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Congratulations Appaloosa World Show Champions!

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Senior Trail and Western Riding Champion- Jesse Jones with Invaluable. Megan Holtmeyer photo.

Congrats to some of the big winners at the 2018 World Championship Appaloosa Show!

Masters Trail
WC- One Hot Chip/Jennifer Hulcher
RWC- Choc Full of Kisses/Phyllis Kirby

Masters Western Riding
WC- One Hot Chip/Jennifer Hulcher
RWC- Money And Roses/Nancy King

2-Year-Old Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure Futurity
WC- Arturo Maestas/Im Vicki Vale
RWC- One Hot Lyric/Mike Hachtel

Western Yearling Longe Line
WC- Its A Sudden Thing/Anthony Leier
RWC- Shez Color Coded/Brian Isbell

Ladies Western Pleasure
WC- Rock My Motion/Sara Simons
RWC- She’s Sleepin Single/Mackenzie Fallis

Masters Horsemanship
WC- Macho In Levis/Lora Marshall
RWC- Dontcha Love Charlie/Matthew Smith

2-Year-Old Western Pleasure Incentive
WC- One Hot Lyric/Mike Hachtel
RWC- Saul Good/Linda Long

Western Riding
WC- One Hot Chip/Brooke Bancroft
RWC- Mistys Leading Man/Colton Cruse

2-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle
WC- Thebestbetyet/Beth Case
RWC- Resurrect My Blueboy/Lisa Ligon

Novice Western Pleasure
WC- If Id Only Astor/Lara Avery
RWC- Miss Dott Comm/Deborah Geraci

3-Year-Old Western Pleasure
WC- Extremely Hotcowgirl/Dustin Eickenhorst
RWC- Burning Money/Heath Wilkerson

Yearling Geldings
WC- The Secret Law/Abigail Beck
RWC- Uploaded/Gretchen Jackson

Masters Equitation
WC- Ripple N Zip/Kristi Albin
RWC- Choc Full of Kisses/Phyllis Kirby

Senior Hunter Under Saddle
WC- Disco Dancin Detail/Lisa Ligon
RWC- I Will Rock You/Mackenzie Fallis

Weanling Fillies
WC- Forever My Valentine/Tim Finkenbinder
RWC- Envy My Options/Ted Turner

Senior Western Pleasure
WC- Suddenly She’s Shy/Mike Hachtel
RWC- Iza Red Dee To Rock/Gabrielle D’Agostini

WC- Don’t Look Away/Ty Wilkerson
RWC- Invaluable/Megan Holtmeyer

Green Trail
WC- She’s Sleepin Single/Mackenzie Fallis
RWC- Designed With Assets/Jesse Jones

Senior Trail
WC- Invaluable/Jesse Jones
RWC- Don’t Look Away/Heath Wilkerson

Senior Western Riding
WC- Invaluable/Jesse Jones
RWC- Strip Poker Chip/Jesse Jones

Junior Hunter Hack
WC- Lads Playboy/Dale Sullens
RWC- William Grant/Lisa Ligon

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