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Complete Results From 2019 March To The Arch

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Photo courtesy of Ruehle Photographix.

Click on the links below to view results from the 2019 March To The Arch.

March To The Arch Results SC 1

March To The Arch Results SC 2

March To The Arch Circuit Awards C 2

High Point Results:

Small Fry
1st– Krymsun Cute & Brockelyn Anderson
2nd– To You Lazy & Charlotte Brooks
3rd– KM Always Invite Me & Jaxon Hinchey

EWD Supported
1st– Hes Got Da Jack & Corbett Ryan
2nd– Ima Willy Good One & Corbett Ryan

EWD Independent
1st– Walk Away Hocus & Kelsey Ann Weick
2nd– Cuiton All Deckedout & Evan Zaloudek
3rd– Huntin Somethin Hot & Evan Zaloudek

Novice Youth
1st– Hunting Blue Skies & Kaylynn Elizabeth Heitman
2nd– Kinetic Krymsun & Avery Langley
3rd– Tall Dark And Good & Calen M Braden

Youth 13 & Under
1st– Hunting Blue Skies & Kaylynn Elizabeth Heitman
2nd– FS Montana Jac A Nic & Josie Mansfield
3rd– To You Lazy & Charlotte Brooks

Youth 14-18
1st– Sleepinwithmybootson & Lillian Woodruff
2nd– Made Just Right & Blakely Abbott
3rd– Kinetic Krymsun & Avery Langley

Novice Amateur
1st– Huntified & Erin Larson-Girolamo
2nd– Lifes Good & Courtney Moriz
3rd– Cool Lopin Lady & Denise McCormick

1st– Hez Blazin Trouble & Ali Eidson
2nd– No Doubt Im Somethin & Erin N Black
3rd– Pure Lotto & Kylie Trail

Amateur Select
1st– The Fancy Krymsun & Jodie Cormier Nolen
2nd– McRange & Daniel Riegle
3rd– Suddenly Remembered & Cheryl-Lyn Dunker

Junior Horse
1st– Hez Blazin Trouble
2nd– VS Goodride
3rd– Only The Good Kind

Senior Horse
1st– Sleepinwithmybootson
2nd– A VooDoo Doll
3rd– Xtreme Krymsun

Ranch Riding & Reining
1st– A Busy Affair

High Point Roan Horse
1st– McRange
2nd– VS Code Me Lucky

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