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EC Blog – To The Horse Who Came Next

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(“Half brother to my horse Houdini that I lost in 2022,” says Julia.)

By Julia S. Adams, Goldun Custom Creations

“To the horse who came next:

You enter a freshly bedded, ready-made stall with all the fixings, not knowing it still bears the name plate of the horse that lived there before you.

You wear hand-me-down halters, fly masks, blankets, and items with writing on them that that horse before you won. But you fit in them, so she put them on you.

You wear the saddle that horse carried your new mom in to world titles and special ribbons, not knowing it fits you just perfect too, because they broke it in already.

You don’t know why sometimes her visits to the barn are quick, and others she lingers and goes through things more slowly, taking her time to look at every item in your box.

You feel her emotions as she does things with you that remind her of him, and you let her hug your neck as she cries when something as simple as trimming your tail reminds her of the last time she had to do that for him.

There’s a place in your paddock where the dirt is still a different color. You avoid it, but you see her lay flowers there every once in a while, you’re just not sure why.

You take every day as a new day, and you’re just happy she’s there- with the grain, the daily time together, the attention, and the love. Because you’re the horse who came next, and you don’t know any different.

But you ARE different.

And that’s okay.

Some people say you have big shoes to fill, but you don’t know why.

You try everything she asks of you, and you learn to like the meaning of “good boy”.

She’s your human. And you’re not JUST the horse that came next- you’re the:


And the greatest unicorn of all.

You do the unimaginable, and that is to make her love again. And for that, you are special in your very own right.

To the horse who came next, thank you.

You are so loved.”

Julia & Billy

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