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FAQ’s About the Congress Classroom, and Tutor Schedule

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largeBy now, you’ve probably heard rumors about the Congress Classroom, a place for kids to work on their school assignments while out of town at the 2017 All American Quarter Horse Congress. Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the new program that was put into place by The Ohio Quarter Horse Foundation. Thanks to sponsors, the classroom will be fully equipped with printers, WiFi access, tutors, snacks, and the opportunity to win some random prizes!

Congress Classroom FAQ’s

#1- Congress Classroom is open 8 am to 9 pm from Oct. 4th to 25th. The classroom will close at noon on Oct. 25th

#2- Please sign in for daily drawings

#3- The tutor schedule is posted below. If you need tutoring help outside those hours, please text Shari Tordoff at 614-571-3872 and we will try to see if we can find you help.

#4- There is a security camera in the room to monitor for safety.

#5- Please spread the word! Post on SnapChat, Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter and tag #CongressClassroom2017 and you may win a special prize.

#6- Please give your feedback about the classroom to Shari Tordoff at 614-571-3872 or

#7- Please make sure to thank our sponsors:

  • ADM Nutrition
  • NetSuite for wireless internet and security cameras
  • ClosetSpace- They’re offering $10 off to all Congress Classroom attendees! Get your coupon!
  • SweetShop – They’re providing coupons for random drawing winners. Can you say cinnamon rolls?!
  • Rod’s Western Wear – They’re providing random drawing certificates as well!

#8-The Ohio Quarter Horse Foundation hopes you enjoy the classroom!


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