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Can’t Afford a Pony For Christmas? Toy Designer Has Created the Next Best Thing…

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All photos courtesy of Kid Trax.

By: Brittany Bevis

What little kid hasn’t dreamt of waking up early Christmas morning and rushing out to the barn to be greeted by their very own pony with a big red bow around his neck? For that matter, what horse addicted adult wouldn’t love that? (With the exception of said pony being replaced by a fancy, 2-year-old, well-bred, futurity prospect…)

Anyhoo, what happens if a pony just isn’t in the cards this year? Well, the folks at Kid Trax have created an innovative toy that’s certain to be a big hit this Christmas season.

Meet Scout the Pony! Scout is a Rideamal, which means that he’s a fully battery operated, ride-on toy with truly interactive play, thanks to motorized head, eyes, ears, and muzzle. Not only does Scout have two speeds that can reach up to four miles an hour, he can reverse as well. With remarkably lifelike accuracy, Scout’s head and neck swivel as he blinks his eyes and flicks his ears. His ears move when you brush his mane, and he makes chomping noises when he eats an apple or carrot. He actually has over 100 sounds and movements.

But, by far the best part is that Scout can dance! Scout will play music and move back and forth on his own, all while nodding his head and wiggling to the beat. It’s something you have to see to believe…

Scout is best suited for children 3-7 years of age with a maximum weight of 70 lbs. He comes with a brush, apple, saddle bag, and rechargeable 12-volt battery and charger. There are options for a play tent barn and a show pony grooming kit to get your kiddo headed down the right track to the show pen!

Scout has already been voted the 2018 award winner by The Toy Insider and is currently a finalist for the 2019 Preschool Toy Of The Year award.

Looking for other Christmas gift options for your horse-loving little one? We’ve rounded up a few popular options.

Melissa and Doug Take-Along Show Horse Stable– This sweet wooden set hearkens back to a simpler time when toys were handcrafted and didn’t require batteries. Eight toy horses of different breeds, Paint, Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, and Palomino, live in an eight stall barn with write on name tags.

Paint Your Own Breyer Horse– Many adults remember collecting Breyer horses as children. Now, your kiddo can choose to paint a Quarter Horse or Arabian model to match their favorite real-life horse!

Mega Bloks Horse Stable Construction Set– Mega Bloks has created a customizable horse stable that kids can build on their own. The kit comes with a stall, jump, swinging doors, rider, dog, and pony, with plenty of accessories like a fabric blanket, bridle, saddle, fence, carrots, and more.

Breyer Horse Cruiser– This toy hauler for horses is a hilariously accurate portrayal of a living quarters motorhome you’d see at any major horse show!

Blue Ribbon Champion Quarter Horse Deluxe– This sweet toy horse has an articulated head and neck that makes noises when it moves up and down. It comes with lots of accessories like saddle, bridle, trophy cup, grooming kit, feed bucket, and blue ribbons.

Funville Sparkle Girls Royal Horse– This white horse with super long mane is perfect for styling with plenty of beads, bows, braids, and tail extensions.

What’s your favorite horse-related toy you received for Christmas as a child?

The Equine Chronicle has received no compensation for the items listed in the article. It’s simply a fun review of some popular options in case you need ideas for your horse-loving kiddos for Christmas!

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