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Around the Rings – 2024 ShoMe Spring Showcase

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The Granny Smith Challenge

April 26-28, 2024, marked the third annual ShoMe Horse Shows Spring ShoCase at MSU Pavilion, in Lansing, Michigan. Judges were Mary Luther, Tim Kruithoff, Laura Parsons, Loralee Stevens, and Karen Waite.

ShowMe Horse Shows in Michigan is an open, all-breed circuit built around doing things differently, and just for fun.  “All three of our shows have a different theme and outside-the-box classes,” says Liz Gear, who owns and operates ShoMe Horse Shows with her husband, Kurtis Gear.

The series has become so popular, the stalls sell out in minutes.  In fact, they’ve now also added The Championship Sho to their calendar October 17-20, 2024, in Midland, Michigan, and exhibitors have been qualifying to compete!

Some good examples of the type of fun intertwined with competition: their challenge classes.  They’re run as sweepstakes classes and they pay back – all except for the “Granny Smith Apple Challenge classes.” The list of classes at the Spring ShoCase included Hands Free Showmanship, Bareback Horsemanship, Bridleless Western Pleasure, Bareback Equitation, and the Granny Smith Challenge!


Here’s the description from ShoMe Horse Shows for the Granny Smith Challenge:

This event is often referred to as an “apple race” or “apple ride”. Exhibitors will be given an apple tuck between their chin and chest. Riders will then find a place on the rail and will perform a variety of maneuvers as requested. If your apple slips out, you’re done! Riders may not re-position their apple with their hands or arms. The last remaining rider wins!

They also added a Turnover Challenge with inflatable knockerballs! In addition to all the fun, the series really celebrates their winners of all levels and disciplines, including their high point winners:

ShoMe Spring Showcase High Point Winners

Ranch Horse

Grand: Jeanne Hugo & Baylite Jac

Reserve: Kaitlin Sanger & Dry Whiskey Whiz

Finalist: Jenna Morse & Forever Our Star


Open Non-Stock Horse

Grand: Dawn Ryan & Trubadors Fancy

Reserve: Ruth Deeters & Sassy

Finalist: Jessica Spanleny & Luna



Select Senior Division

Grand: Diana Stewart & BMQ Tuxedo Affiar

Reserve: Jill Baker-Cooley & Bode

Finalist: Donna Kirby & My Signature Moves



Green Rider 19 & Over

Grand: Tonya Woollard & Face A Big Chip

Reserve: Gabrielle Prescott & Reminics Smokin Whiz

Finalist: Carolyn Hurst & Bartenders Diuble Image



Green Rider 11-18

Grand: Payton Anema & Ditty Up

Reserve: Whitney Brindley & Expensive Assets

Finalist: Rylee Harmon & Gotta Lazy Kiss



Green Rider 10 & Under

Grand: Claire Fabus & Lopin For Margaritas

Reserve: Macy Skalla & Ain’t Lonesome No More

Finalist: Rosalie Shelle & The Best of Sonny



Open Green Horse

Grand: Olivia Phillips & Tee Coolest Affair

Reserve: Samantha Juno & Friends N High Places

Finalist: Tammy Slott & Smokin Hot Vitals



Stock Horse 30 & Over

Grand: Erin Poll-Tania & Mine Would Be You

Reserve: Sue Frank & Mac’s Kool Legacy

Finalist: Jessica Ford & CowboysPutASpellOnMe



Stock Horse 19-29

Grand: Kaitlyn Ripley & Kissin My Invitation

Reserve: Katie Main & Blazing Potential

Finalist: Rachel Longhi & Heavenly Chocolate



Stock Horse 16-18

Grand: Julia Yonkman & Hes So Extreme

Reserve: Morgan Watts & Simply Ziggy

Finalist: Layla Wood & Pink Invitations



Stock Horse 13-15

Grand: Jenna Morse & I Know I Am Invited

Reserve: Fisher Mayes & Chex My Pulse

Finalist: Ariah Jordarski & Do A Little Day Drinkin



Stock Horse 12 & Under

Grand: Anabelle Bontrager & Ricky Rock

Reserve: Aislinn Cunningham & Where’s My Invite

Finalist: Caroline Fabus & Dry Tinsel


Complete results: CLASS RESULTS (


ShowMe Horse Shows are held in Midland and Lansing, Michigan, and more information can be found here:


We also encourage you to check out their Facebook page to enjoy all the reels and videos!

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