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Father’s Day Show Advice From The Best

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Father’s Day Show Advice From The Best

By Delores Kuhlwein

We often ask people to share the best advice their trainers have given them.

But what do those experts who are dads tell their own kids? Last year, in honor of Fathers’ Day, we asked some very visible exhibitors what their experienced show dads said to them – and taught them – about showing!

Get ready to hear timeless advice from the best, including some very legendary show dads from the show industry, below:


Sara Simons – Dad Lynn Simons

The late Lynn Simons with Sara


My father was the consummate professional.  He really instilled in both my sister and me to be good sports.  Lynn was always the best example.  He would always tell us, “There will always be another show.”










Erin Bradshaw Weiss – Dad Terry Bradshaw

Erin and Terry


I think the biggest piece of advice my dad gave me when it came to showing was that you can’t win them all and if you do lose, figure out why and what to work on rather than blaming outside factors. He always told me when I wanted to do a competing sport that you have to learn how to take the wins with the losses, something he learned from his career in football. He also taught me that success is not bought and can’t be achieved overnight –  it comes with dedication and hardworking.




Taylor Searles- Dad Jim Searles

Taylor and Jim



“Ride every stride and have fun,” and “There are always more judges on the outside of the arena than on the inside.”










Brody Galyean – Dad Gil Galyean

Brody and Gil Galyean



I’m not sure I can think of any advice he’s given me, but something I’ve learned from him is what it takes to be the best and be successful: the hard work, the dedication and commitment, and how there’s no cutting corners. Also, there’s no one to blame but yourself for your failures.








Sonnesa Gooding – Dad R.B. Shield

The late R.B. Shield and Sonnesa



Some advice my dad gave me…  “Some days you do better than you should and some days you don’t, just be sure to realize that both are learning experiences.”









Debbie Kail – Dad Greg Whalen

Greg Whalen and Debbie Kail


My dad always stressed a strong work ethic at home as well as taking good care of your horses daily.  Know when a horse needs time off or when to take a time out! Keep your circle loyal and true to you. Mind your business and keep your eye on the prize!






Cara Christensen – Dad Chad Christensen

Chad and Cara


Some of the best advice I’ve gotten from my dad is to just believe in myself.  I get very nervous when I show, so my dad is always there to calm my nerves and he tells me that I know what I am doing and that I got this! My dad says to just go and show and that I know I can do it. I have to believe in my mind that I can do it as well.  My dad is always very encouraging and supportive of me.






Elexxah Maxwell – Dad Brent Maxwell

Brent and Elexxah



The best advice he gave me would be when he said to me, “You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. Remember that if you’re proud of your go, then you’ve already won.”









Cody Parrish – Dad Bret Parrish

The best advice that my dad has given me about showing is probably about when to not show – about being realistic with yourself on whether or not you and your horse are ready, and ultimately not pushing the horse to fit your timeline. He always taught me growing up that if you’re questioning yourself then either you or the horse are not confident enough at that stage of the process and that lack of confidence will show up in the pen. There is no such thing as being over-prepared, so just work hard and be consistent and let the horse tell you when they are ready! I’ve always admired how patient he was with a horse and how no matter the timeline he would wait for the horse to be ready and that has made the decision to wait much easier for me at times!

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