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EC Photo of the Day- 10,000 APHA Points!

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Today’s EC Photo of the Day commemorates a special milestone for APHA amateur competitor, Jamie Ross Swanson, and her horse, She’s Alotta Splash. At the IPHC Memorial Day Show in Cedar Rapids, the team surpassed the 10,000 APHA point mark!

In honor of the momentous occasion, Jamie held a special party for her beloved 2003 mare, “Daisy,” during the horse show. “99.9% of those points were put on by an amateur competitor (myself and my sister). Daisy is in Brad Kearn’s training program, and I’ve owned and started showing her since she was two years old. She is a one-in-a- million” horse because she has so much try and willingness to do her job. She just is amazing and I’m very privileged to have her.”

Congratulations to Jamie and Daisy on this exciting accomplishment!

Thanks to Beth Foster-Hattan for the great photos.

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