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From The Publisher – The Reasons We Have Horses

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14 – May/June, 2024

By Tom Grabe

As we discuss article topics for each issue of The Equine Chronicle, we have particular goals in mind. We strive to have a mix of articles that are topical, educational, informative and inspirational. Sometimes we succeed in meeting all those goals while other times we just miss hitting that bullseye.

This month’s issue has a plethora of well-written articles that I think you’ll find to be interesting and informative.  There are two stories that I think will remind you why we love showing horses and how that competition enriches our lives in so many ways.

The EC Amateur Profile of Evan Zaloudek (pg. 114) by Minae Kroeze illustrates how horses help us continually grow and evolve even when faced with a disability that might force many adults to succumb to the limitations created by it. Many in the sport have come to know Evan through years of watching him compete in EWD (Equestrians With Disabilities) classes at the biggest shows our sport has to offer. We have watched him develop into an excellent rider and showman and win a good number of championships along the way. I am not going to give away the rest of his story. You need to read it. I am sure you will walk away inspired by him and his experiences.

Another article in this month’s issue, Glenda Cook & Easy N Bodacious Earn the ApHC Silver Medallion (pg. 252) reminds us all about how the love of a horse can motivate us to achieve things we never thought possible; and how a horse can make our dreams come true. This story is not just about achievement but it also illustrates how horses can change our lives even in the darkest moments. The story of Glenda and Bodie’s journey together will have you cheering for them as they try to reach their next milestone.

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14 – May/June, 2024

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