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EC Question of the Week – The Best Advice

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We recently asked our readers – what is the best piece of advice your trainer or coach has given you? Or what helpful advice do you get before entering the arena?

We’ve added more of your responses, so read on!

Tricia Ann Bakley-Kralik

Chin up eyes looking through your horse’s ears and smile western PLEASURE…….


Bertie Lewis



Cathy Gray Bryan

I hear the same also!


Michelle Gala

“You know what you are doing, go do it” said before my first showmanship class after 30+ years. Was first under 1 judge! I need to repeat this to myself a bit more.

“Ride every day like you are in the show pen.” Then the show pen is the easy part.


Janice McGauley Mjquarterhorses

Don’t train with any ” devices ” you cannot use in the ring.


Dana Gookin-Owens

Ron McCullom told me that horses have feelings too.


Cathy Gray Bryan

lol 😂 try not to embarrass your trainer!



Michelle Gala

Cathy Gray Bryan not advice … But always the goal!! Lol!


Jessica Lynn Izaguirre

The best advice I ever received has been within the year. A dear friend (not trainer) as I was entering the finals said “don’t leave anything out here, give it everything you have”. I did. and it was the best pattern I’ve ever laid out, bringing home the top 5. I now show with that intention every time I enter the pen. Forever grateful for the people who lift us up, tell us to go hard, because that’s what it takes to WIN! 🏆


Jessica Baird Divine

RIDE the horse you have today.


Ed Lawrence



Nadine Joaquin

Breath, have fun and KEEP YOUR LEGS ON! (It’s taken him almost 20 years to get me to do the last part. Weird!


Kory Kumar

I always tell people to find the fun for themselves. The office won’t give your money back if you don’t have a good time.


Rachel Marie

“Always end on a good note.” I’ve never had a trainer that didn’t tell me that.


Sally Saur

Don’t let anything but fear and common sense hold you back. 😂


Rachel Sackrider

Ride the horse you have today.


Kory Kumar

Ride the horse you have today.


Kory Kumar

Don’t fall off.


Beth Baker-Melegari

So lovingly given to my daughter at the age of 6 at the Congress by a then young 16 something barn mate while standing with their trainer “Hey! Keep your eye of the fu?:ing prize” My child was shocked, the trainer was shocked… as the barn mate was the sweetest young lady ever. To this day when my daughter gets nervous, I ask if she needs the Congress advice repeated, and we laugh.😂


Nancy Ellis

Go to college.


Jess Rae

“Meet them where they’re at- the rest will come.”


Madison Floden

“If you fix their legs their head will go where it should be,” and not advice, but some that that will always make me laugh. After my friend came out of the pen there was this interaction:

Rider: it was so bad! It was a train wreck! 🤦‍♀️

Trainer: … not a train wreck… maybe more of a car wreck.


Tim Ketterman

“Remember to have fun and ride a better ride than your last.”


Joey Anderton

The horse will always tell you what he/she needs from you to be successful. Are you tuned in and listening?


Taylor Wheaton

“Just go in there and ride your horse like you do every other day.”


Kelsey Rae Yonker

“Show us what god gave you.” 🤣


Cissy Williams

Don’t forget to breathe. 🙂


Kathleen Wood

Be in the moment.


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