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EC Question of the Week – What Will Your Horse Eat?

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Emalee Leitner feeds grapes to her horse, Lacey Undies.

EC Question of the Week:

We recently asked readers: What is your favorite treat to share with your horse?

The responses are great!  Scott Reinartz says his Hank loves everything from salted nut bars to Doritos, peppermints, Skittles, bananas, apples, and carrots, and according to Broken Trail Productions, their horse eats $100 dollar bill sandwiches!

Read the rest here, and get ready for fun photos to go with them:


Laura Owen: Every year at Congress, I promise my horses I’ll buy them “Congress cookies” if they’re good. They must like them cause they’ve placed every year!



Scott Reinartz: My Hank loves everything from salted nut bars, Doritos, peppermints, Skittles, bananas, apples, carrots…


Kim Hostetler: Bananas


Renee Leggett Tidwell: Animal crackers! The big bulk ones from Sam’s Club.




Shannon Belle: I make my horse her treats!



Jeri Kay Lockwood: Fruit gummy bears.



Kennedy Almas. My boy Shamrock loved Doritos and beer! We spent 17 wonderful years together, the day we put him down we all shared a beer and a bag of Doritos with him one last time.



Jessica Phaneuf: Clementines!


Barb Dunning: My guy loves “cuties” (mandarin oranges) & fresh apricots




Rachel Sackrider Oranges!



Michelle Might: My old gelding liked beer and chocolate chip cookies…. Made for interesting times in the barn.


Casey Engelhorn:  Mine loves Krispy Kreme! But sometimes even a doughnut won’t get him up on show morning.


Rebecca Tiller Bunting: Watermelon and animal crackers!


Kristen Tackema: Fritos Honey BBQ Twists.


Lola James: My mare absolutely love sour patch kids!


Brianne Mathews: Sour Patch Kids. I think my mare would commit murder for them.


Carly Gibson: Louis LOVING his Tootsie Pops.


Kathy Green: Twizzlers and Nature Valley Oats N Honey granola bars




Zach Ferris: Ice cream cones.



Nina Schenk: Sour patch kids and sour Skittles!


Jordan Melegari: Cotton candy!


Olivia Hatter:  My horses enjoy popsicles!


Ellen Mae: Mini muffins! Although she’ll eat just about anything I’m eating!


Caleigh Anderson: Twizzlers or anything gummy!


Amanda Wall: Brown sugar pop tarts and licorice.


Libby Wilhelm: Fruit loops. And orange and cream candy canes!




Haylee Dixon: Kosher Dill Chips




Mikey Trueba:  Banana chips


Carol Beauparlant & Jerry Allen:  Peppermints


And the best response of both surveys from Broken Trail Productions: $100 dollar bill sandwiches!


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