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Equine Photographer, Larry Williams, Retires After 30 Years

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232 – May/June, 2022

By Barbara Aitken Jenkins

Larry says it all started as a “midlife crisis.” He loved horses enough to pursue a way he could surround himself with the best horses in the world, while simultaneously making a reasonable living.

“I had taken some pictures before, and they looked alright,”­­ Larry says. However, in 1992, he got the chance of a lifetime to photograph under famed equine photographer, Harold Campton.

He recalls, “I was looking for an avenue to earn a living in the horse industry. I was in a mid-life crisis and wanted to change my life. Harold offered to hire me, so I went to work for him in October of 1992 at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. The Congress was my first show as an equine photographer. From there, I went on the road with Harold.”

By the summer of 1993, Larry was a full-time equine photographer and had met the love of his life, Karen.

Karen adds, “When I met Larry, he wanted to be an equine photographer. I said, ‘Cool, let’s do that.’ We were both ready for a new adventure, so that’s what we did. I took my pension and bought a travel trailer and camera equipment.”

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232 – May/June, 2022

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