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Back in the Saddle: Miami Surgeon Empowers Equestrian with Innovative Spinal Surgery for Swift Return to Competitive Riding

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Photo by Alison Green for Shannon Brinkman Photo

From Miami Back & Neck Specialists:

Miami, FL – [March 18, 2024] – Georgiy Brusovanik, M.D., a renowned orthopedic spine expert based in Miami, recently achieved remarkable success helping professional equestrian, Zachary Brandt, return to competitive riding at the highest level through a minimally invasive lumbar disc replacement surgery. It was one of the first times an equestrian has undergone this highly specialized type of spinal surgery.

Brandt, 31 years old and residing in Ocala, had been grappling with worsening back pain over the years due to the demands of his career as a professional equestrian. Despite trying various treatments such as physical therapy, stretching, and massages, the debilitating pain persisted, hampering his performance and competitive spirit.

Shannon Brinkman Photo

“I never had an acute injury that caused me to have surgery,” shared Brandt during an interview. “The position in which your body gets put in when you are an equestrian just lends itself to wear and tear on the back.”

After extensive research, Brandt and his wife discovered Dr. Brusovanik’s expertise in minimally invasive surgery and, specifically, his successful track record with professional athletes. Following consultations and attempts to alleviate the pain with injections, the decision for surgery became evident after Brandt had to withdraw from a major Olympic-level competition due to his back issues.

In November 2023, Dr. Brusovanik performed a minimally invasive lumbar disc replacement surgery on Brandt, resulting in remarkable post-operative progress. “16 hours after surgery I was up and walking, no limp, standing totally straight,” exclaimed Brandt. “I was back in the gym six days after surgery and riding one day short of four weeks.”

Dr. Brusovanik explained the intricacies of the surgery, stating, “This replacement allows me to remove anything that’s compressing a nerve, which would cause pain to go down his legs, as well as restore the patient’s normal height – I literally make patients taller – which restores Segal balance and addresses chronic back pain and a sensation of being flexed forwards.”

Reflecting on the successful outcome, Dr. Brusovanik added, “While I have performed this procedure before, Zach’s case was unique due to his high rank in the sport. My approach was meticulous, considering the physical demands of his profession and his specific stature, which was addressed with the modularity of the implant.”

Brandt’s determination and the expertise of Dr. Brusovanik have not only salvaged his career but also paved the way for future athletes facing similar challenges. “It’s extremely fortunate that the people who compete in this sport can do so well into their 50s and even 60s. Unlike other sports, mine has the possibility of longevity,” explained Brandt. “Every bit of me hopes to have a career for at least another 30 years. Had I not had this surgery, I don’t think I would have lasted five more years. This surgery has helped me lengthen my career and, for that, I am forever grateful.”

Brandt is now gearing up to compete in the Defender Kentucky 3-day event in Lexington, showcasing the resilience and possibilities that modern medical advancements offer. Dr. Brusovanik will be in attendance to cheer Brandt on.

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