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Happy Mothers’ Day to Horse Show Moms Everywhere

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Being a horse show mom isn’t for the faint of heart – but the role is backed by pure love.  If you’re a new horse show mom, or even an experienced one, we’ve called upon some of our favorite horse show moms to provide their best advice – words of wisdom they’ve learned over the years, so read on to learn more:


Stephanie Mohindra, mom to Peytyn Goodin

Being a horse show mom is about more than just watching your child ride. It’s about being their biggest cheerleader, their rock of support, and their voice of encouragement. I have learned to be patient, bring a positive attitude, and always remember to celebrate the small victories along the way. AND listen to your trainer!



Mary Ann Dantona, mom of Faith Dantona

Best advice is to let the trainers and coaches do the training and coaching. Be a team player. As a mom I try to encourage my daughter to engage in each element when she is in the show pen. Beyond that I just try to encourage her to enjoy her horse and this incredible privilege that she has to show.




Deanna Rippeon, mom to Allie and Maddie Rippeon

Always have a backup plan to your backup plan. Keep extra hairnets, supplies, and an amazing circle close.  Watch seasoned show moms and ask questions – we’ve all been there.



Photo by Ashley Gillen

Sally Griffin, mom to Maggie Griffin Book

Be prepared for everything! Clothing emergencies, tack emergencies, illness, truck/trailer emergencies. , etc. you never know what can happen until it does happen. 30+ years as a horses show mom – you think you’ve seen it all – but you haven’t !!! Best job ever – wouldn’t change a minute.



Tammy Trusdale, mom to Reese Byers

Put your name on all your show clothes and tack!



Photo by HPE Studio

Daisy Mendez-Pompeii, mom to Azalea Love Schroeder

For Azalea’s and my journey this has been something that has really worked as being able to support her as her show mom.  To allow and give your kids a safe environment to make mistakes is the best way they can learn from them. Especially because throughout life we all sure make our fair mistakes in light that we grow and learn from them.



Pacific Dream Photography

Rhonda Bates, mom to Taylor Bates

My best piece of show mom advice is let your kid have fun, enjoy the ride, have fun during the process and the win will come. Offer food and drinks not advice – let the coaches do their magic. Have fun, enjoy the moments because before you know it those moments will be memories. Be their biggest cheerleader in and out of the arena – great riders already self discipline themselves!





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