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Guidelines For Showing at AEP Events When Shows Resume

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An Equine Production

We are all in this boat, or should that be buggy? Together! We know that each of you wants to go to a horse show. We also know that WHEN we get to have a show, we want everyone to be safe. We are working with the various facilities to make sure they are clean and kept clean during each show. We are working to make sure each show follows the government guidelines that are set out. We know that we are all friends and competitors and each one of us will need to be responsible for each other as well.

SICK – If you have been sick – stay home. If you have a condition that makes you more susceptible to an illness, stay home. We cannot stress this enough.

SOCIAL DISTANCING – While we want to give each of you a big hug because we have missed you, know that we cannot. Nor can you to your best friend. Please try to avoid standing shoulder to shoulder when and where you can.

MASKS – Please wear a mask. It is your decision to wear a mask IN the arena, but we ask that you do so while walking around and schooling.

HAND SANITIZER – Please utilize the hand washing stations that nearly every facility will have in place, bring your own, wash your hands, etc.

WAIVERS – Be aware that EVERY horse show will require each person to sign a waiver. It might be at the time of entry, when you arrive on the grounds, etc.

TRACKER use – For those of you that use the Tracker at our shows or other shows, the app has been updated. In order to install please DELETE the actual app that you have previously installed on your phone and smart devices and then open your browser and go to Once you’ve been on the app for a bit, you will get a pop up image. Follow the directions. This bookmarks the website to your home screen, and it functions just like an app from any of the App stores. The nice thing is that as the developers make changes and improvements, you can update nearly immediately using the More -> Force Update option It is super easy. (FYI – you can also use this on a desktop/laptop as well.)

Online Entries- Kathy and Ray Trask, the driving force behind FunnWare and the CINCH Horse Show Tracker, are pleased to present a new online entry system. This will allow the shows that use Funnware to then allow you, the exhibitor, to enter your classes in advance. The CINCH Horse Show Tracker now has an icon labeled Concierge – this is where you will go to set up your profile in the Passport. This will allow you to maintain all your horse’s information as well as upload pictures of the various registration papers, ROMs, etc. You will also be able to set up yourself and anyone else who will show your horse as an exhibitor and upload pictures of membership cards, etc. We will be using this system at many of our upcoming shows to help limit time in the office and assist with social distancing. You can go to and set up your passport as well as practice entering by using the Online Entry 101 show that has been set up. We encourage you to start doing this now, so when it is time to show you are prepared. Right now the system will require a payment so do not submit your entries as you will be charged a small amount. But you can go through the motions and practice entering so that you are an Online Entry Pro when it is time to show. You can upload your info at any time and then it is stored for you to use at a future show.

Follow our Facebook page for announcements as to WHEN you can select a ‘real’ show at enter the classes you will show in at the various shows. An Equine Production, will be using this feature at many of our upcoming shows.

APHA Youth World, Ft Worth, TX – We are very excited to be involved with the APHA World and National Events this year. Have you made your youth entries? Or stall and RV reservations? You can see the schedule, entry info, stall & RV info…everything you need by clicking here! May 29 is the deadline to make your entries to avoid late fees.

GQHA Summer Kick Off, Conyers, GA – This show is shaping up to be very nice. Response is way up over previous years. Because of that, we are bringing in extra judges to help shorten up the days. Your revised showbill is available along with your patterns. There will be a printed tab sheet available, but we encourage you to enter online. (See above!) We will let you know when the online entry system is ready. Be sure to download your patterns in advance of the show. All of the information can be found here!

NCQHA Tarheel Summer Classic, Raleigh & Sanford, NC – We are still optimistic that this show will happen. Response is fantastic. Please do not show up on the grounds without confirmed stalls. Look for your pattern books to be posted very soon. The Tarheel Summer Classic will be using the Horse Show Tracker and the online entry system as mentioned above. We are excited about our new relationship with NCQHA! Find everything you need by clicking here!

The IN Celebration, Cloverdale, IN – Right now, this show is sold out. We are working with the various governmental agencies, like we are with all facilities, cities and states, to ensure all guidelines are met. We are hopeful that this show will continue on with all of our other shows. If you have stalls and you know you will NOT be using them, please let us know. You have till June 1 to release the stalls without penalty. Keep watching our Facebook page for the most up to date details.

An Equine Production’s Back Number Program- If you are coming to an upcoming show and have NOT yet picked up your set of numbers (1-1000) and you are in our program, you can do so in GA, NC or IN. Also – when you use the above online entry system, know that the computer will AUTO assign you a back number. Those of you that are in our back number program OR are in a state program that we are working with, we will CHANGE that number to the number you are registered with for our program. If you would like to join in for this program, you can sign up and find out more information here!

We know that the last several weeks have been hard on everyone. Each and every person has been tested, tried and maybe even tormented. But we are resilient. Life is not easy. Either is showing horses. But together, we will get back to showing and enjoying everything that comes with that activity! And eating dust, swatting flies and wondering when the draws will be posted!

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