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Finding Your Way Back to Childhood- Untamed Bliss

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Photo Credit: Kirstie Marie Photography

Blog by: Emily Tuma

When I was five years old, I got my first pony. That memory is a funny thing. I can remember bits and pieces. I remember my Grandma looking with me for a long time and going to a barn in town to look at a pony they had. I remember finally finding the pony I got, April, at an open horse show in Prineville.

After that, I had a lot of memories with that pony. I used to rush home to go lay out in the pasture with her. Maybe she was just that amazing, or the memory of my childhood has been distorted. Either way, in my memories, I would spend hours laying in the pasture with her. I would try to tell her things like, “You need to believe in God, so I can see you in heaven someday.” I would lay under the tress, in between her legs, talking about whatever excited me that day at kindergarten.

As a child, life was simple: I loved my pony, and I was fearless in the pursuit of that passion.

Somewhere along the way, we start caring about what other people think. We start playing by “the rules.” We start losing sight of what brings us the most happiness.

Twenty-five years later, I’m still that little girl who finds comfort lying on a horse. Although I’m pretty sure my current horse, Bentley, would never go for me lying under the trees, in between his legs!

A lot of things have changed in our lives, especially this year. But, I urge you to remember what simple joys you had as a little girl or boy. How do you find your way back to that pure, untamed, fearless bliss?

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