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EC Photo of the Day- Cold Weather Cut-Off

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Brrr, it’s starting to get chilly with the start of fall. What’s your rule for outside riding? All weather, all the time? You only ride in temps above your age? Only a heated arena for you?

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Nicole Mitchell Mackinder- I will still ride when it’s in the single digits, but my rule of thumb is not to get them breathing too fast then. Don’t want any health issues.”

Karen Taylor– “I live in the mountains in Utah. We pay a fortune to board at a facility with an indoor arena! If not, I would not ride in the winter! I am a wuss!”

Karen Erickson– “Anchorage, Alaska… no indoor and ride in any weather. Adjust workout to the footing safety and temps.”

Jenna Mickelson– “I rode my 2-year-old with about 40 rides on him yesterday at 25 degrees in an open air indoor. They get a bit fresh. But my coldest rides have been about -20 to -25. They are short and sweet at that temp.”

Liz Davidson– “I don’t like the cold. So, if there’s snow on the ground, I take a break until it’s gone.”

Taylor Lee-Ann- “I’m in Ontario, Canada. I only ride when the temperature is above my age and when there is no wind. I don’t have an arena, so mostly trails is what I do in the winter months.”

Becky Diseth– “I don’t ride till spring!”

Kaity Arthur– “28 degrees is my cut off! Indoor arena, but no heat.”

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