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Check This Out… A Shirt That Promotes Better Posture For Equestrians

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Photo courtesy of Alignmed.

Photo courtesy of Alignmed.


With only once chance to make the right first impression to judges, elite riders in the know are wearing Alignmed Posture Shirts to ensure the best opportunity for a good performance.

Simply donning an Alignmed shirt pulls one’s shoulders back to instill good posture. Alignmed has patented touch-tension technology. NeuroBands are sewn onto the garment with a variable stretch material. The bands start at the front of the shoulders, drape over the shoulders, and pull down the spine to the core. The gentle pull of NeuroBands simultaneously stimulates muscles to contract, while others relax, helping a rider to achieve optimal posture and fight fatigue.

Why is posture so important in riding? Many reasons. Judges are naturally attuned to grade rides based on perfect position and having the look of a winner. That look needs to be maintained throughout the entire ride. Consider that when a rider is sitting atop a horse, the foundation is constantly moving. The weight of the horse and its power is going to test the rider’s ability to maintain that look for the entire performance. Having control of one’s core strength starts with the development of excellent posture.

Photo courtesy of Alignmed.

Photo courtesy of Alignmed.

Alignmed’s very comfortable Posture Shirts and AlignMe Posture Bras are specifically designed to give the exact level of support a rider needs to maintain control, on and off the horse, in training, and especially during a competition.

Susanne von Dietze is a physiotherapist specializing in the biomechanics of riders. She’s also a trainer for Dressage and Show Jumping. She’s an international instructor teaching in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, as well as the published author of Balance in Movement. Check out this photo of her wearing the Alignmed Posture Shirt during Pilates and Gyrotonic Training while training in Los Angeles recently.

Photo courtesy of Alignmed.

Susanne von Dietze. Photo courtesy of Alignmed.

As an athlete, excellent posture is required for any elite performance, whether it’s in equestrian, football, baseball, basketball or any other. Alignmed is used by many of the most elite athletes in all those sports and worn by some of the most famous athletes in the world.

Alignmed makes three levels of posture apparel, including the shirts and bras, as well as the level III Spinal Q for even stronger support. Alignmed products are sold on line at: www.alignmed.com

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