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Congratulations to Cody and Tanna Parrish on Recent Nuptials!

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Congratulations is in order for Cody and Tanna Parrish following their recent nuptials that took place over the weekend at the Parrish family farm in Pavo, Georgia! We caught up with Tanna to find out a little more about their big celebration.

“Cody and I tried to keep it simple but western, and I feel like we did just that! We didn’t have a wedding planner, so it was neat for us to have our hands in every detail. We feel like the day matched both of our personalities as it was laid back and relaxed,” Tanna says. “Our family and friends came into town mid-week and helped with a lot of the set up. We’re very thankful for them and, of course, both of our parents. We had the ceremony outside near the hayfield, and our reception was under a tent. Luckily, the south Georgia heat was pretty kind to us that day!”

“Since Saturday, Cody and I have been reflecting on how truly blessed we are to have the people we have in our lives. It was amazing the amount of people who traveled to attend.”

While the photos from the event might look picturesque and peaceful, there was some hilarity and hijinks that ensued in the days leading up to the wedding.

“As I said, we didn’t have a wedding planner, so it was our families and us to do all of the work. On Tuesday, Cody overdid it a little and passed out, which resulted in a concussion. He lost his memory briefly and didn’t know he was getting married, which was a lovely feeling to have four days prior! I will tell on myself to take some heat off Cody.”

“Then, he and I decided to do romantic first look photos. As I was behind him, I stepped in a fire ant hill. I was jumping around to get them off with the help of Mallory Beinborn and Melissa Baus, who are expert photographers and ant exterminators. All while we’re picking off ants, Cody is still faced the other direction before the first look, laughing! It was definitely an eventful week, but we wouldn’t change any of it!”

Congratulations to this lovely couple and the best of luck for a happy and healthy lifetime together.

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