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Equestrian Themed Jewelry From Lugano Diamonds

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Moti Ferder, president and design director of Lugano Diamonds in Newport Beach, California, grew up riding horses at his family’s ranch. Inspired by his passion for the equestrian world, Ferder designed a unique jewelry collection featuring exquisite pieces that capture the majesty of the equine culture.

Lugano Diamonds exclusive collection of fine equestrian jewelry features luxury stirrup-style diamond earrings and necklaces and other beautiful customized pieces that add an element of radiance to refined riding style.

The equestrian collection is on display at Lugano Diamonds’ EQU Lifestyle Boutique, an elegant traveling horse trailer that visits some of the most spectacular horse shows. The jewelry set is also available to view at the company’s Grand Salon in Newport Beach. For more information, please call 1-866-584-2666, and “Like” Lugano Diamonds on Facebook.  For more information, please or call 866.584.2666.

All photos courtesy of Lugano Diamonds.

All photos courtesy of Lugano Diamonds.

Stirrup Full Diamond Pendant

This fashionable Stirrup Full Diamond Pendant features round brilliant diamonds set in 18K white gold.

image002Stirrup Diamond Earrings

An equestrian lover will enjoy Lugano’s Stirrup Diamond Earrings, featuring round brilliant diamonds set in 18K yellow gold.

image003Stirrup Diamond Pendant

Lugano Diamonds offers Stirrup style necklaces featuring round brilliant diamonds set in 18K yellow gold.

image006 image005 image004Other unique designs are also available to be customized upon request.

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