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In Loving Memory of Zippos Redemption (1998-2018)

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By: Brittany Bevis

We are deeply saddened to relay the news of the passing of a notable APHA all-around horse that made his mark in numerous divisions and disciplines over the past two decades- Zippos Redemption. Born April 23, 1998, “Tucker” was by the great Zippos Sensation and out of Sorceress. He passed away May 10th, 2018 at the ripe old age of 20 after helping a number of talented equestriennes achieve their dreams.

Early on in his career, Tucker joined up with a then- newcomer to the APHA show circuit, Chelsea Bain. They competed together from 2004 to 2007, winning four Youth World Championships and two Reserve Championships. Later, Chelsea’s mother, Renee Jobe, rode Tucker to win a Novice Amateur World Championship in Showmanship.


Chelsea Bain with Zippos Redemption 

“When I first saw Tucker, I thought he was the most beautiful horse I’d ever seen,” Chelsea says. “My mom and Sara Simons were with me when I tried him out. Recently, Sara said, ‘I remember when we went and looked at him. When you rode him, I knew right away he was the one for you!’ It made my heart happy to hear that.”

One of Chelsea’s fondest memories with Tucker came when they achieved their first World Championship together. “We had to work really hard to get there. I remember Andrea Simons telling me from the stands that we won, and I didn’t believe her. When they called us out as the winner, I started bawling and I couldn’t stop. We were all crying— maybe not Tucker, but he knew he was a very good boy. Jana told me it was hard to pick photos of us because every single one was of me crying or with my face covered, hugging Tucker. He looked handsome in every one, of course!”


Mary Katherine Camp- 2015 Reserve World Champion in 14-18 Equitation

Throughout the course of his career, Tucker carried youth, amateur, and open riders to a career total of 13 World Titles, 8 Reserve World Titles, and earned 6,163 points. Proving his versatility, of the 13 World Titles, he earned two in Open Trail, four in Open Western Riding, and 1,132 open points. With Chelsea Bain in the saddle, Tucker earned 2,738 points, four of the World titles and two Reserve World titles. Another notable youth he carried to victory was Mary Katherine Camp, who earned 971.5 points and three of the Reserve World titles.

Pamela Switzer with Zippos Redemption- 2016 Masters Western Riding World Champion.

Then, on March 28, 2016, Tucker joined forces with his final owner, Pamela Switzer, and helped her fulfill many of her dreams as a novice competitor. “The year of 2016 was a year I will never forget,” she says. “With Tucker being my partner, we checked off a lot of firsts. I was a novice in several classes, with the exception of Showmanship and Western Pleasure. In that first year together of 2016 and in 2017, we won a 2016 World Championship in Novice Amateur Western Riding, 2016 World Championship in Masters Amateur Western Riding, 2016 Reserve Championship in Novice Amateur Horsemanship, 2016 Reserve Championship in Novice Amateur Trail, and a 2017 Reserve Championship in Masters Amateur Trail. We were second on the 2016 Masters Amateur Showmanship Honor Roll, second on the Novice Amateur Trail Honor Roll, second on the Novice Amateur Horsemanship Honor Roll, and fourth on the Novice Amateur Western Riding Honor Roll.” In just two years together, Pamela and Tucker won two World titles, three Reserve titles, and accumulated 623.5 points.



One of Pamela’s most memorable moments with the horse she fondly called “Ole’ Man River” took place at the 2016 APHA World Show where they won two World Championships in Western Riding- one in Novice Amateur and one in Masters Amateur. “He always stepped up for me at the World shows,” she says. “It was like he knew what I was thinking, and the ride on him was fun and very rewarding!

Pam still remembers the first time she saw Tucker in the spring of 2013 when the Camp family had just joined Simons Show Horses. “I enjoyed watching MK ride Tucker in youth events. I learned he wasn’t a free ride, but he was extremely talented and made you become a better rider and competitor in the pen. My initial impression was that I loved him and thought one day I would hopefully have a horse like him! That day came in the spring of 2016, when the opportunity to own him was presented and we became a team. Today, I’m still beyond thankful to the Camp family and Simons Show Horses for allowing Tucker and I to become a team!”

Pamela loved Tucker dearly and had hoped to retire him to the rolling hills of Switzer Farm in Busby, Alberta, Canada. Although he has since passed, Tucker is now headed home, and his ashes will rest on Pamela’s property alongside her beloved dog, Abbey.

“For me, Tucker was truly my best partner, as he could read me, and that allowed me to be able to stay soft in my communication to him; but, he was also very quick to tell Sara that I was doing something wrong! I got in way more trouble than him!” Pamela laughs.

“I’m hoping to get another horse like Tucker. A show horse like Tucker takes a lot of time to create and, honestly, there will really only be one Tucker in my lifetime. But, I’m hoping to create another that would come close to him. Only time will tell!”

Someone who understands Pamela’s pain is Tucker’s former youth partner, Chelsea. “Some people may not understand the heartbreak of losing an animal such as a horse; but, to me, it’s just as hard as any other heartbreak. I was lucky enough to get to ride him when I went back to Texas about a week before he passed. He was as perfect as ever, and I thank God that I made that trip when I did. I’ll forever hold that last ride with Tucker in my heart. That was the most special ride of all.”

Our sincere condolences go out to Pamela, Chelsea, Mary Katherine, and the entire Simons Show Horses team following the loss of Tucker.

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