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Behind the Scenes – The World of Equine Graphic Design

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114 – January/February, 2021

By Taylor Fabus


Should you ever find yourself needing inspiration for your next ad, logo, or media campaign, a quick glance through the thick, glossy pages of The Equine Chronicle ought to do the trick. It’s impossible not to notice the gorgeous horses, detailed outfits, and eye-catching layouts. But who is responsible for designing these pages that continue to catch your eyes, issue after issue? We sat down with a few of the most popular graphic designers in the equine industry to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Meet the Experts:

Eric Mendrysa
• Owner of EM Design & Photography
• Full-time graphic designer and photographer for 10 years
• Education: Bachelors in International Business Marketing from Eastern Michigan University

Kaleena Weakly
• Owner of Katz Graphics
• Graphic designer for 15 years
• Education: Bachelors in Graphic Design from Eastern Illinois University

Elizabeth Jakovich
• Owner of Jakovich Marketing
• Graphic designer for 15 years
• Education: Studied Marketing at Davenport University

Pam Weier Nunes
• Owner of Westwynde Creative Design
• Employed in the marketing industry for more than 30 years
• Education: Bachelors in Ag Journalism from University of Wisconsin – Madison

Hungry For Inspiration

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114 – January/February, 2021

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