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Battabing Battaboom! Maggie Grandquist Wins First Congress Championship in Two-Year-Old Limited Open WP Stakes

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By: Brittany Bevis


Maggie Grandquist achieved a milestone this week at the 2013 Quarter Horse Congress when she won her very first Congress Championship title. In the past, Grandquist tied for first at the Congress. However, the odds were not in her favor that day, and she lost the tiebreaker. This year, all of the stars aligned for an excellent performance in the Two-Year-Old Limited Open Western Pleasure Stakes with Battabing Battaboom.

“This horse is out of Batt Man,” she says. “Ray Arnona bought it at the Tom Powers Futurity. She’s really good in her neck, and she’s really tight-built. You really don’t have to worry about making her go slow. She just goes slow naturally. I think next year, she will be even better when she gets stronger. I’m really excited to show her next year.”

 “I had a really fun time. It was a lot of fun to show her. She was really good, and I’d like to do it again.”

“Boomer” will also be shown by owner Ray Arnona in the Two-Year-Old Non-Pro Western Pleasure here at the Congress. Meanwhile, Grandquist has a whole list of other horses left to show.

“I have a Coughlin two-year-old that Breanne Porter is showing in the 2-Year-Old Non-Pro Western Pleasure,” she says. “I made it to the finals with that one. I also have a 3-year-old that I’m going to show for Jeff Long.”


Just the other night, Grandquist came in Reserve in the Markel Limited Open Maturity Western Pleasure aboard Keith Labrie’s The Party Starts Now.

Two-Year-Old Limited Open Western Pleasure Stakes:

1- Battabing Battaboom/Maggie Grandquist

2-Chex This Hot Amiga/Cole Baker

3-Take Me Home Tonite/Jeff Cochran

4-Champagne Moonlite/Mitchell Adkins

5-Spyderman/Tim Zuidema

6-Hot Lopin Cowboy/Danielle Burns

7-No Doubt I’m Huntin/Brad Ost

8-Toucht/Liz Rice

9-Potentially Lazy/Saul Sliss

10-Lotto Max/Eric Petersen

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