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Have You Thanked Your Trainer Today?

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Trainer Brent Harnish speaks to his student, who also happens to be his sister-in-law, Joan Ames, after her class with He Only Sends Roses at the 2022 Pinto World Championship Show. Photo credit: Janice Fonseca.


Last week, we asked our readers what they were most thankful for regarding their trainers, and they responded in a very big way!

We managed to group some of the multiple responses together, but we didn’t want to miss any in the 600 or so responses – so scroll and find your trainer below (hint – Control+F keys together help you search for any word).

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for recognizing the trainers who make our worlds go around!


Cor Inne Sabrina

I’m technically considered a DIY, and there are so many great people to thank. As far as accomplishments, one of my favorite was placing in a big NA Eq class at congress. Most people laughed or assumed it wasn’t ever going to happen, but Ed Weber , my neighbor, helped me prepare for congress and never made me feel like I was a nobody. He, along with Doug Kerr , said there’s no reason I couldn’t be in the placings, that we were as well prepared as any one else. I’ve held onto those words ever since, and have been blessed to get my name called a few more times since then.

I will also give a shout out to Adam Guiste. When I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer last year, he and his entire barn family stepped up before I even could grasp what was happening to my life and organized a fundraiser for me along with all the great people of Fort Armstrong Horseman’s Association/ Crooked Creek Horse Park . Adam even showed my ranch pony for me as I was not able to do much riding or showing with the chemo I was on at the time. I could give you a list of 100 names of people that really stepped up for me and continue to encourage me to keep going with my treatments.


Jessi Jo Boulter

Michelle Warda adapts to each individual’s situation, she allows us to create a program that works for us. She is the perfect balance of toughness and patience. She helps my Jorja not only learn skills to be successful now but teaches her horsemanship to be successful long term. She appreciates the hard work Jorja puts in and praises her for it, while also giving her the tools to keep working and reach the goals she has set for herself. We are forever grateful. 🤍🤍🤍

Kimm McDowell

Jessi Jo Boulter we had Michelle Warda as our trainer when my daughter showed her HUS mare MillionDollarDetails in AQHYA events. She’s great!


Amanda and Farley

Amanda Smith-Niedzwiecki

I love my trainer Farley McLendon! I was beginning to become really discouraged with horse showing before I met Farley and truly wanted to quit. She took me under her wing and put me on the right track. This is my second year with her, and I couldn’t be happier. She is one of the hardest working people I know. My horses are well taken care of, I never worry even for a second about their well-being. She also puts so much time into each and every horse and truly cares about my goals and works me and the horse to help make them a reality. She’s extremely honest and straight forward. I look forward to each and every horse show and I love our little barn family! Horses now more than ever because of Farley have become a really important part of my life.

Allison Rassinoux

My trainer, Farley McLendon , has been amazing, even in the short time I have been in her program. I definitely never have to worry that my horse is not receiving the utmost care. She is honest, and attempts to keep me out of my own head. I have really enjoyed being welcomed into her program, and into the new barn family.

Kenleigh Afton

Allison Rassinoux she is the absolute best

Tracy Michele

Allison Rassinoux she is very good with the horses

Gurvir Dhindsa Sater

Allison Rassinoux so happy for you!

Leslie Valladares

Allison Rassinoux Love Farley McLendon!! She’s a bad B!


Kim Vanderwende

My daughter, Kristy Lee Smith she is completely devoted to her customers and their horses, she is kind, patient and educated. She makes sure every customer gets what they need, the transformation of the horses that are under her guidance is amazing.

Michelle Welsh

Kim Vanderwende Kristy Lee Smith

Kristy’s knowing and understanding that you have to take the time to figure out each horse as an individual is what I respect the most about her. She realizes not all horses develop the same and in the same time, she will absolutely do what is right for each individual horse. As for her people clients same rules apply!!! A wonderful learning environment for both horse and people!!!!!!❤️❤️

Kristys Quarter Horses


Staci Wiesner

I am grateful for Monte Ruden who always prioritizes the well-being of the horse. His dedication and commitment to putting the horse first is truly admirable. Thank you for your unwavering patience, support and compassion towards your clients and our equine companions! 🩷


Ginger Leeper

I love such a positive post! I’ve had the pleasure of working with and getting to know many greats in the industry. I think they all had a common trait of self-reflection and self-development, along with the desire to seek advice from those before them. ❤️


MaKayla Fuchs-Utlak

Forever grateful for Tammy Braham and Hayley Ayers teaching me the horse always comes first! And to never let your emotions take over from your brain! And most importantly win or lose always be grateful for the ride and the horse that gave it to you❤️

Hayley Ayers

MaKayla Fuchs-Utlak ❤️

Tammy Braham

MaKayla Fuchs-Utlak ❤️❤️❤️


Jessica Ley

Colton Smith is amazing, a great coach, amazing trainer and always there for his clients. He’s done an amazing job with our challenging mare, we couldn’t be more proud of the progress he’s made! Him and his wife, Val Smith, work tirelessly to run an incredible training program and the horses health is their #1 priority! We can’t say enough great things about Colton and Val! Super incredible people!


Jessica Marie Woolsey

I have been blessed with my mom as my horse trainer and she goes above and beyond to make sure I get outside help when needed. We have made lots of memories over the years at horse shows.


Megan Caliendo

Sara Simons for her absolute dedication and passion to the sport and the industry. I really appreciate that you make sure both the horse and rider are prepared to enter the arena as a team and you make sure not to push either until that is achievable. You’re inspiring by being a hard-working woman who has gained respect as an equestrian, mentor, and judge and team Simons adores you! Thank you.


Mary Minich (left), Marion Troyer and Anna Minich (right) at the Premier 2023.

Kimberly Minich

Marion Troyer is the best. He has been great to work with for several years. He takes wonderful care of our mares and has made my daughters into the riders they are today. Just an all around outstanding guy and family. Happy to be part of Team Troyer.


Rebecca Hazek

Marion & Kirsty Troyer are two of my all-time favorite people. From a business standpoint, their work ethic, determination, honesty and integrity are very much appreciated. Those attributes were the vehicle to a friendship that I will cherish for a lifetime. Some of my favorite rides are spent with them just cruising around and talking horse, life, or whatever is on our heads that day ☺️


Bonnie Laker Jeffries

Thank you Clint Ainsworth for all the things! 🥰

Clint Ainsworth

Bonnie Laker Jeffries Thank you!!!!

Debra McDonough Rizk

Clint Ainsworth for believing in my son! There are so very many things to be grateful for you. Thank you for your wisdom, kindness, toughness, humor.

Bonnie Minor

Clint Ainsworth


Taylor Robinson Dahl

Multiple trainers to thank.

For Ryan Painter Show Stables I appreciate so much the peace of mind knowing my horse is treated right and cared for well! That the horse comes first. The barn family and the fun we have! The honesty, patience (except when I circled the jump for an hour and maybe the patience was lost), your drive to make everyone better, and the list goes on 😘

For Above the Bar Sport Horses I appreciate the horse always coming first and knowing the care is perfect. The unwavering support, dedication and time spent helping us, believing in us, your attention to detail, and the list goes on 💕

For Michele Thompson, I appreciate you believing and providing ways to make it possible to get into horse showing and do this. All the time, effort, and hard work you put into your students. Being there at any time for anything (even giving me a horse for a year) and a lifelong friend 💜

Ryan Painter Show Stables


Michele Thompson

Taylor Robinson Dahl love u both. Been my pleasure to have been a part of it all. You”ll always be “my girl.”

Jackie Parisek

Ryan Painter Show Stables . Class acts they treat our horses like their own ! They make horse showing fun !

Darcy Calkins Stricker

Jackie Parisek I second Jackie’s comment. While I’ve only been a part of their program for a few months, the care of my horse, the quality of horsemanship… I feel extremely privileged to have a horse under Ryan’s, Lance’s & Morgan’s care.

Susan Plumb

Ryan Painter Show Stables Ryan Painter Lance Bryson Dustin Eickenhorst Morgan Ilic Eickenhorst We couldn’t begin to list all of the things that these guys have done for us! No one could ever compare to this group of Trainers! We are so blessed and appreciate you all more than you will ever know❤️😘


Hana Thomas

Forever grateful to Ryan Painter, Morgan Ilic Eickenhorst, and Lance Bryson for their guidance and love! Thank you for always putting my horses first and I always have peace of mind knowing you look after them. I’ll forever appreciate you guys!


Chelsea Chantel

Grateful every day for my horse trainer Kyle Nauman. He focuses on MY goals and understands that no two horses are the same. He is honest, hardworking and loves what he does ❤️


Eleanor Harowicz

Jonathan Meilleur has the best interest of the horse first and looks out for his customers. He has an amazing eye for the whole picture and knows how to explain what needs to happen to get to your goals. He knows how to “peel off the layers” as he likes to say of both the horse and the rider. It’s a truly unique combination, and I’m so glad to be in his program.


Lara Samios Simmons

The fact that he prepares me and my horses so thoroughly before our class and has unlimited patience.


Les Lee

I appreciate my trainer’s honesty, patience, support, fashion sense (she is great at finding shirts for me).


Whitney Whidden Barrs

Amanda Ringer you are the whole package! Thank you for your patience, guidance, & wisdom. Thank you for creating a program that keeps my ponies happy, healthy, & competitive. I am forever grateful🖤


Dallas Reyes

I’m thankful every day for Maegen Evans! The thought, care and education she provides our horses and us is outstanding! Keep doing great things! 🥰🤩🦄


Randi Stockdill

Very thankful for my trainers (Andrey, Trent, and Debby Ferreir. Their care and love for my horses is outstanding and some of mine horses have been pretty challenging. They put the horses first. 🧡🐿️


Mary Youngs

I’m forever thankful for my Trainer Darren Buckle. He is one of the most hard-working, patient, and positive trainers I’ve ever met. Darren goes above and beyond for his clients and horses . He has pushed me to be a better rider and excel at things I never thought I would do.


Dawn Edwards Yurkiewicz

Emily McMillan you are the most generous person to my horses, ever. Thank you for everything you do.


Wendy Boynton

I am thankful for Scott Tyrrell for caring about my horse and making sure that she has everything she needs from head to toe and everything in between. She can be high maintenance (so can I) but he puts up with us and helps us to be the best we can be. In today’s world of trainer bashing, I think it is important to remember that there are good hearted trainers out there and they need to be recognized and respected for always putting the horse first.


Lisa Czonstka

Shawn Alter I appreciate his patience and the time he takes to explain things to help me improve. Thank you Shawn!!

Shawn Alter

Lisa Czonstka very welcome.


Annette Cline

JD & Stacey Roberson are amazing trainers! I know that my horse is well cared for eight days a week- I say that because it’s a lifestyle for them and they are the hardest working people I know. Not only do they prioritize the horse’s well-fair, they care about mine too. The lessons I receive are so rewarding. My goals become their goals. Stacey has the most astute observation skills that enable her to see the tiniest things that I’m doing while riding and we work together so I’m a better equestrian. I learn with each ride and make improvements at each show, which is so exciting! My first horse, Steele, that was with Diamond R Ranch was of the age that he needed to retire. Stacey found the perfect horse, Shaggy, for me and included me in the process! I’m so grateful to have found trainers with such integrity.

Angela Scheckel

Whitney Vicars Stacey Roberson are two of the finest out there ❤️❤️ Thank you for everything over the year.

Whitney Vicars

Angela Scheckel Angie you are too kind! Miss you 😘

Angela Scheckel

Whitney Vicars love you Whit 😘


Hannah Stensrud

the dedication and love for the horses is unmatched with Kristin Klimmek & Alyssa. Thankful to have them in my corner and advocating for our horses!


Ginny Veith Tauer

Get yourself a trainer (Taylor Pearson) that sends you this snap chat the week before you drop your kids off for spring break horse camp!  →






Becky Tickner Sanders

Stefanie Pullin Austin. Her patience and hand holding have gotten me back to riding. It took 2 years after I was thrown and had multiple injuries. She helped me find the right partner to help me get back in the ring. She is a rare jewel and is loved by all!!!


Toni Gregoire

I’m thankful for Kara Dougherty and Terry Paul for taking great care of my horse when she is with them. I have never worried while she is in training with them. I truly appreciate the time and help they have given me for many years. ❤️

Kara Dougherty

Toni Gregoire thank you! ❤️


Jessica Beuerlein Keisling

Abby Cosenza has been the most amazing mentor and trainer for 15 years! She has stuck by my side through the ebbs and flows of my life inside and outside of the show pen. My goals are her goals from the local show to the AQHA World Show; she is there for me! Her passion and patience are unparalleled and I am so proud to show under her guidance!


Sydney Murphy

Mary Luther-Eggleston is so patient, creative, encouraging, positive, and advocates for the horse above all else. She always believes in me even when I may not believe in myself. She has been a true blessing for myself and my horse ❤️


Laura Lukens

Cody Crow is incredibly insightful and kind, with both his clients and their horses. He is very skilled in the disciplines in which he trains and shows, but what sets him apart are his people skills. I am so fortunate my gelding and I are able to learn and grow under his tutelage.


Alicia Nicole

Alexandria Bryner- thank you for your incredible amount of patience and being such a positive influence in my daughters lives. Your teaching skills are like none other, you know exactly when and how to push someone to be their best. Your love, patience, dedication to the horses and clients along with an insane work ethic are truly remarkable. We are so fortunate to have you🖤🧡


Amanda Bierkan

Julie Graham is the kindest most dedicated professional to both me and my horse! She keeps us grounded and pushes us to always be better. ♥️


Cyndy Smith

I appreciate the reflection after classes and how they believe in my kid and her horse. Saul Sliss Show Horses is truly there for what is good for the horse and rider. I truly appreciate everyone in the program and how they all approach each situation to make it better.


Clara Colburn

Josh Shengle well we have only been working together for the past winter but what I appreciate about him the most is that he has never once let my disability put a damper on my riding. He didn’t even bat an eye when we talked about how some things are harder for me or I may be limited on what I can and can’t do in the saddle. And the growth I’ve seen this past winter is incredible. Thank you for all you do for me and my boy Josh!


Patti Greene

Houston Huff Performance Horses is one of the best experiences I have had in my horse showing journey. He is a true leader for our horses and show crew. My horses love him and I believe in him and his program. He puts a lot of thought into what each horse needs and has a plan. Truly an excellent program that inspires me to want to learn everything I can from him. Bailey Wininger and Harley Huff always have everything running smoothly at shows. They all have my respect, appreciation and love!!!


Heather Roe

I appreciate everything about the people who have helped me along the way! I have never taken any of them for granted!


Jan Ketterling

I appreciate my trainer Darren Buckle for his dedication to all the horses in his care. Not only is he a great trainer that puts the welfare of the horse first, he is a kind, caring person who works tirelessly to support each and everyone of his clients in achieving success. He is also often seen helping and encouraging others who are not in his barn. He is a wonderful asset to the horse community and always goes the extra mile!


Hannah Shott

Chelsea E. Carlson is hands down the best trainer. The perfect balance of pushing you to be your best with caring about each and every one of her students. The horses care comes first over anything and learning each horses fun personalities. I feel so fortunate to have learned from her💗

Chelsea E. Carlson

Hannah Shott just saw this but thank you so much for the kind words🥰 hope you are doing well! Let me know if you’re ever In The area 🙂


Amy Zabel

We are thankful for Joe and Corina Holman and Holman Halter Horses! They have been with us from day 1, given the best advice and wisdom, and they’re great friends ❤️


Cheri Pebbles

Devotion to my mares, recognizing each journey is different, and going above and beyond 24/7 makes Tammy Braham a bright and shining example of professionalism. I would not have started or stayed the course had it not been for her tough love!

Tammy Braham

Cheri Pebbles ❤️❤️❤️


Kate Armstrong

I have been with Kate and Drew Emnett for 11 years, they are like family! ❤️I’m incredibly grateful to them for everything they have taught me over the years and the opportunities they have given me! I love Drew’s sense of humor and honesty, and Kate is so kind and patient!


Rhonda Kraft

Brooke Walters has been a perfect fit for Harley and I. She has shown such patience and care for both my horse and I as we have worked through green horse/green rider challenges. Horse showing is hard but with Brooke I have found my way back to fun in the show pen again. Plus Harley is doing awesome and seems to be happy. ❤️


Christi Free

Scott Thompson honest hard work, his knowledge and experience in everything, and his steady and calmness with our horses.


Miranda Taylor Photography

I want to give a shoutout to all the trainers that volunteer their time to the Heroes on Horses events throughout the year! Every veteran that participates appreciates your time and expertise more than you realize.


Laurel Anthony

Knabenshue Performance Horses for their integrity, horsemanship, and bringing my crazy little dream to reality! I never worry about my horse and I know he’s happy. And Will is always thinking outside the box to figure out a horse (or rider!)


Brister Shum

Ryan Cottingim and Amanda Gately absolutely put their heart and soul into caring for my horses and making sure I have the assistance needed to perform my best! So appreciated!!


Jennifer Hungate with the Russell Show Horses crew

Jennifer Hungate

Having never had a trainer before Brittany Russell Brown, I can honestly say I’ll never go anywhere else. Her passion, talent, work ethic and honesty are qualities I respect and appreciate. She loves my horses as much as I do and always puts their well-being first. Thank you for being one of the great ones! ❤️

Brittany Russell Brown

Jennifer Hungate ❤️

Nicole Miceli Mueller

Jennifer Hungate agree 100%



Sarah Gibson

Patience with my quirks, the knowledge to know when the horse is ready to move forward in the process, and the ability to successfully predict capabilities even if it’s not what I want to hear

(and of course allowing me the time to process the 2nd two 😂)


Maggie Waslaski

Krista, Ashley, and Melissa, you all care so much about each and every one of us. My birthdays spent at the fair are some of my favorite memories as well as all of the laughs. I always felt prepared when I entered the ring, I knew I had my cheering squad with me for every maneuver! The three of you made me into the rider and person I am today, so grateful for every memory. ❤️


Bill Schenk

We appreciate everything my daughter’s trainer Travis Tieman has done for my daughter in training her horses as well as working on her confidence! He has the patience of a saint! Great guy an his girlfriend Kathy Fitzpatrick is equally as talented with the horses!



Rachel Henshaw

Going above and beyond for not just my horse and I, but including my son and family in the horse show world (Kurt Rampe).







Ashley Moser

Olivia Gleissner is Amazing! She always puts the horse first, I never have to worry… She is patient, kind, and caring! She always goes above and beyond!! I’m so lucky not to just her my trainer but my best friend!! 🖤🩵🖤🩵


Tammy Zimmerman Reed

Caitlin Raysser is the best! She truly loves the horses and has their best interest at heart!


Mallory Melville

Mike Rapley adjusts his program around the horse. It’s so nice to see somebody take the time and patience to understand the horse and what they need from him then adjust himself and his program accordingly. Because of this, it’s not just one style/type of horse that thrives in the program, but he develops each individual to the best of their ability while keeping them happy and fresh!


Patty Flack Sweisberger

I have been with Mark Stevens for 38 years! More the half my life, he is family and even though he is retired he still rides my ponies. His love for the horses is what I admire the most. He helps them do what they can do best and thinks outside of the box. Susan Steele is his other half. When they worked together, what a team! I admire both of them so much. Friends for life! 🌴🌞🍊


Fred Fisher


Amber Schuttey

I appreciate my trainer’s ability and knowledge. Even more so..his patience and understanding of us as clients and our horses! He understands how we are not all the same and no two people/horses learn the same way! Took me time to find the right fit but I am beyond grateful for all he does for us! Thank you, Fred Fisher!







Kristie Wagner

Julie Marie Solvesky and Jamie Binegar are two of the best, they put the horses first and their care for them is top notch. They go above and beyond their calling of trainers, they are truly remarkable and can’t say enough good things about them both. Forever grateful for them and they will always be family to us. ♥️

Julie Marie Solvesky

Kristie Wagner aww🥹 thank you!


Vicky Brown Martin

I can’t thank Amanda Reed Hollinger enough for all she does for me, my daughter, and our horses. She has brought my mare to a new level, all while being kind and patient. She takes the time to figure out the horse and works with them as an individual. Never pushing them beyond their mental or physical capabilities. The care she provides is impeccable. We appreciate her strength, compassion, dedication, and knowledge.

Amanda Reed Hollinger

Vicky Brown Martin thank you Vicky! I appreciate the kind words and thank you also for everything you do to support us! Blessed to have such a wonderful team. 💪🏻💙


Kayla Massie

My trainer is Kyle Nauman-I appreciate his honesty with what a horse is ready for, his kindness towards the animals, and being a great coach. Very appreciative for all he has done over the years. 🤍

Bailey Houghton

also Kyle Nauman!! I appreciate that he’s always there for any need or request, doesn’t matter what aspect of being my trainer it falls under. Also his honesty, even if it’s not what I want to hear in that moment.

Natalie Campbell

Kayla Massie yes! I appreciate that he hears us as owners when we have strange requests or we talk with animal communicators. He loves the horses and is honest with what they will be best suited for. Kyle Nauman 🫶🏼


Katy Barrett

I am very lucky to own two talented horses, each under different, wonderful trainers! I never worry about my horses’ well-being and care in each of their hands and am so happy with how each of them have come along and perform for me! Each of my horses have amazingly fun and happy personalities due to their great care.

Not only are they great with my horses, but also with me, and I consider them to be great friends.

So a BIG heartfelt thank you to Tina Langness and Savanah Hunziker. I greatly appreciate you both 🥰

Victoria Wiersum

Although my horse has never been in direct training with Savanah Hunziker her guidance and friendship in and out of the pen has been appreciated more than she will ever know! Witnessing the love and care for each one of her horses has been a breath of fresh air. I absolutely love being apart of her barn ♥️

Mikey Trueba

Victoria Wiersum I second this!

Marnie Kristine Freeman

Savanah Hunziker has guided my girl to help her bloom into the next amazing star. She has helped me and been so wonderful with updates and caring not only about my horse but about me and the process and each step to take! I am so thankful each day she is in our lives!


Jay M Dollinger

The exceptional patience, devotion and dedication to train our home grown horses. Not only that but also promoting and coaching those in our program is what I’m most proud to recognize our friend and trainer Austin Michael Scholl.


Gary-Sandy Dingeldein

Can’t say enough about Maxwell Show Horses they always have my back and have us ready for my next class, show or whatever we are doing thank you for all your hard work and help Brent


Christina Marie Bottlemy

He meets me where I’m at and always encourages me for more rather than getting frustrated or upset like I’ve had in the past. He never gets tired of me being around or asking a million questions and he always finds the good, even if sometimes it’s mostly not. I used to drive just shy of five hours to ride with him and see my horse. I’m much closer now.


Stephanie Friedman Craddock

Brad Luebben I mean talk about a great horseman! His drive to be competitive, coupled with his love of the horse, is very impressive. He is exactly what you want in a trainer…someone that you, as a client, want to make proud! He takes the horse and rider, evaluates their strengths and weaknesses, and then figures out a way to make the team successful!


Shannon Moeller

I don’t have a trainer, but I have a huge admiration and respect for Jodie Distad! Her horses always seem happy and I haven’t seen her school one very hard at shows, anyway. I’m always watching and trying to learn how I can do better and be better! 😊

Jodie Distad

Shannon Moeller thank you❤️

Rhoda Greiman Thompson

Shannon Moeller i totally agree!

Janet Brock Radke

Shannon Moeller, couldn’t agree more !!!! I have a great deal of respect for Jodie, she does an amazing job !!!


Rachel Wehner

I’m lucky to have learned for years from Jodie Distad as a youth. She truly shaped my future as a horseman and in life.


Kelly Lewis Goldinger

I’m so incredibly grateful to Brian Cox. I put all my trust in him and will forever be thankful I did. He found the most amazing mare for me. The care that my mare receives is absolutely top notch! In over 40 years of horse showing for me, I can honestly say I’ve never enjoyed riding and showing more than I have in the year I been with Brian.


Kyra Koester

Colton Smith is always putting the horses first and showing up, on both the good and bad days. He’s always treated my horses like his own. He saw the potential in me 5 years ago and helped me achieve goals I didn’t even know I had, even when I wasn’t very coachable. We love the love he has for this industry!

Kraig Koester

Colton Smith Val Smith Smith Horse Company Kyra Koester

Colton and Val.

The best.


Horses first.

Riders first.

I never worry for one second that they won’t do what’s best for my daughter or our horses.

Proving that chasing championships and good times can go hand in hand.

Even if they won’t let me run trail with a draft horse.

Or ride giraffes.


Alicia Nicole

Victoria Epstein- we are so lucky to have such an awesome assistant trainer! Your care you provide for the horses and clients is impeccable❤️ thank you for all you do day in and day out. Your hard work and knowledge is irreplaceable.


Laura Malenfant

Sherrill Lewis, pushes me to be a better rider and horsewoman.

I appreciate the connection, care and effort you put into every horse. Your passion, hard work and dedication is inspiring.

I also appreciate every trainer I’ve had a chance to work with over the years and what they’ve taught me!


Karen Brooks

The list of people that I trust with my horses is almost non-existent. My daughter & I have ridden with Kara Dougherty for 17 years & have never once worried about the care our horses have received. She is a very kind & caring trainer. We appreciate all she does!

Kara Dougherty

Karen Brooks ❤️❤️❤️



Dana Brown

I’m so thankful for Bobbie Emmons! I always know she has my and my horses best interest at heart! She takes exceptional care of my special girl. I know she works hard and expects the horses to do their part but is humane and kind. She challenges and teaches me to be the best rider I can be! AND she’s fun lol. Love her! ❤️

Debra McDonough Rizk

Dana Brown love Bobbie Emmons!

Bobbie Emmons Show Horses

Dana Brown I am very grateful for you and the trust you put into Lily and I. Love you!! 😘


Jordan Melegari

Being DIY, I often feel like posts like these aren’t my place to comment on… but then I think of all the amazing trainers I’ve gotten to ride and lesson with! Rhonda Replogle, Scott Thomas, JD Koffel to name a few… they always welcome my questions and help me however they can!


Samantha Calabrese

I appreciate that my trainer is honest with me. He lets me see the good and the bad. He also gives my horse the best care possible. Nothing goes unnoticed in his barn. I also appreciate he knows what works for my horse and me. He has taught my horse and I so much. He is a true horseman; the horse always comes first. Thank you, Eric Priest!! Your hard work, dedication, and honesty does not go unnoticed.


Rick Klaus and Amanda Marthaler

Amanda ‘Staus’ Marthaler

Always thankful for my trainer Rick Klaus! I have never had to worry about my horses while they have been at his place and I love knowing they are cared for just as well in his barn as they are in my barn. I appreciate his honesty and willingness to put the horse first. I can’t say enough thank you’s and appreciation on everything I have accomplished under his guidance. He has made so many dreams a reality and I stand behind his program 100%!

Jacqueline Penny

Amanda ‘Staus’ Marthaler I second this, I used to show and ride with him back when I lived in the area and always loved my time there! Treated the horses like royalty and was so kind and respectful to all of his clients! If I had endless funds to send horses half way across the country, I’d send mine back to him!

Kari Costa

I sooo appreciate the hard work and dedication that Rick Klaus has to my horse, my daughter and me. I never have to worry about the care or treatment of either of my horses. Rick’s quiet riding style and patient,consistent training program have been an absolute game changer for my horse. You can literally see the change in the horse’s demeanor because he understands what’s being asked and is happy to do it. Rick’s attention to detail when teaming the horse together with us in our respective classes has made all the difference in the show pen and has made me a much more educated rider because of it.


Annette Yunck

Karen Moon is methodical and consistent. She is teaching my granddaughter to be the same. Great progress is being made so horse and rider can have the greatest connection.


Lisa Merfeld

I appreciate Mitch Adkins’ patience and honesty with me during lessons (especially when he’s told me the same thing 100 times before!) and attention to care for the horses, whether it be the feed program or maintenance needs. His knowledge and recommendation for bloodlines and breeding has been very helpful for breeding programs within our barn to continue to raise quality prospects.


John Wayne

I appreciate that my trainer Kristin Klimmek and her assistant trainer Alyssa Bethke treat and LOVE my horses exactly as they would their own. I trust them wholeheartedly.

Kendra Jo Schultz

Kristin and Alyssa always put the horse first and treat them with outstanding kindness ❤️

Rachel Wehner

So thankful for the dedication and kindness Kristin Klimmek & Alyssa Bethke shows to us and our ‘kids’.

Kristin Klimmek

Thank you, guys! Happy horses!!!


Chelsea Seegert

I appreciate their patience with Kaleb and my self. They found me one great horse and I will always be grateful for that. I have achieved many goals all thanks to them ❤️🖤 Blake and Becca Britton


Maddie Passmore

Emma Widener was the best to be around. Taking me to my final youth world just after a barn switch. I feel like I could always talk to her and we could work through everything. She pushed me to be the best. Forever thankful for her and her love for my sweet boy.


Maria Veale

Torey Roderick & Jess Bergantzel I am so grateful for your guidance, your care of my horses, and your grace. Your approach to showing as an opportunity for continuous improvement and growth makes the journey so fulfilling whether we win or we learn. I hope you always feel as appreciated as you truly are.


Paige Benson Benson Performance Horses & Heidi Novak -Hes A Famous Playboy- Hef

Heidi Novakbern

I’m so thankful for my trainer, Paige Benson who always puts the horse first and takes care of my horse as if he were her own. She is always honest and available for her clients and puts her heart and soul into each and every one. Our barn family always has so much fun whether we are practicing, hanging out at the barn, or showing 🐴❤️

Amanda Cosgro

Heidi Novak I second this! 😄

Anne Jennings

Paige Benson is knowledgeable, kind, fun, educated, talented and has proven herself over and over again.



Kay Fleming-Zimmerman

Potts Performance Horses, LLC TR always puts the horse first. A 3rd generation horse trainer with knowledge that has not been tapped into! We just had a conversation on how far respect for the horse changed. He is very patient with all his clients. He is the best teacher! Christine is such a great partner and supporter of the barn family too💙


Ellen Mae

I’m so grateful that Julie Kristine Tenhouse takes care of my horse like she is her own. It gives me huge peace of mind to know that she is always well taken care of and getting her needs met. I also appreciate the fact that she does everything she can to make sure I am able to follow my dreams… and if we’re being honest, I’m thankful that she deals with me when I cry (which is more often than I care to admit… happy tears, sad tears, frustrated tears, angry tears).


Pam McLauchlin

My trainer, Jamie Tennyson of Tennyson Horsemanship is without a doubt the most patient person. He is able to get you out of your comfort zone without you even realizing it as he exudes confidence. His enthusiasm for each of his riders has created the greatest sense of camaraderie at our barn and gotten many of us back in the show ring. His skill is quite evident as soon as he puts a leg over a horse. He can make any horse look refined. His In addition and maybe most importantly is he is our friend.


Christine St-Jean

Darci Hughes she has now moved to Tennessee but she is so talented and so great with the horses I really enjoyed being in her program also and she broke many 2 year olds for me and helped me with my mare Zippers Graduate thank you for always doing a wonderful job !

Darci Hughes

Christine St-Jean thank you! ♥️


Rebecca Groesbeck

Stephanie Bean and Scott Voyt are very mindful and understanding that everyone’s goals are different and they make time for each and every client in the barn. I especially appreciate the time and patience that you both have put into my horse! We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for you guys. I am forever grateful for all of the guidance and expertise I have received and the friendship we have formed.😊


Rebecca Severn

Gayle Lampinen for being my best friend and horse trainer. We share the same dreams and aspirations for our horses but never at the expense of their health and happiness. She’s got a way of calming me down when I’m frustrated and pushing me when I need the encouragement. ❤️


Nicole Beal and the Beal Quarter Horses team

Kate Armstrong

Nicole Chipps Beal – always shows up for us, she has a heart of gold and truly loves to help people !! 💖 also appreciate her sense of humor and honesty!



Alison Herschede

Kimmy Ann Wagner and David Wagner. I am very appreciative of them and all the work they put in to their program, myself and my horse. I trust them completely with the safety and wellbeing of my horse. They have been instrumental in helping me get back into showing and pursuing my goals. Their work ethic is unmatched and their honesty and integrity is to be admired. Thank you for all you do.


Shannon Schleisman

JenaCole Despenas what started as a few tips here and there to me spending every day in your barn, I don’t know what I’d do without you! Countless lessons in and out of the arena 🤍 you are the truest of friends but more like family at this point!!


Laura Adele Trapp

Mo Holmes Show Horses is the BEST! She provides each horse and human an opportunity to succeed. Her ability to celebrate our strengths is unmatched. She has what seems like an endless amount of knowledge and passion and continues to seek to learn more. My family and horse Tucker are extremely grateful for all she does to better our lives.


Heidi Seaverns

Torey Roderick and Jess Bergantzel are the best! Their knowledge, their amazing care of our horses and the amazing barn family that we have speak for themselves. They always challenge us to be better and as a result we are . So thankful and blessed to have them as part of my life.


Heather Susan Duer

I spent the last year and a half under the guidance of Whitney Lagace and Colton LaSusa. I could not have asked for a team more dedicated to the love of the animal first and the mental and emotional well being of both rider and horse second.  I could not adequately put into words how much Whitney Lagace and Colton LaSusa have influenced my life. They shared so much more than tips on trail or equitation; they taught me the joy of riding and showing again and gave me confidence in myself inside and out of the show pen. Their success is merely a byproduct of the passion that they pour into their horses and humans.

Lisa Babcock

Heather Susan Duer

💯 The best 💕

Vera Bracher

Heather Susan Duer I absolutely agree 100%! ♥️


Mechell Fontaine

Dodie Howard .. she gives her heart and soul to each of us and our horses .. she is always there for us … she has made some of my personal dreams come true!!

Dodie Howard

Mechell Fontaine thank you for this💜 especially after the one comment 😂 I was ready to quit back then too, being screwed over buying horses is no fun😂

Bea Archer

Mechell Fontaine very true. Well said.


Avery Mortman

Tyler Schultz – thank you for loving my ponies as much as I do and working so hard for us!!!! We are so lucky to have you 🤍

Talyn Smith

Avery Mortman Ty Ty is one of the best !!❤️


Melodie McGlamory

I love how Glenn Wells Quarter Horses cares and understands the customers. I also love how Glenn and Sheala explain lessons. Finally, they truly love the horses and the industry.


Laurie Hammersmith

Jeff Geiger and Jodi Geiger are authentic. In a time where positivity is so important they both demonstrate that at every level and goal. They don’t have a disingenuous bone in their bodies and often wear their hearts on their sleeves. They still believe in the handshake and no doubt money is not the driving force behind him in his teaching. His true gift and love to share his knowledge To the next generation is an asset to our children and our industry. My husband and I feel truly blessed to have met them and get to share our journey in such a positive group of people.

Jodi Geiger

Laurie Hammersmith ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Paula Crossman

Kayla Kohler, talented, kind, and a stickler for my horses’ welfare.


Lori Rippa Reilly

Jennifer Burton encouraged me and built my confidence back up. My horse show family was the best, always cheering for each other. Most fun I’ve had with my horse! I always felt like I belonged!❤️


Leslie Valladares

I no longer show, but Richard Glenn Spinks is an exceptional horseman and friend. He went above and beyond to help me achieve my dreams in the arena when I was showing. He was giving of his time and knowledge.


Heather Kessler

Courtney Lybeck…you’ve brought so much success in the show pen to my family and our ponies..but what matters more is all you have instilled in our daughter’s life.

She has learned more than just how to ride, she has learned how to be a better human being. Your work ethic, drive, knowledge, care of horses, humbleness is all skills that you teach by example. We are forever grateful for you and appreciate all you do!!!


Courtney Lalonde

My trainer is not just a trainer; she’s also my mom. She works harder than anyone, nonstop all day every day. My mom works with all her customers as an individual with what they need most. She adapts to every situation that is thrown her way. Not only does she train the horses and the riders but also makes sure they are set up for success with having the right gear and clothes for everyone. She takes pride in her work and always comes out on top. It takes a team to get things done and our CA team is the best because of her. My trainer my mom Carol Andersen.


Marchelle Everhart

I love me some Judy Zeitler and Mark, Mike Hachtel , Kollin Fischer , Cindy Monroe Young , Shane Young , Barbara Monroe Prather , and Jeremy May !! Excellent professional horsemen and horsewomen. I have learned a lot from each and everyone! I appreciate them way more than they will ever know. 💗 The horses always look fantastic and are very well cared for.


Chelsea Leigh

Jason and Suzanne did a wonderful job with my mare Velma! Jason always did what was best for her and would adjust his training to suit her needs! She received love and respect and in return she loved and respected Jason, I am forever grateful for how she was treated and I know Velma is to! Also Mike Rapley has taught me many things over the years, how to place a horse on the rail and be the best showman you can be and to show that horse to the best of their ability!


Lisa Clyde

Patience and kindness for me and my horse


Sally Sharp Timmons

Well, I could write a book about my trainers….a good book of course😊 Erik and Raina Parsons are simply the real deal! Impeccable care of horses, customers and occasionally a pigeon!😁❤️


Whitney Unkefer

Stacey Roberson became my mentor when I was 13/14. Idk what it was but somewhere in her teaching style, her training, the way she lets you discover your own way while also not offending your horse.

The relationships she builds with not only the horses but the people that sit on their backs is nothing short of mind blowing.

Now, as an adult, she’s still my mentor but also someone I know I can call and trust with anything and is a dear friend.

She’ll always call it like is but never in a way that’s mean or disrespectful. And she will never let you go without knowing what’s WORKING just as much as you know what’s not working.

When we’re at shows, I love to just sit and watch how she works because she just amazes me.

There’s been so much happening in this industry over the last few weeks. Trainers… you’re all so loved. ❤️ please know you’re deeply appreciated.


Sarah Nichole Basso

Megan Vanderslice has believed in me and my horses since day 1 (which for us was 16 years ago). She still shows up to the barn every morning like she’s a little girl chasing a dream. Her hard work, talent, and joyful spirit are unmatched!

Laura Stevens

Sarah Nichole Basso Megan makes everybody feel like a somebody 🩷 That relentless joy and belief in her horses is just second to none!

Megan Vanderslice

Laura Stevens love you!!

Megan Vanderslice

Sarah Nichole Basso love you. Wouldn’t have made it without you ❤️❤️


Maureen Henningsen

Melissa Sachs has always put the well-being of the horses FIRST, whether they belong to her or her customers. I have always fully trusted her with my horses, children and now grandchildren 💕


Katie Hartman

Tiffany Nicole Wendling works so hard for all of us gals! She is in the barn from dawn until dusk and makes sure everything is clear to us when working through our rides. She works mostly solo and does everything with poise and professionalism! Tiffany has the kindness and grit that I aspire to be at all times. We love her!!  Tiffany is the hardest working person I know. A lot of the time it seems like all her hard work goes unnoticed but without her none of our barn or show activities would even make it past the door. She even worked in the barn and went to shows while pregnant her entire term!

Her true passion is her barn and us girls showing and never fails to bring us a smile. Even at my hardest moment I know I can spot her in the crowd smiling at me to give me the confidence I need. Tiffany is truly a one in a million person with a personality made of gold. We love her dearly and want to thank her for all her wonderful work!

Cindy Conrad

All I am gonna say is Alexandria Bryner is a badass!!! 💪🏻



Emily Elyse

Scott Hand, on top of always going above and beyond for my dad and me and our horses, flew across several states for us just to try out a horse that he thought would be a good fit. But one of my best memories of being his client is my first AQHA Level 1 show, when he and Tim Busse stayed in the Sanctuary Arena with me until 1 am while my Horsemanship class finished its awards presentation – it was one of the best moments of my show career!



Maddy Boss

Sherrill Lewis, always puts the horse first and takes the time to explain everything to make sure you clearly understand ❤️


Corinne Gould

I am grateful to Debra Jones Wright and Rusty for advancing Rex’s education with gentleness, skill, and great horsemanship.

And I can never repay them for the kindness they showed me when I was going through a tough health situation. The world needs more like Debra and Rusty!


Lisa Foreman Stewart

I am thankful for all the wonderful trainers I have had the opportunity to work with over the years. Each one is near and dear to my heart. I am currently grateful for Ashley Dunbar-Clock. She truly loves the horses and is so caring of them as well as her clients. She shows great patience when needed which is required often working with me. 😃


Kristin Bullard

Cody Crow and Kristen Martell are some of the kindest and passionate people you’ll ever meet.

thank you guys for taking such good care of Voodoo! You guys always go above and beyond for everyone at the barn. I’ve learned so much over the time i’ve been there and wouldn’t of been able to do any of it without them


Sarah Sue

Rusty Miller for always pushing me to be better and Patty McCartin for being the best confidence builder and always finding the positives in EVERY ride!!!


Matt and Karen

Karen Schankin

Extremely grateful for the ten years I’ve had with Matt Lantz. He has helped me grow so much as a rider and has done everything he can to help me achieve my goals. I appreciate his patience, kindness, encouragement and most of all his sense of humor. He and his wife Lori Lantz provide the best care for my horses, always putting their welfare first.

I know what a stressful, demanding job (physically and mentally) trainers have, especially at shows when everyone wants something from them and they have the pressure of everyone’s hopes and dreams on their shoulders. I want to say a huge thank you to all the trainers who have helped me in the past & present, especially- Lin Fuller, Lee Mancini and Doug Bogart. And also thank you to the great group of trainers in the ranch riding circle, I believe for the most part it’s the most supportive group of people, I appreciate every kind word that another trainer has said to me – even the smallest “good job” when walking out of the pen means so much to me – Thank You to the hardest working people I know!!

Lin Fuller

Karen Schankin 🥰 Thank you Karen. We have a lot of memories. Looking forward to more!


Lisanne Olsen

My daughter’s trainer is Talia Sparrow. When I ask her this question she says “Everything! She’s kind, super helpful, inspirational, very knowledgeable, and she pushes us to be our best- in a good way.” And that’s just to name a few things.

We love her to the moon and back and can’t imagine being on this journey with anyone else!

Talia Sparrow

Lisanne Olsen awe… thank you! You guys are the best!


Jody Hatfield-Monk

I soo appreciate Chris and Tessa Dalton. The amount of work these 2 put into their horses is incredible from sun up to sun down they are in that barn or in that saddle. They have pushed me out of my comfort zone numerous times and I appreciate it bc no way would I have achieved what I did in a year. At their barn my horses receive the best care and if anything is wrong I get a picture or text instantly. Our group is so supportive of each other and I’m so thankful I get to share this love for our horses with everyone . ❤️


Teresa Kohman

Knabenshue Performance Horses Will and Liz’s dedication and integrity to their Clients and horses!!!


Kris Theiler

My trainers Katelyn Connolly and Joe Connolly take such good care of us and our amazing horses! I’ve become a better rider at 75 because of them!💗.


Parker Haynes Minchin

I love that Trainers Mark Rafacz and Shannon Rafacz give us so much of their time and show us by example how to show our horses! ♥️♥️

Shannon Rafacz

Parker Haynes Minchin thank you Parker!


Laura Armstrong Hulse

Our family is so thankful for the entire Berryhill family. Leigh Berryhill, Leonard Berryhill & Mandie Berryhill have been absolutely amazing from the very start. From day one they have patiently taught our whole family about horses, riding, showing and the industry. The knowledge and expertise they have is mind blowing; and they can break things down in a way that even novices understand. They have shepherded us to 4 legged partners that have been great teachers and companions. Under their guidance Grace has learned the value of hard work, teamwork and perseverance which has translated to confidence both in and outside of the arena. Their faith in our Lord is interwoven in lessons & discussions and is the cement that holds everything together. The sacrifices they make and the care they give the horses to ensure they are healthy & safe is truly remarkable. We feel beyond blessed to have met the Berryhills and to have found friends that are FAMILY to walk this path of life with. 🥰🥰🥰

Leigh Berryhill

Laura Armstrong Hulse thank you for the very sweet shout out… we appreciate you guys!


The Gooding clan with our favorite magazine!

Melissa McConnell

Our trainers Garth Gooding, Austin Gooding and Sonnesa Gooding always know what’s best for our horses and our Daughters. They treat our horses like their own. They are always honest and are there for everyone and every horse. The care they give in and out of the show pen is one of a kind. Thank you for all you do and have done to make our daughters dreams come true.

Katie Barrett

Melissa McConnell Second all of this!! ❤️🙌🏼

Amy Reiffer-Kruithoff

Melissa McConnell they are amazing!!

Austin Gooding

Thank you guys! Appreciate each and every one of you!

Amy Sheppard

Melissa McConnell I couldn’t have said it better myself. Our emotional support gal, Alexis Gooding is pretty amazing too!

Alexis Gooding

Amy Sheppard love you long time 💜

Melissa McConnell

Amy Sheppard absolutely agree!

Jill Baird Mealey

Melissa McConnell I couldn’t say it any better!!!🥰🥰🥰


Grace Elizabeth

Spencer Groth Shannon Walker Hannah Lind your alls dedication to clients and animals. you love and care for our horses like they’re your own🥰 Plus, your unwavering encouragement of us. You have the most amazing ability to pick up both a person and a horse when they’re feeling down, and help them feel like they’ve “got this”. love u ❤️

Rhonda Errer LaVelle

I can’t say enough about the team at Show Horses by Shannon. Shannon Walker, Hannah Lind and Spencer Groth put their heart and soul into every single horse and rider in that barn. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me and my daughter — while always making sure the wellbeing of our horse comes first. Thank you for all you do!

Shannon Walker

Rhonda Errer LaVelle 😘😘😘

Carol Anderson

Rhonda Errer LaVelle very well said ❤️❤️


Emily Carey

I’m forever grateful for Julie Kristine Tenhouse she works harder than anyone I know. She is an amazing coach. Putting our horses first and making sure that their health comes first always and they are happy and well taken care of. She has done an AMAZING job with my gelding and is training him up to great horse. Her drive and determination is like no other. Such an amazing person and horse trainer!! We appreciate more thank you know Julie! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and Leo that past couple years! 🤍


Kayla Budine

Stacy Lane is truly the most honest hardworking trainer I’ve been with! Love showing and riding with her! She makes showing so fun and I’m very thankful to have her as my trainer.

Stacy Lane

Kayla Budine love you. Thank you!!

Kayla Budine

Stacy Lane love you!!❤️


Patty Morris Douglas

I also would like to mention Julie Kristine Tenhouse. She is truly one of a kind & takes great care of our horses & is a great multitasker. She looks out for all of us & is able to help each of us & our horses.


Kaytlynn Sullivan

Lyn Sullivan has made many of my dreams come true again. After having a really bad accident 8 yrs ago and thinking I’d never ride again she has worked tirelessly to make sure my horse is ready and has helped me build my confidence to where I can show again. She loves each horse she works with just like it’s her own and I wouldn’t be able to show again without her ❤️.


Lexy Santos

I am grateful for Heather Meyer because when she first met me, I had big goals and dreams. She didn’t doubt me for a second. Heather has so much love for the animal and passion for the sport. She has taught me so much not only as a horsewoman but to have patience, discipline and perseverance. I’m lucky to have her and to be apart of the barn family!❤️


Kristen Kobran

Heather Meyer started out as my trainer but has become a huge part of my life and my closest friend. She not only taught me all I know but pushed me to be the best possible version of myself I can be. Her skills with horses is absolutely amazing and her hard work and talent never cease to amaze me. Thank you for being my best friend and partner in crime!

Victoria Wiersum

I owe 95% of whom I am as a horsewoman to that woman♥️

There was never a doubt in my mind my horses were not getting the best in her care!♥️


Mysti McQueen

Shout out to Jen Hemphill at Rolling Thunder Farm LLC for all she does for our horses and my daughter. Not only does she care for the horses like they were her own, she goes above and beyond for them and their owners. She patient and caring, she wants what’s best for both the horse and her student. She pushes you to be the best you can be but to be humble. A true gem!! You are appreciated very much and we wanted to tell u how thankful we are to have had you in our lives for the last 4 years!! We’re very blessed!💕

Jen Hemphill

Mysti McQueen thank you so much 💕


Taylor Kelly

Don Keller has the best humor and is an incredible teacher. He is patient and works very hard to help his clients meet their goals. He is always there to laugh or lend an ear, whichever the situation calls for. Don truly cares about his clients and the horses in his barn, and it shows. He is always around to help you figure out what you need to fix, or to tell you to keep doing what you’re doing. I truly love the atmosphere of the barn and the people in it, and I am so thankful to be a part of it.


Andrea James

I wholeheartedly agree with what Mariah said!! Nancy Cahill and Michelle Tidwell mean the world to me. My horses could not have been in better hands nor could I. I have had the privilege to work with them since 2005. In that time, they partnered me with three of the most incredible- and perfect – equine partners. Pino Mesa (Spunky), Irristably Good (Rist) and Zip N Wisely (Annie). I know I would not be the horseman -or person – I am today without their guidance, counsel and friendship. They both – and their families- are very special to me.


LeAnne Boger Moseley

My trainer, Dale Brown, cares about the horses’ well being. Even though I’ve had my horse home with me for about 6 years, he still helps and encourages me at shows. He has advised me several times as to what would be better for my horse’s health. I’m so thankful and appreciative of that. Any time I’ve ever been to his barn, every stall is clean and all horses look good and happy.

Brandy Lyne

LeAnne Boger Moseley love Dale and his entire family. Grew up showing with him in Ohio❤️

LeAnne Boger Moseley

Brandy Lyne What a small world! He’s a super nice guy. He has started numerous horses for us and always done a great job.


Morgan Adkins

Missy Thyfault – Thank you for being the best trainer and loving my boys as much as me while also being my second mom; always giving the best advice ♥️

Missy Thyfault

Morgan Adkins thank you Morgan! 😘


Samantha Jean Valvo

Erin Fick hasn’t had a horse step into her barn that she didn’t treat like it was her own. We fail to take ownership as the horse owner that we put pressure on these amazingly talented trainers to get us to a level that we could not achieve without them. We are first to be accountable to put the idea of winning being the top priority. Hug your trainers for being the ones to get you there, hug your trainers even when they tell you “ this one isn’t going to make it”! I love that my trainer is honest and hardworking. I love that my trainer helps me understand where you set the goal to be obtainable for you and your show partner! She’s the best.


Tricia Summers

Dawn Lovern! I showed with her 25 yrs ago and now that I have decided to jump back in, there was no one else I wanted to show with. Great barn atmosphere, wonderful people, great and honest coaching from the hardest working trainer that I know. I NEVER have to worry about my horse’s care!!!


Juli Kennis

Gary Weeks! I have had my horses with him for years they are all happy healthy and sound! No gimmicks or gadgets! And my kid wins and my horse still shows with his ears up and happy to do his job.


Barbie Bacon-Walters

Troy Oakley did not train for me but is a great mentor to me. He taught me that you have to demand respect in order to receive it. He helped with my horse Tinkerbell that nobody wanted to mess with and showed me the way to help get respect from her. I am thankful he came to my farm to assist me with my as he said, “Do it yourself training”.

Troy Oakley

Barbie Bacon-Walters

Thank You Barbie for the very nice compliment🤠


Lisa Higbee

Lynne Puthoff, Tim Puthoff I appreciate your honesty, dedication, love of the horses, and endless hours to not only me but all of your clients. Thank you for having a safe, enjoyable, family environment that we can enjoy along with the endless amounts of learning and laughter.

Lynne Puthoff

Lisa Higbee thank you so very much 💙💙!!

Edward Higbee

Thank you ☺️

Amy Barber

Edward Higbee I can’t imagine doing life without you. 😍🥰😘


Jenifer Taufmann

Lynne Puthoff …I so appreciate you for always being open and honest and organized…we love our barn time and of course the great care and training. Tim Puthoff ….Lola says “you just get her” and are always there to reflect on her patterns and help explain things in a way that make sense! I try to say if often….but we appreciate you guys and all you do to care for us and our horses!!

Moira Murty

Lynne Puthoff, Tim Puthoff, Pasley Mathis, and Adam Mathis

Thank you all for taking excellent care of my horses through the years. For always having their, and by extension my, best interests in mind and doing what is best for the horses. The horses in your programs are happy, healthy, sane, well presented, and successful. Your tireless dedication to your horses and your clients does not go unnoticed.

I am thankful for your guidance, your friendship, for always going above and beyond, and for your honesty. I am proud of you all and proud to be your client.

Lynne Puthoff

Moira Murty thank you so much for trusting us !!!!!!💙💙💙💙

Kaye Montgomery Fox

Moira Murty very well said!!


Judy Bergner Albers

I met Marvin and Sue McLaughlin Kapushion in 1983 and couldn’t be more thankful and grateful. Our shared love of horses, both AQHA and Appaloosas in almost every event, has turned into a lifelong partnership. The laughs and tears, and wishing I could get my diagonals, has been the greatest blessing. A lot of things changed in the horse shows while I was away for a time, and I truly appreciate the mentoring of a now well Select lady trying to keeping riding; every day is a great one when I get to ride. Thanks, as always to Sue and Marvin for being there for me.


Virginia Meador

Reid Brock Thomas I’ve never seen someone handle each walk of life with such grace. Soft and fair inside the arena and out. Never losing sight of why each of us are here, the love of horses. Thank you for teaching me a new found confidence and allowing my self expression, all while encouraging me to grow. Watching you ride is like watching the sun rise, hearing you teach is poetry.

Angela Scheckel

Virginia Meador Reid is one of the best!!! 🥇🌟


Michelle Mills

We count our blessings daily for our trainer Carla Cline. She always puts the horses first. Always. She has a huge heart and is attentive and honest with her training methods. Her patience, knowledge, passion and integrity is something rare and incredibly appreciated by so many in her barn. Thank you, Carla, for everything you do for my family and our wonderful horses! 💕

Fairella Gmom

Michelle Mills, I completely agree. Carla Cline is one in a million! She is the reason I am in the saddle and still showing at 72. So patient and aware of my limitations, yet I am a valued member of her show team. She is amazing!!❤️


Kory Kumar

I appreciate how my trainer cares for my horse like she was her own. I never have to worry because Tammie Whitt is looking out. When something has happened she’s right there alongside me too. Good, bad or tragic, I know I can count on her. My joy is her joy. My pain is her pain.

Alesha McDaniel Russo

Kory Kumar I second this!


Hazel Myles

Sterling Slemp has incredible respect for the horses he rides. He never puts them in a situations they are unequipped to handle. His program molds them into kind, versatile, and reliable athletes that love their job. I will forever admire the way he balances being competitive with always holding true to the best interests of his horses.

Heather Lewis Slemp is always eager to share her passion for riding with others. She wants everyone to experience the feeling of riding a high quality horse, and she teaches her clients in a way that balances engagement, improvement, and fun. She makes even the hard practices enjoyable.

Love them both to pieces. ❤️


Courtney Misener

I appreciate everything Stephanie Bean and Scott Voyt do for the riders and the horses in the barn! They’re very patient and understanding for what the riders & horses needs may be. I wouldn’t be the rider I am today and my horse wouldn’t be where she is without them! I’m forever grateful for their guidance and time they’ve put into my horse and me.


Nichole Vance Maddox

Streit Show Horses ~ Garrett Streit, Jess Duffy Thank you for all you do!

We are New to the barn but already consider them as family – lots of fun years ahead !


Ronda Pope Roozeboom

Show Horses by Shannon (Shannon Walker) ROCKS . I’m retired from showing now but I swear she kissed every horse at least once everyday. Loved them even after another person buys them……She has to go give them hugs n kisses. Pretty sure she thinks they are her children! ❤️


Marcie Lechtenberg

Cindy Hale has been a part of our family for over 20 years. We purchased our oldest daughter’s show horse from her and three girls youth careers, an AQHYA world championship, a Congress championship, and multiple superior awards in many events later, we are still setting new goals and enjoying time together. She is a true horseman, an excellent coach, my daughters’ second mom, and my dearest friend. We are so grateful for her!


Kerry McCarthy

Her true heart of gold💛 she is truly in this for her clients and her horses well-being. No amount of money, trophies, buckles, or ribbons could change that about her. Chrissa Wright you are truly a blessing to all those who’s lives you are involved in 🥰❤️🫶🏻

Chrissa Wright

Kerry McCarthy awe thanks ❤️

Denise LaChapelle

Chrissa Wright ❤️ amen!!!!

Denise LaChapelle

Three generations of us riding with Chrissa Wright !!!! I’m so proud to call her a friend as well as our very talented coach!!! The well being of our horses is equal to the care she takes with her students. Patience, care, love and trust is priority one. We are so lucky ❤️!!!!


Evelyn Scott Turner

My trainer needs to be an advocate for my horse. She rides her every day and sees her every day. She needs to be able to say if my horse is physically and most importantly mentally ready to move on in their career. Sometimes horses can make our dreams come true and sometimes they aren’t able to chase our dreams. My trainer Josiane Gauthier puts her heart and soul into each client’s dream. That’s what I want in a trainer, a person who puts my horse’s well-being above anytime else.


Mollie Crayton

Dale Sullens has been not only a great trainer but a great friend. Especially now, as one of mine is laid up with an injury. He offered one of his personal horses for me to show. I greatly appreciate he puts the well being of the horses first, even if it means missing showing. Plus, he’s funny as hell 🤣

Dale Sullens

Mollie Crayton 🫢


Lexi Hansen

I’m so thankful for Danny Desmond and all of the support, encouragement, and kindness he’s shown not only to me, but my horse as well. I am so lucky to have someone like Danny believe in me, even when I don’t believe in myself. Plus, he sends videos, puts up with my finicky tail hair requests, and feeds all my non-pro-happy supplements without question. ❤️ 🙈


Cheryl Melody Grove

Erik and Raina Parsons’ integrity and work ethic have created winning partnerships supported by their consistent care of both the horse and rider. They take the time to teach feel and horsemanship awareness which ultimately results in happy horses and humans! They are the real deal.


Abigail Cole

I’m eternally grateful for Beth Crook! You have become not only my trainer, but also the person I look up to most. She let me into her legacy and gave me a piece of the heart of my heart horse. I will never have enough words to express my gratitude and love!

And Connor Loren Crook none of your hard work goes unnoticed. I am thankful to have been under your guidance, you are one of the best! May more successes to come!


Nicole Heron

Carly Veldman Parks Wade Parks – Travis and I appreciate all you do, for the dedication to care and preparation of our horses, the sacrifice of time and countless hours of support and unwavering guidance, the laughs and the smiles, and friendship along the way. We wholeheartedly thank you, The Herons.

Carly Veldman Parks

Nicole Heron thank you! So glad you and Travis came into our lives!


Veronica John

Carly Veldman Parks & Wade Parks , I don’t think this needs an explanation. They are the best of the best. Mic drop

Carly Veldman Parks

Veronica John I love you!!! Stop working out and get your ass back in some show clothes already! 💗😂


Jennifer D’Onofrio

Carly Veldman Parks and Wade Parks make the best duo! They deeply care about our horses and work tirelessly to make our dreams come true ….while sacrificing their own family time . Gold globes are incredible but catching Wade hugging Bob and Carly feeding and stealing 🤣 the Swedish fish from Val are my favorite Youth World memories 💙!

Carly Veldman Parks

Jennifer D’Onofrio 💗💗💗 so many great memories already!

Cindy Schrader

To Wade Parks and Carly Veldman Parks thank you for seeing in me what I could not see for my self. Thank you for always looking out for my babies!

Carly Veldman Parks

Cindy Schrader thank you! So proud of you! Thanks for trusting us with your kiddos and sharing your unicorns with me! 💗💗💗


Gwen Catherine

What I respect most about my trainer, Kim Kuehne of Kim Kuehne Performance Horses at Scarboro Creek Equestrian Center is her love for our horses. Their well-being and happiness are always her most important goals. I cannot thank her enough for her guidance, encouragement and friendship. We have an amazing barn family that cheers and encourages each other and we laugh at just about everything. My mare loves nothing more than to have Kim love on her and talk to her-they have such a special bond!

Kim Kuehne Performance Horses Kim first and foremost always has the best interest of our horses in mind. I have so much respect for her. She loves the horses as much as they love her.

Kim Kuehne Performance Horses

Gwen Catherine clients like you make our jobs rewarding and fun! 🫶🏼

Kim Kuehne

Gwen Catherine thank you!!!

Caitlin Munro

Gwen Catherine yes! Everything you said is spot on. I’ve been riding with Kim since I was 10 years old and am so thankful to have this barn family ❤️ the amount I have learned from her about horses, animals, and life in general has been instrumental in me being the person I am today.

Kim Kuehne

Caitlin Munro thank you! This means so much to me🥰


Jonelle Harris

Linda Becker the attention to details and clarity in explaining why we are doing a maneuver fit my personality spot on for the desire to understand not just do. Beyond the lessons I greatly value our friendship! Jim Becker the amount of history and experiences you carry are mind blowing and I thank you for all the tips and help in halter along with your friendship.


Morgan Dee

Talia Sparrow. She got us hooked on paints and quarters. Not only is she my dear friend, but she is also our trainer, my daughter’s mentor, and second mom. There is no one else I would trust with my horse or my child. 

From Kenzie- “I like that she’s tough and supportive, and pushes me to be the best that I can be. She’s always there when I need her. She brings the best out of me and my horse.”

Talia Sparrow

Morgan Dee Awe! Thank you guys!!!


Payton Boutelle

Jones Performance Horses – Chris and Melissa Jones prioritize the well-being and happiness of their horses. They are genuinely the most kind- hearted people who put their customers and horses above all else. They have brought out not only my horses full potential but also mine. Their expertise and words of encouragement have truly shaped me into the rider I am today. Thank you for always believing in me and bringing out my confidence in and out of the show arena. I am so grateful to have amazing trainers who treat me like family. ❤️❤️❤️

Melissa Jones

Payton Boutelle well that just made my day😊

Shelley Lalor

My daughter had the privilege last year to go and live with Melissa Jones and Chris, both amazing people, it was so reassuring know that my daughter was with people that cared about her, and looked after her so well. Can never thank them enough.


Mariah Embry Shelton

Nancy Cahill. She is a true teacher, knows horses, and is honest and respectful to all clients. She loves people and horses. She’s golden. Michelle Tidwell is a wealth of industry knowledge, a devoted mentor, and an asset to the association and youth.

Laura Clark Nash

Mariah Embry Shelton You couldn’t have said it better! Nancy & Michelle are the best.


Heidi Palmer

Doug Rath and Tammy Rath are such great people and not just as trainers but as friends. Their dedication to training the horse and teaching their clients is so important to them. They truly want to see their clients succeed. They put everything into it. They make learning and show fun even in the worst times. They push, they’re patient, and encouraging. I just love them both for being the people they are. Trainer and friend🥰

Carmen Mayabb

Heidi Palmer ❤️❤️


Myah Chaput and Christa Baldwin, 2023 Congress

Stacy Chaput

Christa Baldwin is always there for us no matter what time of day or night! She works so hard to get the horses and Myah Chaput ready for all of their classes. I truly don’t know how she can run on such little sleep but she does it! She’s also always there when we come out of the ring with a big smile. The love and care she has for our horses is undeniable.

Christa Baldwin

Stacy Chaput ohhh Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful post but you guys and the HORSES make it easy to love what my life is and has been. I Love the horses as if they were my own.

Jo-Ann MacLean

Absolutely agree Christa is the energizer bunny all day long at the show pen .

And she is so passionate about the industry and leads by example ❤️❤️❤️

Christa Baldwin

Jo-Ann MacLean Thank you!! As I said to Stacy, it is people like you and your horses that make my life so blessed!


Laura Scooter Johnson Carnevale

I have been fortunate to have 3 trainers that were very influential on my show career. Christa Baldwin gave me my foundation and the confidence to ride/start anything.

Susan Stafford kept me humble and had the best eye. She picked out my 2 heart horses, as well as my mom’s halter horses.

Rhonda and Larry Spratto helped me to develop a better feel and told it like it was. Don’t ask how your ride was unless you are prepared for the answer🤣

All 3 were at different phases of my life and all 3 were much more than just my trainer.

Christa Baldwin

Laura Scooter Johnson Carnevale Honored to have been one of your trainers and listed with those! What great memories!

Susan Stafford

It’s always an honor to be part of the journey with Laura Scooter Johnson Carnevale

Larry Spratto

Laura Scooter Johnson Carnevale Great memories / Great Horses/ Great People 🏆🏆


Hannah Hein

Sherry Stewart thanks for making me see the good in the horse world again, the patience and care you give to the horses is admirable 🫶🏻

Sherry Stewart

Hannah Hein thank you so much !

Michele Mendenhall Franz

Hannah Hein Sherry Stewart 💯


Libby Hanon

My daughter, Zanah Hanon, and I have been so blessed and fortunate to have had several extraordinary trainers be a part of our journey! Mallory Storm- thank you for setting us on a path of excellence and your ongoing support and friendship! Rebecca Merchant Halvorson – thank you for bringing us into the OQHA and AQHA community here in OK. Your guidance and coaching of Zan and friendship has boosted confidence and skill on more ways than we can count – thank you!!

Stacey Roberson- where to begin….i can’t thank you enough! Our gratitude towards you and Jeff overflows and were so privileged to be a part of your program. You’ve helped make a reality things that we couldn’t have even dreamed of. Your guidance of Zan surpasses horsemanship and goes so much farther and deeper than the show pen! Thank you for who you are and all you do!


Dawn Marie

If there’s an issue with my horse I know right away. The welfare of any animal in her care is paramount. There’s a big list of positives for my trainer, but that’s number one for me.

Miranda McIntosh🙌🏻

Not only a great human, but the caretaker of my horses.

Miranda McIntosh

Dawn Marie ♥️♥️♥️


Amy Errer

Dale Hamilton is what a horseman should be. I appreciate his hard work and honesty. He took me as a new client with an injured horse that unfortunately he never got to ride but he cared for that horse like we were in the barn forever. I will never forget that. He could have said I don’t have time for this but he said I have a stall for him and did all he could to help that horse heal. I’ve been a happy client since then

Rachel Hamilton

Amy Errer I love this ❤️

Kelly Revercomb Wheat

Amy Errer I agree 100000%


Nicole Maier-Sparrow

Teresa Sullivan has been my rock for the past 27 years. She has always put the horse first, pushed me to be the best version of me, wiped my tears, and celebrated my wins, not only in my equestrian career but my personal life as well. She’s not just a horse trainer, she’s family, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world! 🩷

Roberta Cannon

Nicole Maier-Sparrow Beautifully stated Nicole about my daughter from another mother, Teresa Sullivan! ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

Teresa Sullivan

Nicole Maier-Sparrow OMG love you both❤️❤️

Lisa Stone Hehn

The sense of community Teresa Sullivan built and how she met me where I was. The patience Savannah McGuire has and the goal oriented nature of her program. Whatever that goal might be.


Julie & Brent


Ashley Williams

I’m so thankful for Brent Harnish and Julie Campbell Harnish. They both go above and beyond for all of us on the Harnish Team. I’ll never forget my first world show with them or even my first show. They always say you have that person you look for in the stands when they announce the placings. I looked for Brent and Julie. Not everyone understands the path you take as a rider, but your trainer always does. They walk that path with you and for that I am always grateful.

Julie Campbell Harnish

Ashley Williams thank you!


Suzanne Sue Scruggs Rogowski

Ditto Dawn. I never worry about my horses. And Miranda McIntosh is patient and a kind person with a huge heart.

Suzanne Sue Scruggs Rogowski

Miranda McIntosh hugs

Miranda McIntosh

Suzanne Sue Scruggs Rogowski ♥️


Hannah Suddeth

Marcy Cutcher Lewandowski She’s made sure my horses stay cared for and in shape for me to show while I’ve had to dedicate more of my time to college and working as a young adult amateur. I know I can trust her to provide the best care to my horses when I can’t make it to the barn because of my other responsibilities. She has also taught me to be a balanced rider and made me aware of how all of the parts of my body work to help my horse move correctly which has been a challenge for me with having sciatic nerve issues. ❤️


Brittany Woodard Thomas

Brian Lee and Darla Lee are some of my favorite people! I’m lucky to have them as my horse trainers, friends, role models and mentors. They do so much work behind the scenes – it’s unreal!! Both of them care so much for our industry – donating their time volunteering and also donating prizes and sponsorships. When it comes to their horses, their attention to detail and care for the horses is also top notch. Both of them are so knowledgeable in equine nutrition, health maintenance, and healing injuries. As far as showing goes, I love the way they help me with my horses. Always feeling prepared, how to ride the horse I have today, and how to keep things in perspective for the ride. Can’t say enough good things about them. 🖤🧡🖤🧡

Darla Lee

Brittany Woodard Thomas we love you Brittany! Thanks for being an awesome customer!


Cathy Forster



Melissa Stuart

Endless hours of believing in your students and their horses….your willingness to let us know the truth….the fact you treat our kids like they are your family and our horses as your own… push us to our potential….your willingness to make yourself a better trainer…your integrity the list could go on…you’re one of the greatest!!! Adam Winter

Christy Kurth Cherwinski

Melissa Stuart I second everything you said! Just wish we would have found him sooner 💜🖤 WPH FAMILY!


Talyn Smith

Cindy Sundgren (Mikaela Sundgren) love my horses like they’re children. Thank you for being their safe place and never laying a negative hand on them, and loving them with all your heart.🩷🩷🩷🩷

Annette Cline

Talyn Smith so true! Cindy is amazing!


Tammy Raak

Cochran Quarter Horses LLC

Katie Buff Cochran

You should know that you inspire me daily. Your dedication to your horses and clients is indescribable. Thank you for always putting us first and making sure we have all we need to succeed.

Most important: Thank you for caring so selflessly for our horses, for treating them like your own and for always wanting the best for them. ❤️

Katie Buff Cochran

Tammy Raak thank you so much Tammy! We love you and Robin!


Jessica Andruczyk Stringer

Powder Brook Farm are the absolute best group of trainers for my daughter. Jillian and the health and safety of the horse are the absolute most important things to them. My daughter has grown in ways I didn’t think possible under their guidance and we are so excited to see the future.


Michael Dunn

Jessica Andruczyk Stringer They are the best..gretchen is the greatest human and horsewoman . Geno is also awesome.


Jan Chapin

Dan Trein and Darlene Trein have been our trainers for years starting with our daughter, Meredith Chapin Lohrenz and now for our granddaughter Gabby Gab Lrenz … they are family. We met them at a time when our family needed a time of healing from a tragic accident. We will always be thankful they came into our lives. They are the BEST and that includes Tony Urban and Kristen Leona too! Thank you, we appreciate all you do for us!

Janet Sandvick

Jan Chapin 💯


Christine St-Jean

There are so many trainers to thank also in the past like Blair Woodley who got me hooked to showing OQHA/AQHA he taught me feel and rythm and he cares so much and Andrew Dewar who was great who always put the horses first and Mike Rapley who I enjoyed working with in the past love your sense of humour and knowledge.


Elvada Farm

Jonathan Meilleur – he is just a class act and his program is on point from the health and welfare of the horse to making them the best they can be!!! not to mention an absolute joy to show with the entire team but one of the best assets is his wife Casey Meilleur…..the best❤️!!!!

Susan Witts

Elvada Farm …. So so very true!!!!!


Lilly Russo

I appreciate that my trainer ( Tammie Whitt) finds the joy in anything and how she cares for our horses and takes us in like we are her family! She supports me so so so much! Tammie also is right there building me up when my and my mare have any issues or even when I’m down and crying! I love you Tammie! You are the best couldn’t ask for anything better!

Alesha McDaniel Russo

Lilly Russo I second this one


Chris and Brendon – photo by Shane Rux

Michelle Speck

Brendon Mehochko and Chris Russell are the hardest working trainers. They go on very little sleep to make sure our horses are prepared. They excel in younger and older horses. They evaluate the horse and rider to make goals that we can achieve. I have been in this program my whole show career and they have worked with me to make me who I am today. I have learned every show, lesson and horse I have had. They always tell me to just have fun and push me at the same time. 💙

Gail Scheller

Michelle Speck absolutely right!! ❤️

Amy Gillies Herron

Michelle Speck absolutely! Totally agree! I also love how they work so well together and each one has something valuable to teach in all situations!❤️❤️


Ann Mathis

Erika Fisher has put massive amount of time & good solid training on my horse over the years making him into a well broke well oiled machine that he has become. I’m no spring chicken & have joint issues but when I’m on his back I feel safe & it brings me so much joy. Thank you Erika.

Erika Fisher

Ann Mathis thank you! You’ve always been so supportive of me and I appreciate that more than you know❤️ Love you and Gibbsy!❤️


Alana Nicole Nielander

For Alexis Hart and Cindy Reddish at Cindy Reddish Quarter Horses y’all are the MVP! I’ve been with them since I was 14 yrs old on and off up until now. Thank you for always guiding me in the best direction . Yall are always there for any questions I have. Y’all have so much horse knowledge! Thank you for believing in me and Boo boo. I’m truly blessed to have yall as a trainer !💕


Kimberly Ann Guenther and Jando – Ruehle Photographix

Kimberly Ann

Suzanna Overton Robinson you’re a breath of fresh air and an amazing trainer and friend. You are humble and smart and I’m so thankful for the guidance and friendship you’ve given me!  Suzanna Robinson has the most incredible work ethic I’ve ever seen. She will work her horses rain or shine, never takes a vacation, and maintains this amazing humble and happy spirit. She truly loves her work with these animals and it shows. I’m lucky to call her my trainer and friend.

Jando Guerra thank you for adopting me into your barn family and being the best cheerleader ever. The Equine Chronicle I have a picture I will send!  Jando opened his barn to me at the last minute and never looked back on fully supporting my goals. He cheers on his clients with such enthusiasm. I’m so thankful for encountering some so truly welcoming in this intimidating horse world.


Brooke Erdman

Well my trainer, Kayla Kohler, had absolutely no idea what she was getting into when she agreed to give me a lesson many years ago. She could’ve been super judgmental towards me since I had never even been to a breed show and had no clue what I was doing, but she coached me and helped me set realistic goals to do what I loved on a pretty tough first show horse. I quickly realized she was incredibly talented and such a kindhearted person. Now, she’s now one of my closest friends. I’ll always be grateful for her, our friendship, and how she’s helped me learn SO MUCH.


Margy Morgan

We are thankful for Jennifer Burton and Albert Burton. They take great care of our horses. Jennifer rides each horse for who it is. She takes a low anxiety approach. She has done a great job with Dun Tricked Ya.


Christine St-Jean

Jason Duquette is so talented and works so hard and has a great sense of humour which I just love he’s had 3 horses of mine Zippers Graduate, Ima Natural Loper and now Zippen To the Party and has always done a great job with them all and Suzanne Pickard Duquette who is always organizing there world and riding and getting them ready good job JS Quarter Horses


Larken McCampbell

Tyler Haney , Robert Stucky absolutely EVERYTHING but especially how welcoming you both are to let me join you at horse shows 🫶


D’Lynn Jones

JayandGena Henson, Julie Wolf Voge, Terry Cross, Adam Mathis, Pasley Mathis, Clay Logan, RL and Mica Chartier, Rob and Pam Foster

What a list and how blessed are we! Thankful to be surrounded and mentored by true horsemen!


Faith Meyers

John and Tye Carson are the best! They care so much for their horses and riders like we are family! They push us to our very best and absolutely always have our best interest in their hearts! They’re always there for you in and out of them pen and have created an amazing environment to be in and provide the best barn family! I could never thank them for everything they’ve done for me! Love them so much!

Pictured:  John and Tye Carson with me and my 25 year old mare Covergirl that they have been around for 15 years and helped put us together as a team.

Tye Carson

Faith Meyers thank you! ❤️


Taylor Dixon Borst

Marty Dixon and Dixon Show Stables made me fall in love with the sport and horse care was always top priority. Now Brooke Dixon is doing her own thing here in Texas and I know she always puts the horses first.

I’ve shown with Rachele Shaw Scobie for over 13 years and she has become a member of my family. I am so thankful for her and for how she put her heart and sole into helping Juju and I achieve all that we did! ❤️


Katey Anfinson Ralls

Connie Christoper

Not just our trainer of 20+ years, but helped raise my kids!


Sarah Callovi

It’s been over 20 years since I saw the inside of a show ring but Jet Thompson remains to be not just the best trainer I ever worked with but one of the best people I’ve ever known. He believed in me and stuck with me and put up with all my shenanigans. I named my son Jet because of the influence he had on me. He was always so kind and patient, knowing exactly when to push me harder and when to pull back and give me encouragement. He believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. His lessons transcended beyond the ring and I still carry them in my everyday life. Thanks Jet!


Alicia Ritsema

Aaron Moses goes above and beyond to make sure my horse and I are ready to perform. He is one of the hardest working trainers and always has the time and patience to help a customer. I know he and his team take the utmost care of my horses and treat them like their own.

Anthony Montes, Bruce Vickery, & Amanda Jackson are the same way! They make sure my horses are well taken care of and always feeling 100%. They pay close attention to detail and will work with you as long as you need to make sure you’re confident going into the show arena.

They all care about the horses, clients and our goals. They are very patient and allow the horse to progress without pushing the limits. So thankful to have these four in my corner and their hard work and dedication!

Amanda Jackson

Alicia Ritsema thank you so much!


Katie McArthur

TK Duke Show Group Kelly Penrod is the absolute best! The priority is always on the horse and what’s best for them. She has kept horses showing well into their 20’s because of the level of care she provides them. She never gives up on a person or a horse. She’s created a wonderful environment for us all to do what we love. We win and lose together like a family ❤️

Brook Grobosky

Katie McArthur the best barn family there is 💕 for our people and amazing horses alike!

Lauren Veta

I second Kelly! She is the best and really does take the best care every animal in her care.

Victoria Wiersum

Katie McArthur I have to agree♥️ Kelly is one of the best!! It’s always the horse first!♥️

Lexy Santos

Katie McArthur I agree!! I might not be a part of the barn but that doesn’t stop Kelly and her clients from showing their kindness. They want everyone to win even if it meant they lose. Truly some of the best people I’ve had the opportunity to meet and share a barn row with at shows!🥰


Julie Marweg

All the hard work they put into your dream!! Tim Gillespie Shannon Gillespie Judy Zeitler Kevin Dukes


Kristen Holmes

I’m eternally grateful every day for Jason English and Jamie English and the whole JESH team (David, Neva, Cam) who are involved in the care of our horses ALWAYS putting the well-being of the horse first! I never have to worry. They genuinely love and care for them, and both Jason and Jamie complement one another in their training and coaching styles to help truly develop the best game plan for each horse for both the open and non-pro. I appreciate their honesty, integrity, and friendship. They go above and beyond for their clients/horses and are some of the hardest-working people I know. They’ve even helped convince my husband this horse show stuff is fun! Love you guys 💛🖤💛🖤

Kelly Revercomb Wheat

Kristen Holmes I agree 100%!! Jason gives every horse a chance and gives it his all!!

They have hearts of gold and are truly good people and trainers and dear friends💜💜💜


Debra Anderson

Erik and Raina Parsons are good honest people who put the welfare and wellbeing of the horse first. The team surrounding Rocky, ie, owner, farrier, vet, barn staff are excellent! It’s a comfortable relaxed environment that has allowed this old cowgirl to have the best year EVER! Their Christian based morals and standards are the success of the their business and customers. I never worry about my happy horse!


Casey Orton

Beth Clemons Performance Horses Beth Clemons prioritizes the horse physically and mentally! After two weeks of horse showing, the first day home Beth was up early on a Sunday ensuring the horses got turnout. I have the utmost respect for Beth’s dedication to her clients— instead of just telling us what to do, she teaches us how and why. Forever grateful for her taking a chance on a couple homebred mares. 💜🖤

Victoria Wiersum

Casey Orton she is amazing!


Kay Hardin

Putting the best interest of the horse first even if it means losing revenue. More concerned about client wins than his own. Unmatched care for our horses. Tireless dedication, Character, honesty, integrity and incredible talent. Lastly having trust in his program and the lessons he has taught to confidently encourage a mom and son going on the road to a LOT of shows without him to haul for high point – there were a few FaceTime lessons when needed and it worked! Thank you Cory Everhart you are the best trainer in the world and not only that one of the closest friends of all 3 members of the Hardin family- 19 years going strong.


Chelsea Clay

I appreciate that no matter what I want to do or what my next crazy idea is Tammie Whitt supports me 100% while also having my horse’s best interest in mind.

Alesha McDaniel Russo

Chelsea Clay love


Cherie Wallschlager

Thankful for TW Grose and Carrie Bolhover Grose for all they do.


June Liston

Chad Evans, he loves his horses as much as their owners do. I’ve learned so much from Chad, his knowledge, kindness and sense of humor make the barn such a joy. Oh, and he makes a mean lemondrop!!

Kelly Birkenholtz

We appreciate Chad Evans for being Chad Evans, there’s no way to describe him & everything he does or doesn’t do. Definitely broke the mold with that one 😁


Candice Hall

I am grateful for Gil

Gil Galyean Quarter Horses and Kristy Mccann who have cared for my horses, yearlings all the way to 10 yr olds , as if they were their own, coached me through good rides and bad, laughter and tears, and have become family over the past 2 decades. ♥️

Love you guys!!

Candice and Cory

Becky White Galyean

Candice Hall Thank you!!! We love you guys!!!

Kristy Mccann

Candice Hall Thank you cory and Candice for everything you do!!❤️ here’s to many more great years!


Linda Patron

I’m grateful for my trainer Sarah Faught Quarter Horses and for my “new to me trainer” Kristy Mccann – Sarah has been my trainer for many years – she has been so supportive throughout my journey which I hope goes on for many more years. Thank You Sarah for all your do – it’s greatly appreciated.


April Wooster

Kristy McCann is truly one of the best!! She cares for every horse like it is her own. We are all expected to be hands on with our horses as much as possible and I’ve learned so much. The confidence and bond I have with my horse is 💛! Thank you Kristy!!!


Charlotte Selby

I’m grateful for Kristy McCann! She takes excellent care of the horses in her program and truly cares about their wellbeing and success. She shares her insane amount of knowledge with those she trains/ coaches, and has helped me gain my confidence back after some time away! Steven and I are lucky to have you, Kristy! 💓


Paige Quarterman

Having been a former trainer I see things from a different angle. The ones I send out , are ones we raise. I use the trainers that both respect the horse and my investment. And they just simply LOVE horses ❤ . On top of that, they all work well together to help me achieve specific goals. Kelly Woodlief , Marion Troyer , Missy Thyfault and Keith Miller …..thanks for the professionalism and putting up with me 😆!


Amanda Wall

Paige Quarterman happy my daughter (Alli) is working for Missy! A great horsewoman to learn from. And she truly cares for her horses. It’s been a great experience for me sending my kiddo off to follow her dreams. Thankful Missy & Don have been just great people for her to be around.

Missy Thyfault

Amanda Wall we love Alli! We are so lucky to have her!

Amanda Wall Missy Thyfault is a true asset to this industry! Top shelf 🤌

Rachel Hamilton

Amanda Wall I love this!

Jessica Lyn

Paige Quarterman can’t agree enough about Thad and Kelly Woodlief. I can’t speak from the professional side, but from the ammy side I significantly appreciate their CALM. I’ve done the screaming/yelling/angry trainer thing before and it’s just not fun. In the few years I’ve been with them I’ve not ONCE seen an explosion. Everything is measured, thoughtful and fair. Once you find trainers like that you try to never let them go. They keep with a class act of friends too! Like you Paige! 💕

Kelly Woodlief

Jessica Lyn ❤️

Missy Thyfault

Paige Quarterman thanks Paige

Kelly Woodlief

Paige Quarterman thanks PQ❤️

Rachel Hamilton

Paige Quarterman ❤️

Laurie Hammersmith

Paige Quarterman Yes! Missy Thyfault is a true horsewoman. She puts a lot of blood, sweat. a few tears, and a dreams into the horses in her care. She truly loves horses and had brought the best out of the horses I had brought her! We had a lot of fun doing it too❤️

Rachel Hamilton

Laurie Hammersmith 🥰

Missy Thyfault

Laurie Hammersmith we did have some fun! Thank you for the kind words.


Michelle Gala

I have never met a woman who works harder than Tammy Braham. I’ve only been blessed to be with her a year and a half, but where to even start? I am grateful that she believes in our potential. That she didn’t tell me no when I asked for help. She started to bring out positive change and ability in our very first 20 minutes lesson. I love that her immense background allows her to know what is best for each horse in her care, both on the ground and in the saddle. In the past 18 months she has been my mentor, my coach, my therapist-in what was some dark personal times, my stylist, my cheerleader and my go to friend to bounce anything off of. She is an incredible professional horseman. But what she really is, is the kind of trainer who makes you WANT to be better, not just at the discipline that you are riding, but as a person. That is a true leader.

Tammy Braham

Michelle Gala ❤️❤️❤️


Sandra Duhamel

Darci Hughes became a good friend of mine when I purchased my heart horse from her. Her kindness and talent during the years we were with her is what i appreciated the most. She has sinced moved to the USA so my heart horse is now with Kathryn Stanton Obee who is also very kind and talented. Dougan and I are lucky to have these 2 women in our lives.

Kathryn Stanton Obee

Sandra Duhamel ♥️ I’m lucky to have you and Dougan. Thank you ☺️

Darci Hughes

Sandra Duhamel I’m forever grateful Dougan brought us together! ♥️


Lexi Hansen

While I currently don’t live near those who shaped me- Jessi Lueth, Bonnie Minor, and Rick Klaus, they deserve the biggest shout-out for being incredible horse trainers, mentors, and friends. I am so thankful ❤️

Bonnie Minor

Lexi Hansen thank you Lexi!


Lindsey Missel

Brenda Jeter always puts the horse first, I never have to worry that they are not only well taken care of, but loved as well. I never wonder if Brenda and Brad are taking great care of the horses. Not only that, but they are also great friends, who I can (and have) called to help me with everything from a frozen well to whether or not the roads are too bad to try to drive to work, and they never hesitate to help with anything and everything. Whether it is in practice or the show pen, I know that Brenda is always trying to make me a better rider and showman, and will help me try to achieve my goals!


Megan Jorgensen

All the time, dedication, and sacrifices Raelyn Nakahara and Eric John Felt make every day to make it all possible.

Courtney Gregory

Megan Jorgensen gonna bandwagon on your post 🙂

Eric John Felt and Raelyn Nakahara have been beyond wonderful with their guidance in helping me quite literally get back on the horse again after having been away for many years while work and life happened. They’re candid, honest, communicative, and my horses have been impeccably well cared for. And, we have the best time together whether it be at the barn on the weekends or at a show together. Ridiculously grateful for both of y’all!

Therese Knowles Maddux

Courtney Gregory I third this!!! Nothing more to say!


Jennifer Davenport

I want to thank Brian Lee & Darla Lee of Lee Quarter Horses. We are so blessed to be a part of their program and their family. They are both wonderful trainers, coaches and mentors. They provide motivation, inspiration and guidance unlike anyone we’ve ever seen. They take extremely good care of our horses and all of their needs. It’s more than just a ride to get and keep horses performing; they take the time to get to know each horse to ensure they are mentally and physically prepared. They both make a lot of sacrifices and dedicate countless hours to each client and horse. They are very organized and great at communicating. They are truly two of the best people we know. Since the moment our daughter Callie met them, she has made her self at home and quickly became part of the team. We are very blessed to be with them and for taking such good care of our horses and our family. We also enjoy all the fun & laughter. ❤️

Darla Lee

Jennifer Davenport we love you Davenport’s! Thanks for being great customers!!!


Hannah Michelle Ehlig

Tommy Sheets & Nathan Sparren have absolutely always believed in me – from day one. They have always pushed me every time I come ride and even my road through pregnancy and postpartum trying to be a competitor. You both are so incredible, I love that I continue to learn. Thank you for the patience with myself & JP, thank you for all the little things that I don’t do because I have a baby and you step up to do them for me so I can be successful. Thank you for everything. I promise your hard work does not go unnoticed. I cannot wait for the rest of the show season and all the new things that I have to learn in the future! ❤️❤️‍🔥#TeamRed





Jill Youngblood Hilber

I’ve been blessed with many great trainers in my life. I think highly of them all. Enjoy seeing them at the shows. Each one of them have contributed to my riding life. All of them have taken stellar care of my horses and me!

Now I am with Erin Fick. There aren’t enough positive words in the dictionary to say about her. She’s gotten me over mental blocks, took my riding to the next level, and cares for my horses like they are her own. I admire her as a person. She’s honest, fair, has integrity, – she’s unfailingly in a good mood with a smile on her face. She is so very talented and brings the best out in me and my horses. We all love her in our happy barn. If you’re reading this Erin- thank you for the happiness you’ve brought to my life and how you treat Beau, Butters and Luke.


Claire Silver

I am grateful for Teresa Pelton. She doesn’t just train, she shares her life with our horses. Every horse has something to bring to the table, she finds that attribute and makes that horse valued. She is honest, hardworking and sometimes even harder on us (boot camp). She shares her knowledge and ethics as a judge, and freely shares and gives to the next generation as a clinician. I have seen her soft side as well as her bad ass side. She is balanced, tipping the scales in favor of being a strong force in the show pen. She prepares the horse and rider as a team and will meet you at 3 am if you need that extra prep time. For all the things we don’t see as a amateur and client, I can say I trust her to be fair and kind to my horse as well as the retired old friends in the fields. She sets a standard of excellence that resonates through her barn. Every client feels and strives to be what she believes we can be. She gives us every opportunity to be excellent in the show pen and as human beings. I admire her, I appreciate everything she does and doesn’t do, and mostly I trust her and the integrity she brings to the world of show horses!

Teresa Pelton

Claire Silver Thank you ❤️

Pat Mathis Smith

Claire Silver Not to mention, Teresa Pelton is fun to judge with. 🤪😂


Sarah Boss

Sherrill Lewis puts the horse first every single time, and everything else just develops from that but the horse is always first.


Tammy Raak

Ted Turner Jr.

Thank you for showing me dreams do come true. Most importantly, thank you for the unlimited friendship, I will never be able to say thank you enough times or show you just how grateful I am for all you do. Many years of showing together ❤️

From sunup to sun down the training and care for your horses is unbelievable.

You truly are a top Horseman.



Jessica Fry
After over two decades with various trainers from all disciplines, I’ve been fortunate enough to get a spot at Heather Himelick Performance Horses in small town, Indiana. I had no idea what I was really getting into with my first established AQHA trainer. She’s shown so much grace, taught countless lessons, provided a home away from home, and she absolutely will not sugar coat any life advice (I like to think she got that from her mom). She’s worked so hard for everything she’s had. She even rode eight horses the day before she gave birth to her youngest son, Brayden, who was born in November and never showed any weakness before, during, or after those 12 hour days in the barn cleaning stalls, tacking horses and working them. She pays attention to the horses and has such a natural way of training them it’s amazing to witness. All of her horses are safe, well cared for and well loved. And I’ll speak for all of us when I say all of her clients are grateful to be a part of the “HH Team”.
Vicki Holland Huffer

Heather Himelick rides the horses. So many horror stores I hear about trainers who don’t ride them enough. Heather’s horses are ridden, are fed well, and all vet, chiro, farrier, etc. needs are addressed promptly. Her work ethic is outstanding.


Kelsey Rudy

Like anything in life, it’s important to not let the bad outshine the good. It doesn’t, it shouldn’t, and I genuinely believe most people are good and here for the right reasons. Thank you The Equine Chronicle for giving us the opportunity to recognize how much there is to appreciate in this industry.

Brenda Jeter isn’t just our horse trainer. She and Brad Cook are friends that became family. Our situation is complex, because we live across the country. Sometimes our horses are in Texas with her and sometimes they’re in Michigan with us. When we’re not together we get regular updates on our horses wellbeing, which while it’s appreciated- we rest easy knowing they’re in the very best of care. Brenda and Brad work tirelessly to do what’s best for their animals No excuses. They put the horse first in every choice they make. They love the animal first and the sport second. But when it comes time to chase after goals in the sport itself- we get down to business- in a respectful way. I’m always better when im with Brenda, no questions asked. She knows just how to fix what’s broken and keep us competing at our best.

Love you, B x 2! 😘

Alyce Garrett Clark

Kelsey Rudy ditto!!

Thank you for stating that so well. Brad Cook Brenda Jeter is the best!!!

Brad Cook Brenda Jeter

Kelsey Rudy, Jill Clark, Lindsey Missel, Alyce Garrett Clark. Thank you for the kind words !! I love what I do because of these great kind animals we have been blessed with ! If you treat them right they will more than likely do what you want. It’s easy when you work with people that are just as kind. Thank you to my horses (cuz really I just let y’all borrow them 🤣😂) and my owners for making what I do the best job in the world. ❤️

Kelsey Rudy

Brad Cook Brenda Jeter 😘

Lindsey Missel

Brad Cook Brenda Jeter 😘

Jill Clark

Brad Cook Brenda Jeter We love you and borrowing “your” horses!


Megan Rechberg

I have so much love for the trainers I’ve worked with. Amber Duckett works tirelessly to make her clients and her horses their best versions of themselves. She sacrifices time with her own family to spend time on the road with clients – helping us chase our dreams. She’s a super woman, who handles breeding, training, and showing… and still finds it time to call me to laugh, talk horse husbandry, and discuss plans. She cares for my horse like she’s her own. I’m blessed to call her my trainer and my friend.

Katie Wagner is a local trainer to me who I adore. She took my mare who had some hock issues and made her the best she’d ever been. Her patience and willingness to work through my horse’s issues in a way that put my horse first is something I will always be grateful for. She took care of my horse like she was her own and I knew my girl was always safe under her roof. That meant so much to me as a person who didn’t have a place in the backyard to bring my mare home.


Morgan Lantz and my daughter is Ava Savage who is pictured with Morgan at our last horse show – Michelle Savage.


Michelle Savage

Morgan Lantz works tirelessly day and night to make sure our horse has the best care possible. She is caring, hardworking, patient, encouraging, and truly loves developing the riders and horses in her program. The progression in my daughter’s riding since beginning with Morgan over a year ago has been amazing to see and I can’t thank her enough for growing her into a confident and well-rounded horseman.

Rylee Harding

Michelle Savage the best! Love Morgan Lantz🤍






Brookelyn England

Jeff Geiger and Jodi Geiger are like second parents to me! They always push me to try new things and see a lot of potential in me that no one else did. They take great care of my two horses and I never have to think twice about how they are doing. They take exceptional care of their horses and clients and are always up front and honest about everything. I am so thankful for them❤️

Jodi Geiger

Brookelyn England thank you. Jeff Geiger puts his heart and soul into his horses.


Lauren Schwartz

Michele Carver and Julie Anderson, you’re the real deal.. true horsewomen inside and out. Raw talent aside, the love you have for these animals is beyond anything I’ve seen and to me that’s what comes first. I trust that in your program the horse’s wellbeing comes first, as it always should, and you work endlessly to make sure every horse and rider combo learn to shine together. Your horses love you and your people love you.


Dawn Koffel-Allison

Dan Trein & Darlene Trein were my trainers for a very short time as I was a youth. I was literally a nobody when I walked into their barn but right away was treated like family!! Years later I had the opportunity to work for them. Wow what an amazing experience. Very hard work yes but they were nothing but professional & helpful!! I learned so much from them. They are still always so friendly, ask how my family is & just great people!! Absolute role models!! Thank you Dan & Dar for all you did for me!!!!!

Lynne Puthoff

Dawn Koffel-Allison great role models!!! Mine too!


Barb Downer

As a select rider with a few arthritic challenges, I rely on the support, understanding and expertise of Aitchison Show Horses, Dave Aitchison and Julie Huppé . They know Skeeter and I very well…and have helped us continue to excel in Pleasure and last year was a big year for us improving our Trail placings!! A BIG thank you for always being there for me 🥰

Julie Huppé

Barb Downer thank you for the kind words❤️❤️❤️


Photo by Shane Rux Photography

Pam Sexton Jones

My trainers are wonderful. They love my horses just as I do. They tirelessly care for them. We have fun. Our barn family is close and we cheer for each other as well as laugh with each other when things don’t go as planned. I am treated with respect and their patience in coaching me is unmatched. Thank you for making my dreams come true! Sarah Bernatowicz, Brian Bernatowicz.


Brian and Sarah Bernatowicz (trainers)

Jaxon and Logan Bernatowicz
Pam and Randy Jones
Serrin Whitt
April (dog)
Beyond My Machine. (Fonzie)

Sarah Bernatowicz

Pam Sexton Jones 🩵


Amanda Wall

My trainer is my sister. She’s kinda stuck with me! 🤪 But, having the family dynamic on top of being a trainer adds another layer to our relationship. I appreciate how much patience she has for me and my horses. I also appreciate how much time she gives to me and all her clients. Finally, she’s amazing with our horses. Their safety and well being are always top priority.

Emily White-Ream


Sutherlyn Hollabaugh

I’ll never, ever, ever be able to express the appropriate amount of gratitude I have for Melissa Henry-Shetler. She always puts the horses first and works endlessly to keep them performing and feeling their best. She’s amazing at what she does, and doesn’t get nearly enough recognition for it. I’ll never be able to thank her enough for pushing me to be the best I can be and for never giving up on me. ❤️

Melissa Henry-Shetler

Sutherlyn Hollabaugh awe I don’t tear up much but this made me 😢 ❤️

Sutherlyn Hollabaugh

Melissa Henry-Shetler ❤️


Kimm and Katie Rose


Kimm McDowell

Our trainer, Katie Rose, is the calm when things go wrong, helping to keep the bad in perspective, as well as being the biggest cheerleader when even the smallest things go right. She’s the buffer between different personalities and makes each of us feel like a priority. Thank you for always being in our corner Katie!




Brooke Turner Webster

I appreciate Kelly McDowall for all that he does for his clients. He’s not just a trainer, he’s a listening ear, our in barn mental health professional, our coat and phone holder, our in house comedian, our biggest fan, the punchline of a lot of jokes, our North Star, our fitness instructor, has the best wife ever Marnie McDowall who we all also love dearly, but most of all he’s a very very good friend and we are all blessed to share our lives with him.

Kelly McDowall

Brooke Turner Webster I am honored to be mentioned. Thank you my friend!

Jamie DeVencenty

Brooke Turner Webster Truth!

Amy Scott Gerdes

Brooke Turner Webster 100% agree!!


Linsey Kimbrough

They believe more in my riding abilities than I do sometimes ❤️ Tyrell Elrod Megan Neugebauer Clare Delaney


Karen Ripper

Julian Harris, Matthew Harris

i am so blessed to be able to trust that the best will be given to our horses !! from making sure every detail is paid attention to getting mares in foal and a safe delivery plan as well. in regards to training knowing what is the pace one should be at in the training, taking time to gain trust of the horse! a feeding program that is tremendous in all aspects, and a true love for each horse. i think everyone can see how much love there is on social media but i see it in reality!

Jen Cahoon

Karen Ripper absolutely 🎯!! Trust them 💯 and appreciate everything they have done for the well being of my horses!! Can’t thank them enough! Julian Harris Matthew Harris thank you 🙏🏻 ❤️❤️❤️‼️


Casey Johnson

For the most part I keep my horses at home but Dale Sullens is top notch! We always say I learned more in my first lesson with him than hours with other trainers! He’s an excellent horseman and always puts the horse first🩵can’t thank him enough for all of the things he has taught me, the texts message coaching while in college and I would send videos etc.


Kelsey Doughman

Ashley Wood always goes above and beyond. She always cared about my horse’s well being and put the horse first always. My horse looked amazing while in her barn. She also met me where I was at as far as riding ability and taught me so much and never was impatient with me. She truly wanted me and my horse to succeed. I wasn’t her only client but when she was working with me, she made me feel like I was. She is a true inspiration.


Ashley Wood

Kelsey Doughman thank you! I appreciate that so much. I work very hard to give you and everyone else the best chance possible🫶🏼

Lynne Conley Lammers

Kelsey Doughman Ashley Wood is the absolute best!


Bekah Burton Kee

Erin Fick is the most amazing horsewoman I have ever encountered and blessed to be around. She not only loves horses but she cares for every horse in her barn that she touches as her own. She not only betters the rider in making them fulfill their full potential but strive to create goals that they can’t even imagine reaching and meet those. She knows each personality, unique trait and need of each of her horses and her heart is full for each one. She is honest and considerate of each client she has. She has taken our kids and shown them how to be champions and still create goals to help teach them more about their horses. She also shows us that it is NOT just about winning. She shows us how to better ourselves in and outside the showpen and reaching goals doesn’t come without YOU putting in the work. She works with each horse in such knowledgeable, kind, and remarkable ways that it is truly an art to witness. We thank her everyday but it is never enough to show our gratitude for how she cares for our horse and every horse in her barn as well as our kids and family. We ARE a family and our life is abundantly fuller because she and her family is in and apart of it. We love you Erin! 💜🐴🖤


Cathy Wilkin

I love how much Kayla Kohler cares so much for the horses in her program and literally works her butt off to bring out the best in them! She has been amazing with my stallion, Whiskeynkrymsun.


Marina Carroll

Ashlynn Balmer Kenoyer and Seth Kenoyer have been amazing for me the last month and a half. Over the last 10+ years I’ve spent time around a lot of people in this industry, but the welcome Seth and Ashlynn have given me has been special. I started looking this January for someone to help me finesse my Horsemanship skills for the YEDA shows I planned to enter this spring, and with weekly lessons the Kenoyers have given me so much more than just Horsemanship help. Even just after one month I have seen so much positive growth in my confidence and my showmanship abilities. And I know there is so much more to learn from them and their experiences. They’re helping me better myself showing in the catch riding format both in and out of the showpen, and the time given by them is definitely showing in my personal horse.

They’re helping me become a better horsewoman for the long haul, I am so thankful for that and optimistic for the time I get with them in the future.

Ashlynn Balmer Kenoyer

Marina Carroll this is so sweet, thank you ❤️ we have really enjoyed having you and look forward to your continued involvement in our program

Marina Carroll

Ashlynn Balmer Kenoyer Of course! This was a no brainer for me to use this as a perfect opportunity to thank you guys for all your help. You’ve been amazing for me and Slick the last month and I appreciate you guys so, so much.

Laurie Haring

Marina Carroll I couldn’t agree more. My granddaughter has taken lessons from Ashlynn & Seth for a little over a year & could see results almost immediately. Unfortunately circumstances beyond my control don’t allow my granddaughter to spend near enough time with Ashlynn but I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt the limited she does have with her is always worth it.

Ashlynn Balmer Kenoyer

Laurie Haring we were just saying today we haven’t seen you guys in a while! Thank you and we can’t wait to see Grace again ❤️

Laurie Haring

Ashlynn Balmer Kenoyer she’ll be back, timing just hasn’t been in our favor


Anita Hanson Klitzke

Darren Buckle of Buckle Performance Horses has been my trainer and my coach for many years, I appreciate his honesty and his guidance ,I don’t leave my horses in FT training due to distance and I need to be a hands on person. He is always so great about watching videos and suggesting and is always willing to ride late after the shows for one on one coaching. My horses have always received excellent care and very happy when there.


Caitlin Daniels

I do want to say on the side of ammys being seen ( my mom being one) is that I appreciate my clients so much! If they have an issue they come to me and we really in depth discuss it, pros cons whatever it may be. ☺️ always an explanation or a side I didn’t really see!


Tammy Raak

Kristin Layher Show Horses

So thankful for you last year –

One phone call to you and you were there for me. Your kindness, support and hard work goes a long ways. And I swear you have the biggest smile every time I stop at the barn.

My horses are so happy and cared for daily and I thank you ! Can’t wait for the show season this year❤️



Paula Zimmerli-Angulot

Erin Scelba Johnson has been putting up with my “quirks” for a decade….i can’t thank her enough


Wendy Roberts Armstrong

So thankful that my trainers Brian Henry and John HZ always put the health and safety of our horses first, never cutting corners or taking shortcuts. They work tirelessly and patiently with each of their clients and their equine partners to help develop realistic goals that fit within each of their budgets and capabilities. They also wear many other hats as coaches, fitness instructors, psychologists, therapists, nutritionists, motivational speakers, cheerleaders and most importantly, friends. They have worked hard to developed a special group of dedicated clients that make up an amazing barn family. I am blessed to have found my “tribe” of mentors, cheerleaders and friends, led by these two amazing trainers at Limelite Show Horses. 💚


Jeanne Anne

Markaya Ashley Performance Horses. Markaya is amazing with old ladies like me haha. My senior horse as well. She is patient, kind, and understanding that there are days when I can’t or he can’t. At the same time we never just quit we find a new way to make it work. She doesn’t eliminate my breed from her training because she shows others. She shows and trains multiple breeds. I can guarantee you that when I’m showing at my show, she’ll be there with me. Just as she will with here other clients.


Ashley Anderson

Jodie Ploog and Lia Ploog are two of the best! 😘 It is a barn family, not just a training barn.

Martha and Julie


Martha Carey

There are so many good people in the horse industry but one of the best people I know is Julie Kristine Tenhouse. Julie is a true horsewomen. She takes the time to train each horse to their ability. Everyone likes to win but with Julie is about in the long run what’s best for the horse and rider. Julie is also an amazing coach. She always takes time out of her incredibly busy day to help my daughter be the best rider she can be. She is patient and her words are always kind and positive. I am forever grateful for the role model she is for my daughter, the safe and loving home she gives our Leo boy and the wonderful friend she is to me. 💕🐴




Teresa Porter

Rachel Anne Ugarte and Sidney Keller are upstanding ladies who beyond their skills with horses will always be honest with me no matter what. They put their heart into the horses and the horses come first no matter what. Treated mine like they would their own. I made lifelong friends and both I would not hesitate to send any horse to.


Laura Morton

Omigosh! Where do I start Rachele Shaw Scobie is first and foremost the most amazing human being ever!! We love her to pieces! The horses are her priorities to a fault. She doesn’t get enough sleep because she worries about their well being. She has the patience of a saint. Every day spent with her we learn something new. We travel 2 1/2 hours to train with her She is the BESTEST!


Michelle Hartman Kane

Our trainer, Mikayla Marie, is the best! She treats our son and horse as if they were her own. The tornados that tore through Ohio not too long ago, were fairly close to our barn and she was texting us with updates. She is no longer our trainer but family! We have been with her for 6 years. She has helped my son become a successful showman both in and out of the arena. She probably receives 574838 texts a day from the entire barn family but she does it with ease and answers when she can. Our barn family is one of a kind and we step up whenever she needs a day(s) off! We know it’s needed.


Jana Olsen

CAC Show Horses and Angie Rigdon Cannizzaro have undoubtedly been a blessing in my horse journey! Their care and well being for the horse is unmatched! They say things happen for a reason, and I truly believe that. You and Charles have always been there for Ryder – Charles you checked on him when he was an orphaned foal being matched with a nurse mare in Oklahoma. Even through all the highs and lows your care and concern was evident. He is the easiest horse I’ve ever shown thanks to you! You train the horse and rider! Most importantly you train the horse for the non-pro rider! Angie this is our year! In 3 shows – he’s had 4 circuit championships and two west coast breeders trophies! Thanks for everything 💕🏆🏆🏆 🏆 🏆🏆


Michlynn St. John

Ron McKown, Karen Janette Russell, and the late Jim Johnson became family. They are/were supportive in ever aspect of my life.

Cindy Sundgren taught me to be soft with my hands. The late Jess Herd taught me to only wear boots when riding and a steak cooked right doesn’t need sauce. I really enjoyed watching him ride in rhythm with his horses.

I’m blessed to have learned and grown from them all.

I’m excited to start my journey with Lara Mueller Performance Horses. I can’t wait for my first lesson under her guidance next weekend.


Carol Fielding

Carol Jones~ I’ve always said that she is good for the soul.


Kelli Jo

Seth Clark Amber E Clark Ashley Marie

Eaton-Clark Performance Horses

IMO best trainers in the business!! Can’t even put into words how much they mean to me 💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙


Tracy Kalinski

I appreciate my trainer’s kind, caring hearts, passion, talent, fun attitude and support during the good times and the bad they are always there for you and your horse Amy Hanssen-Keyes Virginia Beaton Jenna Striffler

Jenna Striffler

Tracy Kalinski 🥰🥰 thank you for your kind words! I love my job and all of your horses ❤️🐴


Haley Warner

Marcy Cutcher Lewandowski is always making sure my horses are taken care of and ready for the show pen. She has taught me to connect with my horse through riding & also bonding. She always comes up with a plan to make our horses feel better and trust us as their riders. Even with college, work, & now X-Ray school, she has jumped through many fences to make sure all of my horses are well cared for and ready to show. She also keeps me in check, brings me up when i’m down, & calms me down whenever I get nervous. Marcy is not just my trainer but also my family 🩷


Mary Caitlyn O’Malley

I’m thankful for Wendy Laesch & Kevin Carr. Wendy is the hardest working person I’ve ever met. I’ve trusted each one of my horses with her since the very beginning & we have a very close relationship. She’s extremely honest with me & tells me what i need to hear every time. Kevin is always right there to help me out no matter what it is – when I’m in a class showing, a second perspective during a lesson, or even helping me put the work saddle on the hunt seaters 🤣 I appreciate every time Kevin has helped warm up a hunt seater for me (in my saddle no less), put in the hours at home, or has just been there for me. Both have seen good rides, bad rides, cry rides, & always know what to do. I appreciate the personal horses they have let me learn on, the tack they’ve let me barrow, & most importantly how both of them treat each of my horses like their own (especially Dusty💙).

Living 3 hours away from the barn makes it tough not being able to visit as often as I’d like but I know my horses are in the best hands possible. We could not be more thankful for them & all they do. They are family.

Wendy Laesch

Mary Caitlyn O’Malley thanks mc

Cindy Kwiecinski

Mary Caitlyn O’Malley I completely agree with you!

Kresta Burkholder

Mary Caitlyn O’Malley well said! Two of the hardest working, most caring individuals in the industry!

Kevin Carr

Mary Caitlyn O’Malley thank you

Dyan Enser Snavely

Mary Caitlyn O’Malley well said! They are a great team! We are so thankful!


Marci Bizaillion Knight

I appreciate my daughter’s trainer Alex Sifuentez for not only taking exceptional care of our horse but always taking the extra minute to text my daughter out of the blue to see how she is. As a mother those are the things that mean more than anything, to have someone who is so genuine is immeasurable. He took our horse from ugly duckling to a swan princess and we are forever grateful for his dedication and 💙


Jennifer Barbee

Karen Qualls (Premier Performance Horses) is so experienced, dedicated and talented. I appreciate her knowledge and patience developing my homebred Make Mine Chilled – “Owen” into a 3x World Show Champion. I know we’ll have a long partnership together.

Leanna Hendricks

Jennifer Barbee love Karen!

Jeanette Carey

Leanna Hendricks She’s seriously the best ever 🩷

Jeanette Carey

Jennifer Barbee I can second this💙🧡💙🧡Team KQ

Mary Chenault

Jennifer Barbee Karen is the best!! Love her! 🩷


Lara Parker

There will never be enough thank yous for all that TW Grose and Carrie Bolhover Grose do for our entire barn. They go above and beyond to make sure all the horses are well cared for and have everything they need while herding cats (us ammys) giving lessons and coaching at shows.


Tiffany Frericks

Julie Kristine Tenhouse is absolutely amazing. My daughter has been with her for almost 8 years, since she was 5, and she has been such an integral part of her life. I don’t know who Journey would be had Julie not come into her life. She has given her so many memories and friends, taught her so many lessons and given her so much confidence. Julie puts her heart and soul into her horses and her clients, and we will be forever grateful for her. Showing horses wasn’t part of our plan, but thank goodness it was part of Julie’s. 😊Thank you for all you do Julie, you’re the best! ❤️❤️

Julie Graves

Tiffany Frericks I couldn’t agree more! Julie is awesome

Tiffany Frericks

Julie Graves Yes she is. 😊❤️

Tiffany Frericks

Julie Graves And I’m thankful for the people we have met because of her! 🤗❤️


Kimberly Ann Guenther and the Wheelers – Photo Shane Rux

Kimberly Ann

Jenn Wheeler Justin Wheeler there are no words for how hard you guys work for all of us. Dedication. Kindness. Humor. Talent. The horse industry needs more people like you. So much love to you!! The Equine Chronicle I will send you pics!

Jenn Wheeler

Kimberly Ann love you 🫶🏼🥰



Roxanne Doogan

I’ve known Leslie Lange since we were both youth. I’ve had horses with her since I could afford a trainer and I’ve walked away to have children and to go to law school, and I’ve ALWAYS been confident that my horses are ridden and cared for….without question.

I’ve been blessed to own some lovely creatures, and Bear has always been a good steward of my horses.

I am blessed to be a part of her program.




Danita Drake

I do not have a trainer, but it is nice to see so many mentioned on here that are so well thought of

Shari Miller

Danita Drake you were a trainer and a coach and were very very good at it. You don’t need a trainer ❤️❤️


Sue Spear

Owen Performance Horses, LLC. Erica M. Owen 🎊

Patience, compassion, honest as the day is long, very knowledgeable at every level, truly a person who cares for the horses and the owners as family. I am proud to call her my trainer as well as my friend/family.

Erica M. Owen

Sue Spear 🥰🥰🥰


Jana Craig Whitley

Becky George Colton Pylman – they have been so good and patient with an old lady that wants to ride. It takes a village to get me on and off my unicorn horse, Ima Diamond Loper, at shows and they are always there to help me. They both care so much about the horses. They are also so very good and patient with my granddaughter, Charlee Eby. They break down patterns and explain things so well to her. She has improved so much because of their hard work. It’s like a big family atmosphere at their barn. Thank you for everything you do for us.


Kelly Henningsen

Melissa Sachs took me in at 16 years old and the rest is history. She’s given me countless opportunities with amazing horses to lease which allowed me to become the rider I am today. I am forever grateful for the best years of my life in the show pen with my family and friends because of her and Linda Ferguson Tacklind 🩷

Linda Ferguson Tacklind

Awww, Kelly Henningsen, we love and appreciate all of the time you have spent with us and our horses… you have spent many hours in the saddle with Zippos Rhythm N Gold, Old Gold Angel, Plenty of Tats Rhythm and now Rhythm of Tats Heart!! You are Family! 💜

Linda Ferguson Tacklind

Melissa Sachs❣️


Madison Maciejewski

My sissy is my own private trainer 🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶 #DIY> Makayla Ray Maciejewski-Fey


Kim Holmes Gartman

Dean Saul always has my best interest at heart! He always encourages me and challenges me. When he corrects something I’m not doing correctly, he does it in a way that never makes me feel torn down or belittled. He takes the best care of our horses and always has them ready. If he doesn’t think you or your horse are ready for a class, he will tell you. I am so grateful for this, even though it’s been hard to hear at times. He does everything he can to set me up for success. Then it’s up to me to conquer my nerves and put in the work necessary. I can’t imagine life without him or his amazing family!


Dana Hokana with Madilyn Rider on Alwaz Sumpin Special – Ruehle Photographix


Brenda Rider

Dana Rae Hokana Dana Hokana Performance Horses Dana Hokana has transformed our lives. She is our trusted trainer and talented friend that we have come to call family. She trains not only the horse but she exquisitely builds the partnership of the rider/horse team through her program. Dana seeks to understand not only the body mechanics but the mind, heart and soul of the horse! Dana has a gifting and we are so thankful she is our trainer.





Amber Stanley

All 4 of my horses are with Miranda McIntosh. Completely trust the care she provides for them and my two children under her training. So tired of one bad apple trying to destroy the reputation of these trainers who work endlessly and tirelessly so we don’t have to. Every circumstance is different but we need to remember there is always two sides of the story.

Miranda McIntosh

Amber Stanley ♥️


Candace Thomas

There are a million different things I want to say but there isn’t enough space to share those words. There will never be enough ways to say thank you, you are her biggest fan, role model, without you this would never be possible and her success is all because of you. 14 years ago we were blessed with someone who has given her heart to our daughter to help reach her goals in this industry. Yes there were struggles and tears of frustration. With each step along the way either good or bad she was at the end gate. Carol Andersen is the one we give all the credit too.


Roni Murphy

Marcy Cutcher Lewandowski She doesn’t let you give up and knows how to talk me down off the ledge. I pinched a nerve and was/still having issues with my left side right before Congress. She immediately adjusted her coaching plan and I placed in trail. 2023 was a very hard year for me and she never let me quit.


Elizabeth Langstaff

Makala Mendyka! Makala has helped me with multiple horses, she has figured out each of their problems and have solved them with her time and outstanding patience. She is an up and coming trainer who I will always use for future horses. I have never met a trainer as patient and understanding as her. She has even helped me with my own fears of young horses under saddle. Makala runs her business pretty flawlessly and never loses sight of the horses futures and is so passionate about it.

Makala Mendyka

Elizabeth Langstaff thank you so much!! This made my day! ❤️🐴


Liz Baker Midtlien

Day in and day out Bonnie Minor has cared for my horses and me over the years. I can’t thank her enough for her tireless commitment to my family, her customers, our animals, our success and even our day to day lives. We can never take for granted what our trainers do for us. They are not only coaches and horseman but life long friends. They answer texts 24×7, lose sleep over our challenges and put their family second some times for us. I’m honored to call many trainers friends even if they haven’t swung a leg over one of mine for a long time if ever.

Bonnie Minor

Liz Baker Midtlien That was so nice of you to say….THANK YOU LIZ!


Lisa Fleming

They look after my babies like they are their own.. weekdays, weekends, 24hours a day and also show so much patience when teaching me.


Brittainy Mayes

Prim Cockrell taught my mom and myself more about horses and life then she probably realizes 🤍 I remember staying with her, giving our horses to her for her equine therapy program, and knowing that they were taken care of and loved their jobs and her.

Our current trainers are a little bit more lowkey so I won’t tag them – but I hope they know how much we value them and the assistant trainers. We can be real pains in the ass, and we have a hyper kid with us everywhere we go (sometimes two).. but they take it all in stride with a smile. They teach my kid what it means to love a horse and care for it – they teach her about winning and losing (and me – I’m still working on that) and they keep our horses safe & happy. That’s really all you can ask for. Grateful is an understatement.


Ellie Stiller

How much she cares about her clients and her horses ❤️ Savannah McGuire


Elvada Farm

Casey Willis one of the best in the business!!!! takes care of our best boy Money N Da Bank “Scrappy” and is making another great RL Birdz N The Beez “Bird” our 3 year stallion, Deanna Willis is the whole package!!!!!!!!!! lovely, talented and the prettiest cowgirl I know ❤️!!!!!!!

Deanna Willis

Elvada Farm We are so blessed and thankful to know you, Cindy ❤️

Lana Farley

Elvada Farm Casey Willis is the best!!!


Summer McClure

Words cannot express how thankful I am for you! From my first lesson at a clinic when I was 12 I always knew this was the program I was supposed to be a part of and it has never disappointed. The love and care you show for your students and horses is incredible. I always know that my horses are not only prepared but receive the very best of everything. You are amazing teachers of people as well and push us beyond our limits to achieve our goals. I am forever grateful for all that you’ve done in my life but the most special is now watching you coach my young daughter and the time and patience you take with her while also helping her to believe in herself and her horse to achieve their goals. So thankful to be a part of the MTS family. Shannon McCulloch Bacon, Erin McCulloch


Jill Clark

Brad Cook Brenda Jeter treat my horses with such care and integrity. Brenda works tirelessly to make sure every horse is happy, healthy and loved. It’s because of this that they want to do their jobs every day. Brad has the patience of the saint when starting new Colts, and this results in a confident young horse ready for the show pen. I’ve been with Brenda for almost 20 years and can say that she also takes care of her people in the same loving way. So grateful to have her hard work succeed in the show pen vs those bad apples who take short cuts, cheat and use abuse to get results.


Morgan Childs

Don’t currently ride with a trainer but have in the past and just recently left one (on great terms, just got expensive for this ammy on a budget). Judy Moosmann has taught me so much about being a better rider and connecting with my horse!! Absolutely love what she’s taught me and the opportunities she gave me! She also goes above and beyond for the care of her horses. She’d rather see her horses happy, healthy and in good conditions than ride them daily. Shawn Budke is the one who taught me to ride these beautiful animals and learn how to do it properly than just your typical riding lessons. She’s the one who taught me how to use my legs 🤣😅she also has such compassion for this sport and the animals! She cares more for the horse and human than the sport!

Judy Moosmann

Morgan Childs thanks Morgan for some praise especially after the fb flood this week. Not all of us are bad eggs and love the animals we work with. We give what we think each individual horse needs.

Morgan Childs

Judy Moosmann it doesn’t go unnoticed! Anyone could walk in your barn and not ever think twice about how their horse is being treated! Thank you for being one of the best!


Jennifer Menchhofer

Whole heartedly agree with Morgan ! We have had several horses with Judy and know they are getting the best care ! We are blessed. Not only does she care about the animals but her clients also. She teaches them to ride and feel the horse .   My Daughter started with her when she was 10 and now 27.   It is rare for people to stay with the same trainer for this amount of time.  One thing for sure is we never have to worry about  the treatment of our horses or  my daughter .   Judy always has the well being of the horse in mind .  She cares about her clients and always goes above and beyond .  She truly had been a second mother to Hannah.  She has helped make her into the woman she is today inside and outside of the arena. We are truly blessed.

It’s been a wonderful ride with Moosmann training center ! Thank you, Judy!!!


Cynthia Watkins Raysser

She is my daughter, so she doesn’t have much of a choice. My daughter, Caitlin Raysser of Full Throttle Show Horses, lives, eats and breathes the horses under her care. She is one of the hardest working women I know, and a great coach and trainer. Her patience is boundless, especially with her mother. She gives her all to each horse in training.

Jana White

Cynthia Watkins Raysser yes she does


Jennifer L. Bradley Hebert

I appreciate everything my trainers do for my horse and myself. I board at a small, family run show barn where we are all treated like family. My trainers push me to reach my full potential. The potential they see in me even when I don’t. They work as a team to teach me on a level that helps me learn and grow, not just the typical ” this is the way we do it” fashion. The patience, confidence, and whole heartedness of my trainers gives me the confidence and proper understanding of what true Horsemanship is. I can never repay all they have taught me, in the barn and out of the barn. Thank you Bitgood Performance Horses ,Stacy Cimochowski and the rest of the Bitgood and Cimochowski family. I am forever grateful.



Beth Pawloski

My trainer is also my daughter, Emily Ream. How many trainers take time to school a parent? How many children take time for their parents, much less in a work setting? I watch her work with her client’s, teaching them how to gradually become a team with their horses, showing them how each particular horse needs a little something different. Teaching them how to understand their partner, and giving them confidence to shoot for bigger goals. It’s a village of pure family at that barn with a trainer anyone would be proud of, including her mom! So glad she chose this vocation. It’s filled with a passion for the love of the horse and rider. Proud of all my daughters, who are also into showing and riding and loving horses! Amanda Wall Emily White-Ream Kacie White Julie White


Amber Burnsed

Mike Massey Crystall Massey!!! We are thankful for you and all you do for our horses. There’s not a day you come in that barn without a smile on your face. And y’all continue to make dreams come true and still be fun!! Debby Ferreir (Andrey and Trent) we are forever thankful for y’all with Dude. Not a day goes by that I ever worry about our horse. Thank you to all of you, so so so much!!!

I was 13 when we bought the horse in this picture, which was in 1993. Mike Massey helped with training her and had a lot to do with my success with her, which included a Congress win and Justice Rookie of the year in 1997. Fast forward to 2024. I have moved to Texas to still use him as my trainer because I know and trust him completely. So, all in all, I’ve known Him for 31 years! I’ve seen Mike grow his business. We both are from MS, and now ended up in Texas!! All for the love of my horse, and wanting the best start for my horse. Mike knows how to do that!
Also, pictured with me is my husband, who Mike has given a chance to, to enter the show arena!!! This picture is from MTTA 2024!

Mike Massey

Amber Burnsed thank you! We aim to please:)

Crystall Massey

Amber Burnsed thank you! We love our adopted fur babies! And their parents! 😂



Alicia Harmon

Gavin Daniel Pope is amazing with the horses. He takes the time to let them learn at their own pace. They are all happy and well loved. He treats all of his clients the same whether they have lots of money or not. He knows what is best for both the client and the animal and never compromises the animal for the win. I am so happy to be part of team GAVIN POPE Show Horses at Pope Farms. ❤️


Joni Beernink McSpadden

I appreciate Sally Saur because she was so patient with me during my cancer treatment, she kept my horse tuned up, and never scoffed when all I could do was a walking lesson after one of my surgeries. She celebrates every one of her clients after every show. Her heart is huge, and she shares her knowledge with anyone who will listen. And when you have your biggest success, she cheers the loudest.

Sally Saur

Joni Beernink McSpadden I love you so much.

Sally Saur – photo from Joni McSpadden

Sally Saur

Roger Saur is my husband and sometimes lessons coach…when I let him. lol. His knowledge of horses and tack continue to amaze me. What a guide and mentor he has been to me even though I buy too many saddle pads and have been known to  a new headstall or two in a kitchen drawer. Thank you, Roger. I am sure I don’t tell you that enough.

Joni Beernink McSpadden

Sally Saur Roger also keeps all of our horses sound and cares so much about them, that when one isn’t sound he takes it personally. And he helps. It doesn’t matter what the need is, he helps.


Kimberly Koch

I have been blessed to have had great trainers in my life. I want to thank them for the time and effort they put into me and my horses throughout the years. Sally Saur, Roger Saur , Sarah Diamond and Josh and Trish Robertson.

Trish Robertson

Kimberly Koch so sweet! Love and miss you!


Nichole Shannen

I just had this same conversation with our group. SO thankful for our little unicorn of a trainer Kristin Klimmek and assistant Alyssa Bethke. Having had career ending injuries at the hands of a trainer in the past, Kristin is one of the few I would trust with my horse. No matter the time of the day or situation, I’ve seen both of them engage with grace, grit, and kindness. It’s a rarity these days to walk into a barn unannounced and see horse after happy horse. No gimmicks, no abusive measures trying to force the horse to perform, none of the stuff that “s” behind closed doors. As if that wasn’t enough, both of them are super encouraging, going out of their way to help you reach your goals and our barn “family” is second to none!

Kristin Klimmek

Nichole Shannen thank you for the kind words! Very much appreciated!


Mandy Collins with Michelle Warda- Shane Rux Photography

Mandy Collins

McCarthy-Warda Quarter Horses

Michelle Warda

Michelle truly cares about our horses and what’s best for them. She is constantly putting their needs before hers and cares about the health of a horse more than winning. Michelle has taught Taylin and Sheldon how to become a team and it’s really starting to show in the arena, she has also taught them many new events, how to be a competitor, to always see the good in a bad situation, to be confident and never give up. She has helped them set goals and achieve them. She treats my child like her own whether I’m there or not. Michelle always has a positive attitude even though she runs on no sleep and it makes everything more fun. Most importantly she puts up with our shenanigans and embraces them! We appreciate everything that Michelle has done for Taylin and Sheldon more than we could ever explain.


Traci Bousman and Ashton Brandt with Thats Good aka JD and their first blue.

Britney Kitchel Brandt

New to the “trainer” world, Traci Bousman has the ability to help my daughter Ashton Brandt with working through her struggles and learning the patients of figuring the show ring out with her new horse Thats Good aka JD. When I as a mom who shows want to snatch Ashton off the horse, Traci can stay totally calm and talk her through understanding what’s happening and how to fix it. We’ve only been with her a short time but she’s already got Ashton dreaming of bringing home a buckle at Pinto World. I love the confidence she brings out in my daughter ❤️

It also doesn’t hurt when we get to bunk in her trailer 🤣

Traci Bousman

Britney Kitchel Brandt thank you. Can’t wait to see what they do.




Kimmy Shidler Hiers

Liz Baker and Cole Baker are real people who really care for their people and horses, very trustworthy!


Laura Lamb

I thank my trainers for patience through all of my surgeries, lack of muscle memory😁,finding me great horses and being friends❤️

Sarah Bernatowicz and Brian Bernatowicz


Kaity Arthur

I’m thankful that Bethany Goforth had patience with me as a youth! I can’t imagine the handful I was. I’m greatful that Natasha Thomas sold me an amazing mare and then continued to coach me on her! I’m always thankful for the reining knowledge Gene Munger gave me! Mark Smith taught me all the ins and outs of scoring trail! Patrick Schwarz gave me an amazing start on his reining horses!

And most of all my own Mom! Lori Arthur for her infinite wisdom on horse husbandry, safety, first aid etc!  How blessed am I to have so many amazing coaches and mentors in this industry!


The Goodings with our favorite magazine!

Alexis Gooding

This is a fun thread to read through! Lord knows where I’d be without the expert care, advice and support from no other than the dream team Garth, Sonnesa and Austin Gooding 🖤 I’m sorry I’m the neediest, fussiest and most neurotic client and I’m really really grateful for all yall do to get me into the show pen year after year. Yall make the impossible, possible! My horses (and I) are better off because of you three.

Lisa Hawthorne Lauver

Alexis Gooding I absolutely agree! We love the expert care, patience and training experience with Sonnesa Gooding

Austin Gooding

Garth Gooding!!! 💜💛💜💛


Anna Katherine Stone

Tyler Haney and Robert Stucky The talent you both have is beautiful and fun to watch. You both have taught my daughter and I more than we could have ever imagined. We both literally count the days until we get to ride and show with you both. We lose track of time hanging out at your farm living our horse girl dreams. The road trips and horse shows are always adventures! The laughs and tears we’ve had together will last a lifetime. Thank you for taking such great care of our horses young and old. You’re not just our trainers but our family. Bonus y’all can deal with my neurotic mommy brain, my crazy horse kid and my menagerie of wild horses.

Shane Dowdy and Jd Koffel looking forward to new adventures with my home grown western pleasure babies. Thanks for always checking in with updates and working together on what’s best for the horse. Excited to work together and excited about the future with my babies.


Payton Anderson

Nick & Carmen & Martin always go above and beyond to make sure our horses are happy, healthy, and always prepared!! I’ve had a young one and a finished one in their program and they do a great job meeting the horses where they are at and adjusting their program to meet the needs of the horse. They cannot be out worked and they pour a lot into their clients to make sure everyone is successful. They make a lot of personal sacrifices to make our dreams come true, minimal sleep, missed holidays and birthdays with family, and weeks without days off. I’m thankful to be apart of their program and grateful for all they do to keep my horses healthy and happy. Plus, they are a lot of fun! 💙

Nick Mayabb

Carmen Mayabb

Martin Doustou

Carmen Mayabb

Payton Anderson thank you!!!! That means a lot and we love and appreciate each and everyone of you and all of our 🦄🦄!!

Lacey Armstrong

Payton Anderson 💯💜

Martin Doustou

Payton Anderson thank you! Means a lot, so glad to apart of this team! Love and appreciate you and everyone!

Robin Shiflett

Payton Anderson


Janice Hall Warford

Payton Anderson very well said!! Big thanks always to Carmen Mayabb, Nick Mayabb, Martin Doustou for everything from the way are horses are treated to the great barn culture that they have created.

Jamie Anderson

We are lucky to be with Nick Mayabb, Carmen Mayabb and Martin Doustou. They are a honest and hard working team. Their coaching and training skills are top notch. They love our horses and our daughter and we couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you team Mayabb for being so good to us. We love yall. 💙💙💙

Carmen Mayabb

Jamie Anderson ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Joelle Black
I cannot say enough good things about Amber Ross. She makes my horses lives the best they can be.  Having to have dealt with the opposite makes me appreciate her that much more.  In the past, there was an unfortunate situation where I received word that my horse, which was with a different trainer, was not in good condition. To complicate matters, I was deployed in Afghanistan at the time. Some amazing friends in the equine community worked together to get my horse to a new location. I will never forget their help and support. With Amber, my mind is always at ease knowing my horses are in amazing hands.
(Amber Ross posing with one of my horses, All Ways aHuntin, that we call Tera.  Photo credit: Rising Star Photography)


Susan Roberts

Where to begin. I have been blessed to know so many great trainers starting with Butch and Patty Campbell the salt of the Earth. Honest, hardworking, family just a few of the many great things about the two of them. They gave Hillary her start and she achieved a world class record under their guidance. Rusty Green, such a talent. How to even say how much he and Katie taught Hillary and me. He instilled the love of a great moving horse in our blood. We achieved great things under their program. RJ King was an assistant trainer at The Greens so I feel like he has been part of our family for 20 years. I navigated back to RJ and Blair after he went out on his own. They have a great team and they take extraordinary care of our horses. My lessons are very personalized. Both he and Blair are great communicators and have helped me regain confidence where is was a little wobbly. They are always positive and encouraging!! We have a great barn family!! We have so much fun. (As it should be!). We have several horses with Charles and Angie Cannizzaro. They are the absolute best! To know them is to love them. They care for each horse like it was their own. We are extremely happy to be in their barn. They are doing a great job and the horses are fulfilling their potential under their care. Thanks to Brian Ale as well he and “Irene” are spectacular in the show pen!!

Patty Campbell

Susan Roberts Thank You. Love you all


Karen Westerback

Come north of the border and meet Della Cryderman. Della built, owns and operates her own training centre in the land of unforgiving winters and always too short summers. I have been riding with Della for about 35 years. Numerous clients have been with her over 20 years. That says A LOT.

Della is a true horsewoman in every sense of the word. She always put the horses first, she is in tune with each of horses in training and she will never just “make do”.

Della is a woman who understands each of her clients needs, has a keen eye for matching horse/rider combinations and has to utmost patience with her students.

Della has had a huge influence in the woman I have become:as a rider and as a person. I would not be who I am today if I had not crossed paths with Della some 35 years ago.


Darcy Calkins Stricker

Miya Childers always puts her clients & horses needs before her own. She probably loves our own horses more than we do if not at least equally. Miya always has our backs, and her loyalty NEVER waivers. She will always do what’s best for the horse… even if it’s at her own expense. I’ve never had a trainer with more heart and someone thats sooooo FULLY invested. Did I mention her work ethic?!? I can’t express my appreciation enough! Her hubby Chad too- such a great team! Miya Childers Chad Toney Dawning Performance Horses

Lynn Clark

Darcy Calkins Stricker well said! Miya Childers and Chad Toney are above in beyond in their care to attention of our horses and are so supportive of their clients! It is more than a team at DPH, it is friendship and family! I fully support their program and so appreciate their friendship❤️

Miya Childers

Darcy Calkins Stricker Lynn Clark you are so kind, I couldn’t ask for better partners in this wild and crazy industry! I’m always honored with the trust you give me to care for and educate your 4-legged family.

Darcy Calkins Stricker

Not kind… just honest 🫶

Miya Childers

Darcy Calkins Stricker XOXO

Anna Marie Cooper

Darcy Calkins Stricker I second all of what Darcy said.


Katrina McClain

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” My daughter is really learning about how to care for her horse, prepare her horse and how to just be a good person, under the guidance of Jessica Daniels and Aaron Jordan. They coach their riders to ride well, be kind, responsible, good teammates while also being successful. These coaches help teach horse skills along with life lessons that kids need to grow to be successful adults. I also know our horse is under expert, loving care. We can’t thank them enough for being great trainers, coaches, comedians, vets, parents, grounds keepers, psychologists, guidance counselors (list goes on and on) and most of all, friends. Thank you JD Show Horses.

Jessica Daniels

Katrina McClain thanks so much for your kind words, we love your family and JayBirdie 🥰


Kylie Guyette

Marcy Cutcher Lewandowski, She guided me with how to find my feel, and to have true patience with any horse I ride. Marcy teaches all of her riders to actually ride and connect with their horses. I absolutely love that about her program. And a huge bonus is that no matter what time of day I bother her she answers my annoying calls and messages.


Mindi Wilson

Dana Rae Hokana has changed my daughter’s and my family’s lives forever. She’s much more than a trainer but a family member. She’s given my daughter the ability to use her love of horses to learn to be their best partner. There’s no one I trust more with my horses care and training. Her unique training focuses on the true biomechanics of the equine athlete. Spending any amount of time with Dana, gives you a joy of horses that lasts forever. Dana Hokana Performance Horses


Michelle Matlock

Jessica Olivia Grace Sunday always puts health of the horse first! She has been very patient teaching me the ranch events. We are now on my 4th horse in her program, all of whom have remained happy and healthy!! Oh, and She puts up with my crap ❤️❤️❤️


Kara Flentje

I’m thankful every day for Beth Case. She genuinely loves all of my horses as much as I do. I NEVER lose sleep or am worried about the care or well-being of them. I know for a fact the animals would always be taken care of before themselves. Her passion for the horse is admirable, but she also really cares about her clients and their goals. As she now is a great friend to me. And adding Arturo Maestas n Jesse Jones to my team..the love for the horse and goals for the clients are just the same as Beth. They’re all such a breath of fresh air and make this bad addiction horse habit of mine fun! Thank you! 💙

Rebekah Kazakevicius

Kara Flentje obv Beth Case. She loves:

Cody & Kevin & Horses

Beer/Dark Chocolate/Horse pictures

Specifically in that order. Idk what we would do without her! Not only is she a great horse trainer, she is a better friend. There is undoubtably no one like her!


Jenn Willow

She tells me I’m a wimp when I need to hear it, and tells me it looks good when I need to hear it. She sheds tears for the horses’ well-being and is a strong pillar for her clients’ (young and old) well-being. She admits when she doesn’t know and is confident when she does. She is a role model for young riders, and a role model for my daughters. We all need a CeCe Klein.


Alex Howells

Marcia Hignett gave me my foundation as a rider and competitor from the time I was just a little kiddo, long lessons and tough love, working throughout the summers and loving every second of it even if you didn’t know it at the time. Now for the past 12yrs Arthur Yuhas & Riley Yuhas have been mentors, coaches, friends & family to us. There is not a single day I am not grateful for them ❤️

Riley Yuhas

Alex Howells 🥹🥹🥹🥹 We love you guys!


Genny Miller and Michelle Parker

Michelle Parker

My trainer is Genny Miller. Genny has always treated the horses with empathy and isn’t afraid to have an honest conversation about what the horse is ready for and what she thinks is best for the horse. She truly places the welfare of the animal above all else while still trying to keep the goals of the owner in mind. She models sportsmanship and professionalism on a level that I think others could learn from. I’ve never felt she would sacrifice the horse’s welfare just for the sake of a win. She is a wonderful person and friend!

Genny Miller

Michelle Parker Thank you. ❤️😭Why do so many of your post humble me bring me to tears.

Michelle Parker

Genny Miller I speak only the truth and from the heart! You are a wonderful person!

Kasey Detwiler

Genny Miller Michelle speaks so highly of you!! What great work you have helped her accomplish with Scarlett 🙂 If I wasnt 1/2 across the country Id 100% send one to you!

Genny Miller

Kasey Detwiler thank you. 😊

Erin Grace Wieldraayer

Genny Miller is the best. She caters every lesson to the horse and rider who walk through the gate. She’s honest and kind. Genny can make even the hard lessons fun. She opens her arena to accommodate the DIY Amatuer hauling in for lessons. My riding, my feel, my horse, and my abilities are greater because of her ❤️ I am forever grateful she opened her arena to me!

Genny Miller

Erin Grace Wieldraayer Thank you so much 💖. I love laughing our way thru your Monday “night school” lessons. I I agree, your rhythm, timing and confidence has greatly improved.


Julie Louise Bernick

This is a big one as I have had some of the greatest horsemen in the industry in my life. Matt Klingsporn, gave me my start to really feel one. Blake andKendra Weis have made my dreams come true. Along the way Robin Frid I can visualize a circle. In 2023 I had 2 trainers and both were hurt very badly Kendra Weis and Jessi Lueth it rocked my world. As both love the industry, their customers and most importantly the horses and they are back at it. Which I am truly grateful for!!!!


Shelby Devet

I wish I had a more powerful word than thank you to say to my trainers. I have no clue where I would be without them but it certainly wouldn’t be where I am today. They believe in me when no one else does and will ALWAYS put the needs of my horses ahead of anything else; above their own needs, above my needs, above any win/show/etc out there. And for that I am so thankful. I NEVER have to worry about any horse that is in their care (and tbh I wish they could take care of my cat too when I’m

away 😂). They have helped me reach goals I hadn’t even thought were possible and give me opportunities that weren’t even on my horizon. Couldn’t be more thankful to have them in my horse’s & my corner ♥️

Deserie Rieu Bitz

Logan Bitz

Megan Waugh

Shelby Devet i couldn’t have said it better!!! we love you Deserie Rieu Bitz and Logan Bitz ❤️❤️

Nicola Young

Shelby Devet 💯


Maple Hill Quarter Horses LLC




Scott and Tracey Kauffman

Hope Bratton

I am so thankful for my trainers Tracey Kauffman and Scott Kauffman. The horse comes first with them. Patience, kindness and consistency are a large part of their program. They have clients that have been with them for 20 to 25 years which speaks volumes.

Tracey Kauffman

Hope Bratton ❤️

Rosemary Barber

Tracey Kauffman and Scott Kauffman are my trainers, but even more friends that are like family. I’ve been with them almost 25 years. We have such an open and honest relationship with mutual respect. They truly love and care about the horses. Honest, fair, legit, kind, committed, accomplished and fun. That may be the most important, they make this crazy sometimes frustrating hobby FUN. Thank you T and Scotty 🤠

Tracey Kauffman

Rosemary Barber We have been so blessed to be on this ride with you for all these years. We are grateful for all the opportunities you have made available for us to pursue this horse show lifestyle we love. THANK YOU ❤️ for being there for us ALWAYS!!! Love you.

Larry Balins

They put the welfare of the horse over the placing. Very simple question. Raina Parsons, Scott Kauffman, Tracy Tracey Kauffman.

Scott Kauffman

Larry Balins Thanks Buddy

Mikey Trueba

Larry Balins Raina Parsons are great people and fabulous trainers.


Jessica Jakobe

Every trainer I’ve ever had had taught me something about life, and along the way, horses. I truly could write a book about each and every one of them.

Stephanie McAlexander thank you for being my rock for so many years. With Garth, with Classie, with Garth again, and with Lenny. Life wouldn’t be the same without you.

Anne Shafer thank you for showing me horses can be your JOB but they can also be your passion and your everything. Thank you for showing me you can demand more, and it’s OK, and when the going gets tough, “put your big girl panties on and deal with it!”

Dana Groth McCullough thank you for taking a chance on me during covid. Thank you for allowing me to find my passion again, and believing in me, even when I didn’t always believe in myself.

Kristen Hargis thank you for being the most positive light I’ve ever known in my corner. You truly are one in a million

Ashley Behlen I don’t have words to explain how thankful I am for you and everything you have taught me this last year. You push when I need pushed, help me laugh when I need to hit the reset button, and make sure I come out of every ride feeling like I’m better than I was when we started. You have an art, and I’m forever grateful.


Becky Stewart Bridegroom

My coach Sue Avera has patience, faith and gives knowledge to help me continue to improve💙


Susan Parke-Alligood

He puts up with me…


Chelsea Rose

Dakota Diamond Sidwell Leigh Ann Griffith, Alex Dale Sidwell Sid Griffith- Dakota was my biggest competitor growing up as a youth. She was an idol to me, though much younger than I. I was lucky enough to have a big AQHA horse “I Dig Art” when I was a youth but I was never in the crowd. My parents and I truly had no idea what this life was all about. I showed him being a small town girl from Venice and was extremely successful. I ventured off for many years to Los Angeles and what not but came back to my roots finding that Dakota was establishing a farm in Venice. We immediately connected. My husband and I bought a farm around the corner from my parents and the Griffiths/Sidwells. If you know the Griffiths at all, you know they’ll do anything for good people and it’s always a family affair. I had my old mare “Be Willy Pretty” which I bred and due to my lack of knowledge, had a baby that could only be APHA. She helped me get back into AQHA by working with me to find my apha filly the best home and selling me her home grown palomino “uwishuweresippinjak”. After not riding for over 12 years, she and her family did anything they could to help me relive my childhood dream. We won a world championship with trigger together at the Palomino World and he helped me gain my confidence. Then, exactly 3 years ago literally today, while out fishing for my birthday at the Griffiths pond, she called me and said “hey come to the barn, I have your bday gift here”. My husband and I drove up and she handed me the weanling from my old mare, Pancake. Currently Ziggy “Honor the Blue” is in training with her and is out of Be Willy Pretty x Signature of Honor. It it weren’t for Dakota and her family, I wouldn’t be living this dream. I’m forever grateful and could never thank them enough and hope they know that I appreciate them more than they’ll ever know!!

Leigh Ann Griffith

Chelsea Rose love you longtime. ❤️😘

Chelsea Rose

Leigh Ann Griffith we truly love you more!! ❤️

Dakota Diamond Sidwell

Chelsea Rose so sweet 🥹 many beautiful memories to come 😘 love you friend

Chelsea Rose

Dakota Diamond Sidwell I don’t know why it didn’t save Alex Dale Sidwell or Sid Griffith but hope they know they are just as amazing! Love you all and forever grateful for the friendship.

Ashly Axene Galownia

Chelsea Rose I 2nd this! I grew up at the old farm on Hayden Run with the Griffith’s! They made my youth years in 4H special giving me opportunities to show horses when I didn’t have my own. Later on my daughter flourished in their riding program, and was very successful with her horse AQHA “Pass The Details” in equitation. He passed unexpectedly and my daughter was devastated. Shortly after his passing Dakota Diamond Sidwell and Alex Dale Sidwell gifted her with Nemo AQHA “UWISHUGOTTHEBLUE”. I think they healed our entire family after the tragedy of losing Bentley. We also have Nemo’s half brother Martin “Swing For The Fences”, and it is so fun to watch them grow up together. We are forever grateful for the Griffith/Sidwell generosity, and friendship all these years ❤️ I am never surprised by the many ways they give back to the horse community; especially helping others when they were also devastated by the hurricanes. They are just good people, and that is so hard to find in life.❤️

Alex Dale Sidwell

Ashly Axene Galownia always so happy to see all your nice pictures and videos of your boys. We are so grateful Nemo and Martin to be with you guys!


Karen Johnson

Randy Jacobs was a hell of a trainer. Then he retired!!!


Emily Staubus

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt comfortable having a horse in training. There are two incredible humans I’d like to thank and show appreciation for. First, Kenny Haynes, does what he says he’s gonna do at the exact time he says he’s gonna do it, all horses are slick, so well fed, ridden and receive love. He blew me away when he put lots of hours on a mare for me a couple years ago and wow did she look incredible. She’s who she is because of his foundation. Second, Jd Koffel. The level of trust, patience and kindness this guy shows blows me away. He is so talented on setting a plan, adjusting goals and being a wicked good rider. He’s always hungry to learn something new, asks for my feedback and values my opinion. Did I mention my gelding looks fat, slick and happy? Happier than he was with me? Jack loves his job because Jd knows how to pull the talent out and let Jack be his best. No fitting of square pegs in round holes. I’d send my entire herd there. I never thought I’d feel comfortable sending one so far away but Jd makes it easy. And he gets my jokes so that’s a plus (Meg does too). Haha! No better feeling that having a respectful business relationship where the horse is always #1. The future looks bright and less daunting with Jd at the helm and Meg cheering them on too. Thank you both.

And a major shout out to Rachel Ormiston!! I wish we had more time to work together because you were beyond honest, kicked my butt into shape and are a wicked rider. You helped me learn so much and were so good to my horses. Always your biggest client fan!!! Cheering you on from the bleachers!!! Team Fetty!!

Rachel Ormiston

Emily Staubus I wish we had more time together too!! And you could write the book on how to be an ideal client ❤️ I can’t wait to see all the cool things Jack and Wilda are going to do in the next few years.

Thank you for mentioning me ❤️❤️

Kenny Haynes

Emily Staubus thank you Emily appreciate that.


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