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Dummies Guide to Leasing Your Horse

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170 – March/April, 2020

By Kristen Spinning

Leasing a horse can be a viable option for an owner who doesn’t want to part with their beloved animal and for a rider who’s not ready to purchase a horse of his or her own. A well-matched lease can benefit all sides of the equation: the horse, the owner, and the lessee. Everyone gets what he or she needs. However, there are some key considerations on both sides to make it a winning ride.

The Horse Owner – Lessor

Moving, attending school, a job change, or family commitment can all be factors in the need to step back from the show pen. But what do you do with your beloved equine partner? You’ve invested so much time, effort, and emotion into becoming a team, and you don’t want to completely lose that momentum. While many show horses enjoy short breaks from intensive training, you know that having your horse stand around in a stall for a full year isn’t good for either of you. A horse needs to stay in shape–both mentally and physically. Furthermore, the financial drain of keeping a horse in training, while not being about to ride, is daunting. Then, there is the challenge of being out of sight, out of mind on the show circuit. Leasing your horse to another rider who can keep him fit reduces your financial burden and maintains his presence in the show world. In the right hands, your horse can even continue accumulating awards and titles. The lessee may even get your horse more seasoned in events that you don’t specialize in, thus increasing the value and versatility of your horse. The practical side of leasing makes perfect sense. The part that keeps you awake all night is more challenging. How do you trust that another person will treat your horse with as much love, respect, understanding and dedication as you do?

The Lessee

Leasing a horse is a great idea if you suspect your needs will change over the course of a year or two. A temporary situation can be ideal for those who know they will eventually want to move up into a more competitive level or dabble in different riding disciplines. Perhaps, you’re returning to riding after a long hiatus and need a proven horse that’s safe and trustworthy. An experienced partner can help you to reach goals and gain the exposure and experience necessary before finding your long-term mount. It can also be a more affordable way to ride and show a better quality horse than you might be able to afford to purchase.

Finding a Horse to Lease


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170 – March/April, 2020
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