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EC Foal Photo of the Day – Passing the Ultimate Test

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“Our breeding program is like most in the sense that we are always trying to better our horses by breeding for ideal confirmation and movement,” says Sarah Johnson Koning.  For the Circle K Performance Horses program, having gentle, kind and friendly babies is just as important, she explains.

“Our mares have to have the best temperament, or they don’t stick around. We have small kids that are always in the barn with us for one. I also am confident that a mare’s disposition is passed down to their baby,” she adds.

“While Cora (who we bred and raised) and sick Chaz had to be at MSU our program was put to the test by so many strangers. All the doctors and techs couldn’t believe how well behaved they were.  They could work on Cora without having someone hold her. Chaz got better and more playful, yet they could easily perform all their tests on him without sedation.”

Sarah says their vet went to visit Cora and Chaz while they were hospitalized and the vets at MSU even said to him clinically all signs point to him being better but he is not a wild, ill mannered colt.” To which our vet laughed and said, ‘He won’t be. They have a barn full of well mannered horses. Look at his mom – she is a sweetheart. They breed them this way on purpose!'”

Thank you to Sarah for the amazing share! We had so many beautiful photos to choose from, we’ve included all of them:

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