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Cool Jobs – More Than A Paycheck – Part Two

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298 – March/April, 2024

By Laura Boynton Jobson

Clock-in and read about three more cool jobs exhibitors have while earning more than a paycheck. Most view time spent away from the workplace as a well-deserved break or vacation–especially if they’re headed to a horse show, where the hard work isn’t really considered work at all.

Working Nine to Wine

Donna “Bubba” Kaufman’s intention was to never to grow, produce and sell wine–ever. When she was out looking for a property to build stables for her show horses, she stumbled across six acres of property in Escondido, California–that she now calls Cheval Winery–and it was love at first sight.

There was only one question in Bubba’s mind–what to do about the vines on the property?

“I eventually decided to jump in and try my hand at the wine business. The official grand opening of Cheval Winery was April 4, 2018. Cheval means ‘horse’ in French and I named the winery after that word because of my French heritage and my love and passion for horses.”

She continues, “We have luxury villas and casitas for our guests to stay in that are pet friendly. The Tipsy Barrel is the name of our tasting room that’s open to the local public and to our visiting guests. We have Paint and Sip classes, yoga retreats, photography venues, small group parties, birthdays, and other special events happening at our winery. Our Winner’s Circle Wine Club offers monthly or quarterly discounts with shipping available.”

Cheval offers 13 different wines and one sparkling wine. Most of the varieties are named after inspirational family members and Bubba’s beloved horses. The most popular and largest growing grape in the vineyard is the signature Sangiovese, which is named to honor her son, Maverick. Here is the roster of Cheval wines:

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298 – March/April, 2024

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