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In Loving Memory of Izzy Got It – 2005 – 2023

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Izzy Got It – Photo credit: Cody Parmenter Photography

By Amanda Gately and Leena Volmer

“Bosco wasn’t for everyone, but he was so very special to me,” says Amanda Gately.  “When I showed him he was like floating on a cloud, that moment of time stopped and it was just you and him and no one else around.

He was my first horse to show at the AQHA WORLD SHOW & The congress. The first horse that took me to finals. He won me my first NSBA trophy. But more then all those “things” I got to love Bosco while he loved one of my favorite kids. He made dreams come true for Leena Volmer, Myself, and Calen Braden ; and I will never be able to to thank Leena Volmer enough for sharing Bosco with Calen and I.

I remember when I went to say goodbye to him before I left Texas; through the tears I told him this wasn’t goodbye it was see you later.

So here’s to “I will see later buddy” on the other side one day. Cheers to 18 amazing years Bosco.”

Leena Volmer explains, “God’s plans are not always our plans. Never have I ever loved one of God’s creatures more than I loved Bosco. He was my soulmate that was supposed to grow old with me….God had a different plan — Rest in Eternal Peace, Bosco. I know that heaven is made of peppermints just for you. 💔

Bosco was the luckiest horse on earth…not only was he loved by me, he was also deeply loved by Mandi Gately & Calen Braden.  Bosco will live forever in all 3 of our hearts.”

Thank you to Amanda Gately and Leena Volmer for sharing their tribute to Bosco, who had just turned 18 this spring – thank you also to Don Trout Photography, Shane Rux Photography, Cody Parmenter Photography, and all of Bosco’s loved ones for the use of the photos below.  Our deepest condolences go to Amanda, the Volmer Family, The Braden Family, Craig Nelson, the Frids, and everyone who had a special place in their hearts for Bosco.


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