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Confessions of a Horse Show Mom

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268 – September/October, 2021

By Delores Kuhlwein

Welcome ladies! Raise your hand if you’re tired, filthy, and broke. This is the place to share your horse show wins and losses with just enough snark and zero judging! Need to know how to make a hurricane-proof hair bun? Just ask. Want to brag about your kid’s first blue ribbon? We see you! Want to tell us about the time you nearly blinded your daughter with a mascara wand… You’re not alone. This is the place to ask the questions you might have been too nervous to ask. We welcome rookies and the most seasoned in the Horse Show Mom nation.

Never have horse show moms felt so welcomed and loved as they do in the new Facebook group, Confessions of a Horse Show Mom.

Imagine a place where tired-to-the-bone mothers wearing hay-covered t-shirts with nails stained by purple shampoo can ask questions, share tips and hilarious stories, and even swap crockpot recipes without any fear of judgment. This place, where horse show moms around the country can banter about the ups and downs of parenting their horsey kids, was the brainchild of Appaloosa show mom Ginny Veith Tauer.

“I’ve noticed beginners at horse shows, and they’re not terribly comfortable asking questions. When I attend a show, I try to keep my personality as such that someone would never be afraid to ask for help,” Tauer says. “I decided to create a safe place for horse show moms to share their stories and not feel intimidated, whether it’s their first time at a county fair or if their child has won at the Congress.”

Tauer was also inspired to create the group to share the hilarious mishaps that only a horse show mom would understand. Like the time she scalped her six-year-old with an untipped Bobby pin, or when she “dropped a manure spreader on herself and peed her pants, because she thought she could pull it uphill on ice.”

What resulted is a rapidly growing community where the hardworking, unsung heroes of the horse show world can share, laugh, and know they’re not alone.

You’re Safe Here

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268 – September/October, 2021

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