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Happy Valentine’s Day! Find the Perfect Date For Your Mare With This Quiz

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By: Brittany Bevis

Ah, the season of looove. Today is Valentine’s Day! It’s a day for romance and showering your loved ones with affection and appreciation, often in the most popular forms of chocolate, flowers, and jewelry.

But, what if your horse, a mare specifically, is looking for love this V-Day? While it might require a bit more of an investment ($1,000-$2,500 to be specific), you can help your beloved equine find her perfect match! But where to start? It isn’t like you can create a dating profile for your 2010 AQHA sorrel, Congress Champion earning mare with superb confirmation and stellar bloodlines. Or can you?…

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve created a fun questionnaire, an equine version of The Dating Game, if you will, to help match your mare with her forever partner! (Or at least until next breeding season rolls around). Enjoy!


The Dating Game- Stallion Edition

#1- What’s your mare’s ideal first date?

A- An elegant dinner out followed by a carriage ride through the park and a Broadway show.

B- A moonlite stroll in the pasture and a homemade dinner.

C- An unconventional date like rock climbing, doing yoga, or pumping iron at the local gym.

D- Dinner and a movie (Secretariat or Black Beauty perhaps).


#2- What’s your mare’s favorite date night outfit?

A- A little black halter

B- Anything that sparkles!

C- A silver halter and lead

D- The latest Big D Blanket


#3- What’s your mare’s type?

A- Tall, dark, and handsome

B- Ruggedly good-looking, down-to-earth, and masculine

C- Buff, muscular, and in shape

D- The boy in the stall next door


#4- What would your mare like to receive on Valentine’s Day?

A- A new Butet English Saddle

B- A new Harris Western saddle

C- A gift card for a massage or acupuncture session

D- A bucket full of Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies


#5- Where is your mare’s ideal vacation spot?

A- Milan, Italy for the finest in dining, architecture, and shopping.

B- Steamboat Springs, Colorado for a week of skiing the slopes.

C- Cayman Islands to show off that buff bod in a bikini.

D- New York for a tour of the “City That Never Sleeps.”


#6- If your mare could pick only one, would she be rich, famous, attractive, or a good person (horse)?

A- Rich

B- Famous

C- Attractive

D- A good person


#7- Where does your mare see herself in five years?

A- The dam of a Hunter Under Saddle Congress Champion

B- The dam of a Western Pleasure World Champion.

C- The dam of a Breeders’ Halter Futurity Champion.

D- The dam of an all-around super star.


Mostly As– If your mare received mostly As, she enjoys the finer things in life. Elegant, refined, and graceful, she’s looking for a gentleman with style and sophistication who’s really going places.

Eligible Bachelors: Someone like Allocate Your Assets, Good Better Best, The Krymsun Kruzer, The Mile High Club, or Un Forgettable.

Mostly Bs- If your mare received mostly Bs, she’s a down-to-earth gal with her perspective on life in order. She know what she wants and is looking for a man who will deliver!

Eligible Bachelors: Someone like RL Best of Sudden, VS Code Blue, Lazy Loper, Too Sleepy To Zip, or John Simon.

Mostly Cs– If your mare received mostly Cs, she values a man who takes care of himself and will stick around for the long haul.

Eligible Bachelors: Someone like My Intention, Rumerz, Heza Secret Agent, Very Cool, FG A Tru Fella, or Ecredible.

Mostly Ds- If your mare received mostly Ds, she’s looking for an all-around great guy, someone who delivers on his promises and is honest, trustworthy, and dependable.

Eligible Bachelors: Someone like Mechanic, The Born Legacy, VS GoodRide, Its A Southern Thing, or Certainly A Vision.

Disclaimer- We do not recommend this fun questionnaire as a method of determining the perfect match for your mare. Just saying. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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