the greatest gift he could give you is a house, and this unique home uses many of the same ideas Lloyd Wright incorporated in the design of the Guggenheim Museum. The spiral structures, often symbolizing the infinite or longevity, are poetic, as David and his wife Gladys lived to be over 100 years old in this house. After many years of neglect and threats of demolition, father-and-daughter duo Bing and Amanda Hu bought the house and have since been on a mission to restore it to its former glory, keeping its legacy alive. Archival Photos Courtesy of Pedro E. Guerrero.

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