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EC Photo of the Day – The Treasure of Grownup Friendship

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Photo by Jeff L Homan Photography

“In my friend, I find a second self.” ~Isabel Norton.

“Should you ever need a grownup friendship post, this is my God-given sister, brought together thanks to an impulse horse buy over a decade ago,” says Amanda Childers.  “Anyone who knows me knows I don’t make impulse buys – ever – lol.  But that day I got an amazing horse and a lifelong sister, Christi Free.  We’ve seen each other through surgeries, sickness, divorce, death, and all the valleys of life. Day in and day out.  Through it all, we’ve made far more laughter than tears and are referred to as the giggling girls at shows.  Affectionately nicknamed by Holly Hover as “Smiley.”

Amanda explains that family saw this photo and had to ask which of us had won the class.  “And to me, that is as it should be.  Your truest supporter always wants the very best for you, regardless!  She won the class, and I couldn’t have been more excited! I am awfully proud and thankful for God’s blessing of friendship!”

Thank you to Amanda for sharing this photo and the incredible story behind it.  If you have an outstanding photo of the day, please send it by email:

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