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Complete Results From MAQHA Corporate Challenge

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By: Brittany Bevis

The MAQHA Corporate Challenge took place July 11-14 at the MN State Fairgrounds in St. Paul, MN with Kelly McDowall, Garth Gooding, Karen Graham, Mike Hawkins, Jonathan Meilleur, and TW Grose judging.

The class sizes speak for themselves and serve to explain why this event was a Top 15 AQHA show last year.

  • Select Showmanship- 20
  • L1 Amateur Western Pleasure- 21
  • L1 Youth Hunt Seat Equitation- 21
  • Amateur Horsemanship- 26
  • L1 Youth Horsemanship- 26
  • L1 Youth Showmanship- 31
  • Amateur Performance Halter- 31
  • L1 Amateur Showmanship- 38
  • Amateur Showmanship- 39
  • Senior Trail -40
  • L1 Amateur Horsemanship- 41

Congratulations to High Point winners at the show! Rebecca Ries-Walter rode Pass Code to win Level 1 Amateur. The Reserve Champion was Liz Baker-Midtlien with Talldarknchocolate. The Amateur Champion was Tiina Volmer with Beter Late Thn Never. Reserve was Margaret Edwards with Investing In Roans. The Select Champion was Sharon Forbes-Hanks with Hot Lil Assets. Reserve was Lisa Neiberger with No Question Im Lazy.

The Level 1 Youth Champion was Stephanie Miller with Valentines At Last. Reserve was Callyn Fox with Dontkissthismachine. The 13 and Under Champion was Adeline Brutger with SH Smokeonthewater. Reserve was Kristin Bullard with No Doubt Im Spartacus. The 14-18 Youth Champion was Lily Anderson with Lover Treat Me Good. Reserve was Jessica McAllister with Midknight Invitation.

The Small Fry winner was Aubrey Saterbak with Ima Two Timin Man. Reserve was Brockleyn Anderson with Krymsun Cute. The Level 1 Amateur Walk/Jog Champion was Ashley Weller with Crashed The Affair. Reserve was Brenda Becker with Good Bar Story. The Level 1 Youth Walk/Trot Champion was Aubrey Saterbak with Ima Two Timin Man. Reserve was Grayson Saterbak with Vintage Headlines.

The Open Champion was Twylla Brown with Snap Krackle Pop. Reserve was Valerie Poll with Mega Lazy. The Rookie Youth Champion was Stephanie Miller with Valentines At Last. Reserve was Adeline Bernice Brutger with SH Smokeonthewater. The Rookie Amateur Champion was Hannah Bucheger with BMQ Time To Hope. Reserve was Amy Engle with Justlopenontherange.

The High Point Halter Horse was Big Time Addiction for Linda Sands. The High Point Western Horse was Snap Krackle Pop for Twylla Brown. The High Point English Horse was Beter Late Thn Never for Tiina Volmer. The High Scoring Trail Horse was Ima American Made for Andrea Kengis Foss. The High Scoring Ranch Horse was Heavens Hot Guy for Kerry Osborn. The High Scoring Reining Horse was CBK One Smart Gun for Liz Allen Wagstorm. The High Scoring Western Riding Horse was Snap Krackle Pop for Twylla Brown.

There were also several big futurity winners at the show, like Tiina Volmer and Beter Late Thn Never, who won the $500 Senior Hunter Under Saddle. Duplicated In Iron and Rick Klaus won the $500 Junior Hunter Under Saddle for Zoey Schlanser. Rhonda Spratto rode Minute To Dance for Lara Simmons to win the $500 Green Hunter Under Saddle. Kendra Weis and Snap Krackle Pop won the $500 Senior Western Pleasure for Twylla Brown. Rick Klaus rode Fifty Shades N Good to win the $500 Level 1 Green Pleasure for Andrea Passe. Jacqueline Enns and Only The Best Chips won the $500 Junior Western Pleasure.

One of the highlighted events was The Equine Chronicle Bridleless Horsemanship Challenge, which saw 16 entries. The winner was Carey Nowacek with Lethals Hot Weapon. Click here for results, video, and photos. 


(courtesy of An Equine Production)

Scribe sheets

S/C 1 results

S/C 2 results

Circuit Champions

Video Interviews:

3 and 4-Year-Old Non Pro Hunter Under Saddle- Kerry Osborn and Iron I Hot In Jeans

3 and 4-Year-Old Non Pro Western Pleasure- Mallory Vroegh and Ill B Batting Ona RV

Non Pro Trail- Lily Anderson and Lover Treat Me Good

Open Longe Line- Brittany Kroll and Kapture The Krymsun

3 and 4-Year-Old Open Hunter Under Saddle- Hannah Lind with Thank God Its Friday

3 and 4-Year-Old Open Western Pleasure- Eric Peterson with Only The Best Chips

Senior Trail- Shannon Vroegh and Lover Treat Me Good

Green Trail- Jess Bergantzel and Dontkissthismachine

Scroll below for more great photos from the show.

If you’d like to have your show’s results and photos featured on EquineChronicle.com, email B.Bevis@EquineChronicle.com. Really, it’s that easy!

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