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How I Prepare For Trail With 2015 AQHYA World Champion Emily Maul

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Emily and Lefty

Emily and Lefty

By: Brittany Bevis

So far in our AQHYA World Show Prep Series we’ve covered the following:

Since Trail finals are this morning here at the 2016 AQHYA World Show, let’s check in with the 2015 World Champion Emily Maul to get a few last-miute tips.

1. How did you go about preparing physically and mentally for your event last year?

“For me and Lefty as a team, we love what we do. The key was working with Lefty every day to ensure he and I continued to grow. Because we love what we do and are always striving to get better, it was easy to stay mentally fresh and strong.”

2. Give some specific exercises and routines you used to hone both you and your horse’s skills.

“To ensure that our practices were used in the most effective way, I made sure to longe Lefty, if needed, prior to working on the patterns. Also having a plan before executing the pattern was important. I would go through each section of the pattern making sure I had a great plan for both Lefty and I.”

 3. What are the top three most important things to remember in this class if an exhibitor is hoping to take home a golden globe?

“Confidence in who you are and what you’re doing. Mentally rehearsing the pattern until you’re confident you can execute. Have passion for what you’re doing.”

4. If you could give one piece of specific advice to help competitors looking to come out on top in this event at the Youth World, what would it be?

“Enjoy what you do, and have confidence that you can do it well.”
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