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EC Question of the Day- Help For All the Short Equestrians Out There

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Horses are big animals! Not to mention that it’s hard enough to climb aboard with tight show clothing and chaps that pretty much restrict all movement. Are you a ‘give me a boost’ kind of equestrian? Do you carry a mounting stool, use a fence assist, teach your horse to bow?

Check out what our Equine Chronicle readers had to say!

Jessica Parris- “We have one of those in our barn! We call it the Stairway to Heaven.”

Bradie Kish- “I need basically a ladder to get on my horse for Equitation… and he’s growing.”

Chiara Buckwheat Raffaelli- “5.4 me vs my 17+ hand elephant!”

Kristi Bidinger- “This is all me. Thank goodness there are step stools. My older gelding let’s me get on off a picnic table.”

Andrea LaManque- “My braiding ladder serves many purposes and goes with me everywhere. It’s a ladder, mounting block, chair… best money spent.”

Penny Schwegel- “Anything I can find. If I’m at home, I use a 3-stepper, and at the show grounds a fence or 2-stepper, and on trail ride I put my horse lower than me. There are many ways out there. It’s everyone to their own device and what works for them. Fun question.”

Katie Deisler- “I remember a time my dad gave me a leg-up for a bareback class and threw me over the horse completely. Now, as a coach, I’m the one giving leg ups!”

Kennedy Almas- “I’m 28 and I still take my dad everywhere to give me a leg up. I only need it when I’m dressed to show.
I’ve used many different things to climb on when he’s not around- rocks, bleachers, truck tailgates, whatever is around!”

Pamela Hayes Allen- “I always carry a step stool! I also think it’s better for the horse’s back to use one.”

Lisa Burroughs-Tamborra- “A 3-step portable mounting block. Studies have shown that mounting from the ground is not good for both your saddle tree or the horse’s back.”

Margaret Corbin- “I used to mount first with chaps unzipped. Hubby would zip me up. Ha! No leg movement.”

Diane Scott Hammond- “I’m 67 with a right leg that hardly holds me up (old horse injury). Getting on and off necessitates a mounting block without chaps!”

Allison Ritson- “Rubbermaid has the best lightweight step stool and doesn’t tip easily!”

Nadene Lange- “I started using a small step ladder in the 80s, or the bumper of my trailer.”

Carla Whaley- “Yes, a stepping stool definitely!”

Patti Salmon Murphy- “Some days I feel like I need a hydraulic lift!”

Gail Hayek- “The boost is just awkward for all involved…”

Deanna Ross- “I carry a 3-step mounting block with me everywhere I go.”

Christine Cuipylo- “I have a 2-step in my trailer and a 3-step in my arena.”

Laci Huber- “All about the stool!”

Tracy Carvell- “I will always give a boost or share my mounting block. If you are Catherine Elia-Shea, she may say choose the block!”

Jan Little- “Always take pinkie the 3-stepper!”

Kerry K Papendick- “And us old Select riders!”

Tracie Walner Clark- “Give me a boost.”

Jeri Kay- “Always have my stool with me.”

Lynne Lewis- “Mounting block.”

Tamra Sisk- “Step stool.”

Kate Van Ness- “I have literally had to climb up to the tailgate of the truck to get on before! Granted, it was for a bareback class…but my horse was only 15.1.”

Carly Smith- “Step stool. If not that then a gate or beg for a boost!”

Vickie Devore- “Step stool and boost some days.”

Diane Chilton-Harper- “Step ladder.”

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