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Florida Gold Coast Crowns Champions With Record-Breaking Event

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Kim Burritt and Do You Have A Winner. All photos courtesy of Cody Parmenter Photography.

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The 2021 Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Circuit culminated a successful season with another record-breaking event showcasing the nation’s top Quarter Horses and riders from all over North America. Under the show management services of An Equine Production, more than 500 exhibitors and 20,000 entries competed in the renowned horse show at the Bob Thomas Equestrian Center from December 27-31.

Competitors at the five-day event enjoyed beautiful weather and ideal conditions while earning significant year-end points and phenomenal awards. High Point winners in 15 divisions received sought-after Porta Cool Coolers and Reserve High Point received a comfortable sling chair. The overall third place in each division received a backpack, useful for riders of all ages.

Alexa Black and Huntin A Hot Cowgirl

Kim Burritt of Murfreesboro, Tennessee was the Select High Point Award Champion with her horse, Do You Have A Winner. This was her first appearance at the Gold Coast, making it memorable by walking away with the Porto Cool cooler. Competing at the Gold Coast has been on her bucket list for years, and she felt that the time was right to compete this year.

The Youth 14-18 High Point Award Champion was Alexa Black of Springfield, Ohio riding Huntin A Hot Cowgirl. The 18-year-old was third in the division last year and was very happy that it all came together at the 2021 Gold Coast. The week was especially important for Black as she is nearing the end of her competing as a youth rider.

Rachel Trebesh of Fairhope, Alabama also walked away with a coveted award after riding No Doubt I Shine to the Senior High Point Award Champion and Amateur High Point Reserve Champion. The pair moved up in the standings during Friday’s competition to close out the show. Trebesh spoke highly of her horse, noting how much he loves his job and enjoys competing.

Rachel Trebesh and No Doubt I Shine

A full list of the 2021 Circuit Awards can be viewed here.

For additional information on the Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Circuit, please visit flgoldcoastcircuit.com.


Kim Burritt (Murfreesboro, Tennessee) & Do You Have A Winner– Select High Point Award Champion

On competing at the Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Circuit: “I have always wanted to come [to the Gold Coast]. My friends have been talking about the Gold Coast for several years and told me that I really needed to be here. This year we have been doing really well, so I thought now is probably a good time to give it a try and we won!”

On winning the High Point Award: “I was so surprised. I did not expect to win. This was my first time here and my first time riding in the Select division, so I wasn’t sure how I would do. When I heard I won, I was super excited and happy. My friends were happy that I won also because I received the Porto Cool Cooler. I guess I will be sharing it with them.”

On her horse, Do You Have A Winner: “I have had him for seven years, but this year has been our best. He’s a lot of fun to ride. He loves to work and loves to jump. He’s also got a lot of personality. He’s a busy body; he always wants to be in your business. He’s also very mischievous. He’s such a nice horse.”

Alexa Black (Springfield, Ohio) & Huntin A Hot Cowgirl- Youth 14-18 High Point Award Champion

On winning the High Point Award: “I had a pretty good show, so I was hoping that I would win High Point, but I was pretty proud of my placements all week. I was third in the division last year, so it was nice to move up. It’s really special to win though, because 2022 is my last year showing youth. It’s really sad that I am aging out next year, because I have been showing my whole life. I will be going to school, so after my youth years I won’t be able to show for a while. So, I’m really happy I won.”

On her horse, Huntin A Hot Cowgirl: “Hunter is a tough horse, but he’s really talented and fun to ride. So we keep working with him, and he keeps getting better every show. He has several nicknames; Hunter, Jaws, because he likes to bite a lot and some of the girls in the barn have taken to calling him The Brown Hippo. My favorite class with him was the second round of Horsemanship because everything came together. It was so much better than it has been all year.”

Rachel Trebesh (Fairhope, Alabama) & No Doubt I Shine – Senior High Point Award Champion and Amateur High Point Reserve Champion 

On winning two High Point Awards at the Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Circuit: “I’m so excited! I have only come to the Gold Coast one other time. These are some of the best riders and horses in the country and to win against them is amazing. Yesterday morning, I told myself not to come up and look at the standings, but I looked anyway. I was winning the Amateur, but we were sitting third or fourth for the Open so it was a surprise. I had no idea, but we had some really good rides in Trail and he was really good in the Pleasure yesterday with Shawn [Hays]. He Halters really pretty, so that helps.”

On her horse, No Doubt I Shine: “My horse is awesome! Shawn [Hays] rode him in the Trail and Senior Pleasure, and I rode him in the Amateur. He loves to do his job. He enjoys showing. I think that is part of what makes him so special. He’s so fun and easy to ride. He is so natural.”


C – Strutin To The Blues – Rodger Call
R – Bestseatnthesouth – Gumz Farms Quarter Horses
3 – If It Aint Southern – Kristy Mckechnie

C – No Doubt I Shine and Rachel Trebesh
R – Suddenly So Cool – Barbara Crawford
3 – Only N The Blu For U – Reese Braden

Level 1/Green:
C – My Momma Said So – Angela Wade
R – KM Best Dressed – Kathryn Mitchell
3 – Southern Decadence – Melissa Hendrix

Level 1 (Novice) Amateur:
C – Hot Hippie Chick and Abigail Graham
R – Essentially Good and Penni Himes
3 – Lazy Lopin Ranger and Julie Baker Parsons

C – Definately A First and Kaleena Weakly
R – No Doubt I Shine and Rachel Trebesh
3 – Check Required and Rebecca Figueroa

C – Do You Have A Winner and Kimberly Burritt
R – Investin A Goodbar and Scott Reinartz
3 – Strawberry Wine and Laina Banks

Level 1 (Novice) Youth:
C – Dark Knight Seeker and Haylee Martin
R – Imma American Made and Taylor Kennedy
3 – Its All About Khrome and Victoria Raleigh

Youth 13 & Under:
C – Shes Rockin My Dream and Isabella Buckley
R – Certainly On Sundi and Alyssa Kladny
3 – Two Good To Be True and Kenidee Thomas

Youth 14-18:
C – Huntin A Hot Cowgirl and Alexa Black
R – Too Blazin Cool and Alexia Tordoff
3 – Cash Included and Natasha Replogle

Small Fry:
C – Chilln Ona Dirt Road and Lilly Jones
R – Dangerously Famous and Alyvia Kladny
3 – Cool To Be Invited and Luci Colasante

Level 1 Amateur W/J:
C – Suddenly To Cool and Barbara Crawford
R –Cowgirls Do It Best and Tracy Morse
3 –Sweet And Semi Lazy and Morra Nevells

Level 1 Youth W/J:
C – Dangerously Famous and Alyvia Kladny
R – Cool To Be Invited and Luci Colasante
3 –Glade Im lopin and Skylar Steffey

Ranch Open:
C – A Busy Affair – Steve and Kathy Headley
R – Hava Cocktail On Me and Deborah Deschamps-Baker
3 – KR Sassy Steppin and Steve and Kathy Headley

Ranch Amateur:
C – See The Magic In Me and Kenneth Banks
R – Spot On My Jersey and Karen Johnson
3 – Lovies Lil Rey and Jeanie Pressler

Ranch Youth:
C – Huntin A Bluemoon and Lexie Mccallar
R – MWS Flashed N Chock and Sydney Sargent
3 – Gotta Be A Boon and Gracellyn Allen

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