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COVID-19 Foal Names For 2020

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By: Brittany Bevis

Horse owners are always looking for creative ways to name their new foals each year. In the past, these names have followed certain trends.

First, there was the idea to name foals after song titles or musicians, ie. Jesus Take The Wheel, Red Solo Cup, or Walk The Line. Then, that branched out into selecting names with popular culture references to reality TV, celebrities, and movies.

Well, it just happens to be foal season, so you know what that means… Will we be seeing an entire generation of foals with show names inspired by the current COVID-19 pandemic?

Certainly the current health crisis is a very serious situation; but, even during the darkest times, it’s healthy to remain positive, look towards the future, and keep a sense of humor.

Thanks to Rachel Griffin for sharing this list of foal names that she came up with. What’s your favorite?

  • Huntin For TP
  • The Best Quarantini
  • Dun Gotta Get Outside
  • Living Inside
  • Too Sleepy To Zoom
  • No Kissing The Girls
  • Allocate Your Sanitizer
  • Its a COVID Thing
  • Just Quarantine Things
  • I Got Em Infected
  • Fiesta From Home
  • Hubbout A Clorox
  • Dashin Ta Home
  • Colonels Flattened Curve
  • Whiz This Was Over
  • Big Curves To Flatten
  • Bet Hes Essential
  • Essential Mechanic
  • Shez Asymptomatic
  • Too Lazy To Wear Pants
  • All Time Panic
  • Hot Takeout Only
  • HOO Took the TP
  • These Irons Are Sanitized
  • Al Zoom You
  • Stimulus Check
  • Chex Out My Facemask

Then, Rachel shared her list and asked for suggestions on social media. This is what her friends came up with.

  • VS Total Isolation
  • VS Flatten The Curve
  • Sheza COVID Cutie
  • Stimulus Allocation
  • WillyGottaDistance
  • John Exotic
  • Sudden Pandemic
  • Essentials Only
  • Imalazyhoarder
  • Hoos The Tiger King
  • Netflix And Chill
  • COVID Task Force
  • Imma Need Sum Distance
  • Charmin San Diego

Now it’s your turn. Email your best names to B.Bevis@EquineChronicle.com to add to the list.

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