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EC Video- Wash Your Hands!

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Given the current COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, it’s important now more than ever to practice proper hygiene. That begins with washing your hands. It’s something we should be doing anyways, especially when administering medication to foals or finishing up after a long day at the barn mucking stalls and grooming horses.

The general rule of thumb is to sing “Happy Birthday” twice through while rubbing all surfaces of your hands with soap and hot water. But that’s a little boring, isn’t it?

A few celebrities have come up with their own songs to sing for the 20 seconds of hand washing. Jimmy Fallon created his own song for his daughters to sing while washing their hands. Click here to watch.

Here is another Beatles-themed song- “I Gotta Wash My Hands.”

So, here is our challenge to you. Make a video of you singing while washing your hands. Bonus points if you come up with your own horse-related song… Have fun!

Email your video to B.Bevis@EquineChronicle.com for the chance to be featured.

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