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EC Photo of the Day- “A Great Kid”

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L2 Western Riding Champion- Jayna Lagace with Platinum Sensation.

Congratulations to the 2017 AQHYA World L2 Western Riding Champion Jayna Lagace with Platinum Sensation!

There is a sweet story that goes along with this photo. During the L2 awards presentation, Natalia DeVencenty was actually named the winner with Chex Is The Choice, but she wasn’t present in the arena. The reason is that although Natalia was eligible to compete in Level 2 in this particular class, she’s had so much success winning major titles in other events that she felt it was unfair to compete with the L2 riders, so she scratched from the L2 division and only showed in the L3.
Here’s what Jayna’s mother, Whitney, had to say. “I found Natalia afterwards and told her what an amazing, young woman she was to stand up for what she thought was right. A lot of other kids would’ve just been happy to grab the award, but she intentionally scratched herself from the L2 division beforehand because she felt she had won enough that it wasn’t fair to take from the real L2 kids. That’s a great kid who’s really going to go someplace in life.”
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