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EC Photo of the Day- Wise Guy

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Everyone is a wise guy! What do you think this funny guy is telling the judges after his pattern?

Thanks to our Equine Chronicle FB fans for giving us their best captions.

Meridith Copeland- “Nailed it! Top that!”

Bonnie McCulla- “Hey judge…stick that pattern on your clipboard…nailed it!”

Dawn Bauer- “Seriously judge, that pattern was exhausting! However, I nailed it! First place here I come…”

Haley Jewell- “When you just get done with your run and nail it!”

Crystal Sallee- “He’s singing karaoke!”

Eden Owen-“Fresh new kicks and pad, and you guys know, you can’t touch this!”

Elizabeth Thompson-Beauchamp- “Meet me at the stalls in 10.”

Denise McClanahan- “Hey, it wasn’t me. It was her!”

Anna Clement- “Hey judge, that halt cone didn’t work for me. Can ya move it a little closer?”

Kate Bamford- “Ha Ha. You missed my break. Ha Ha!”

Holly Spooner- “You think you can do better? Ha Ha!”

Brett Van Haaften- “Let someone top that. Ain’t going to happen. That was perfect.”

Lynda Cavallo- “Did you hear the one about the three judges?”

Kim Leanne- “Mic drop.”

Ann Bready King- “Whoa, what do you mean I didn’t stay on pattern?”

Tracy Foster- “Sliding stop? Nah, not today folks.”

Glenda Bandaries Pickett- “You didn’t think I had it in me huh?”

Wanda Parker- “Pick me! Pick me!”

Debi Nicholson- “How do you like me now?”

Carol Siflinger- “Is it nap time yet?”

Photo courtesy of Norfleet Marketing and Photography. Click here to view more great photos from the TQHA Circuit.

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