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Happy Father’s Day Weekend to Horse Show Dads Everywhere, From The Equine Chronicle!

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EquineChronicle.com images

By: Brittany Bevis

Whether he’s cheering you on from the stands, patiently holding your groom bag in the warm up pen, or even riding alongside you in competition, horse show dads play an important role in our lives.

Perhaps you have a decidedly non-horsey dad, who’s not quite sure what a forehand turn is or how a flying lead change is accomplished. Still, we’re confident he’s bursting with pride nonetheless. While he might have originally hoped for a football fanatic or soccer star, for some reason, he was blessed with an equestrian, and that’s just fine by him.

Some of us have funny memories of time spent with our fathers, like Bailey Anderson, who remembers the time her dad tried to ride her very first horse.

“My favorite memory with my dad was when he tried to ride my first horse, when I was about seven,” Anderson says. “He put his spurs clear back in her flanks, and she tried to buck him off!”

Some of us, who no longer have our fathers in our lives, remember the lessons they taught. Jana Simons was kind enough to share this thought about her late father, the great horseman, Lynn Simons.

“My dad was a true horseman,” Simons says. “He understood the horses and the business. I see now that his love of horses truly helped me to appreciate them as individuals. He really taught us the importance of taking pride in your ranch and horses and understanding that it’s no one’s job but your own.”

“He never allowed anyone to work without him there working too. That really showed me what hard work, pride, and investment in your ranch is all about. I definitely don’t have just one favorite memory, but I’m truly proud that he was my father, every time someone shares a memory of him or tells me how much he meant to them. I’m so fortunate that my father had such an impact on so many people’s lives. I miss him everyday, but I know I won the father lottery so I’m grateful for every day I had with him!”

We’d love to see your photos and hear your memories about time spent with your horse show dad. E-mail b.bevis@equinechronicle.com

Have a Happy Father’s Day weekend!

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