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Around the Rings – 2024 Fun in the Sun Winter Circuit

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All photos courtesy of Jeff Kirkbride Photography

The 2024 Fox Lea Farm Winter Circuit and NSBA Fun in the Sun Show in Venice, Florida, from January 7-13, 2024, offered over $50,000 in cash and prizes! In addition, there were free youth entries and cash to the trainers whose clients won their all-around divisions.

The show had two qualifying events and eight sets of AQHA points.

Judges included Brendan Brown, Tim Finkenbinder, Clint Fullerton, Lisa Ligon, Bruce Brown, Kelly Chapman, Jessica Gilliam, Holly Hover, Jeff Allen, Eric Petersen, Bobbie Jo Stanton, Randy Wilson, Jimmy Daurio, Robin Frid, Mark Russell, and Kendra Weis.

Complete results for Circuit 1: ResultsSC1JVRpt

Complete results for Circuit 2: ResultsSC2JVRpt

Complete results for NSBA Fun in the Sun: ResultFISJVRpt

Link to scribe sheets:


High Point Awards– $250 to the Rider, $500 to the Trainer of each division (results from Elite Horse Shows – please contact with any corrections).

High Points Trainer Reserve Trainer
Green Cindy Van Elswyk Jonathan Meilleur Penni Himes Amanda Ringer
Open Jr Tyler Haney Tyler Haney Dax Atkinson Shannon Walker
Open Sr Estelle McParlan Shannon Walker
Am Dan Carlson* Gene Spagnola Katie Grossnickle Brent Maxwell
Select Vito Latini Colton LaSusa
L1 Yth Quinn Bogue Brynne Bassler
Yth Estelle McParlan Shannon Walker Quinn Bogue
L1 Am W/J Millie Marshall Brent Maxwell Laurel Brower Dean Bogart
L1 Yth W/J Jocelyn Grabow Brynne Bassler
Sm Fry Jocelyn Grabow Brynne Bassler Glen Wells


Circuit Awards

L1 Am Morgan Miller
Am Dan Carlson
Am Select Vito Latini
Sm Fry Jocelyn Grabow
L1 Yth  Quinn Bogue
Yth Quinn Bogue
AM Yearling Geld
AM 2 yr old Geld
AM 3 yr old Geld
AM Aged Geld Tatum Richey
AM Perf Geld Michael Van Elswyk
Yth Yearling Geld
Yth 2 yr old Geld
Yth 3 yr old Geld
Yth Aged Geld Jocelyn Grabow & Victoria Fernandez
Yth Perf Geld Estelle McParlan
Yearling Geld
2 yr old Geld
3 yr old Geld
Aged Geld Lora Knelly Thomas
Open Perf Geld Jonathan Meilleur
AM Yearling Mare
AM 2 yr old Mare
AM 3 yr old Mare
AM Aged Mare Deborah Goldoni
AM Perf Mare Gail Scheller
Yth Yearling Mare
Yth 2 yr old Mare
Yth 3 yr old Mare
Yth Aged Mare Quinn Bogue
Yth Perf Mare
Yearling Mare
2 yr old Mare
3 yr old Mare
Aged Mare
Open Perf Mare Christopher Gray
AM yearling Stal
AM 2 yr old Stal
AM 3 yr old Stal
AM Aged Stal
AM Perf Stal
Yearling Stal
2 yr old Stal
3 yr old Stal
Aged Stal
Open Perf Stal Tyler Haney
L2 Jr Keith Miller
L1 Am W/T Victoria Magnano
L3 Jr Keith Miller
L1 Yth W/T
L1 AM Karlee Hegi & Brenda Mcrae
Am Madeleine Bayless
L1 Green Stephanie Armellini & Judy Zeitler
Select Sandra Morgan
L2 Sr Keith Miller
L1 Yth
Sm Fry Victoria Fernandez
Yth Estelle Atkinson
L3 Sr Keith Miller
L1 Am W/T Victoria Magnano
L1 Yth W/T Jocelyn Grabow
Sm Fry Jocelyn Grabow & Victoria Grabow
L1 Am Sara Sanchez
Am Nicole Pupillo
Select Angela Stanhope
L1 Yth Quinn Bogue
Yth Estelle McParlan
Working HUS
L1 Green Tyler Haney
Progess Tyler Haney
Open Tyler Haney
All Age Julian Harris
L1 Am Sarah Rosciti
Rk Am Sarah Rosciti
L1 Yth
Rk Yth
Am Sarah Rosciti & Chelsea Sinclair
AM work HUS Susan Phillips
Yth work HUS Peyton Pelton
EQ Over Fences
L1 Am Sarah Rosciti
Rk Am
L1 Yth
To Yth
Am Chelsea Sinclair
Hunter Hack
L1 Yth Peyton  Pelton
Am Select
Am Chelsea Sinclair
Huntfield Non-Pro
L1 Am Nathalie Mathers
Am Katie Grossnickle
Select Vito Latini
L1 Yth Quinn Bogue
Yth Estelle McParlan
Sm Fry Jocelyn Grabow
L1 Am W/T Marianne Bentley
L1 Yth W/T Jocelyn Grabow
Western Pleasure
L2 Jr Jay Starnes
Sm Fry Jocelyn Grabow & Dara Farrell
L3 Jr Kenny Lakins
L1 Am Jessica Capecci
Am Renee Norleen
L1 AM W/T Michael Van Elswyk
L1 Yth W/T Jocelyn Grabow
L2 Select Becky Durrett
L3 Select Kevin Spicer
L1 Green Kenny Lakins
L1 Yth Nicole Marie McConnell
L2 Sr Jamie Dowdy
Yth London Liner
L3 Sr Shane Dowdy
L1 Green Jr Carmen Mayabb
L1 Green Sr Jonathan Meilleur
Jr L2 Jennifer L Paul
Jr L3
L1 Am Stacy Potter
L1 Yth Natalie Anderson
Sm Fry
L1 Am W/T Millie Marshall
L1 Yth W/T
Am Elizabeth Rinder
Select Sharon Costa
Yth Estelle McParlan
Sr L2
Sr L3
Pleasure Driving
Jr Katie Jo Zuidema
AM Courtney Suthoff
Sr Kevin Dukes
Western Riding
L1 Am Marcie McClenon
Am Katie Grossnickle
L1 Green Dr Carole Gaboury
Jr Anthony Montes
L1 Yth
Sr Chad Evans


PDF of High Point/Circuit sheet: Fun in the Sun 2024

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