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Around the Rings – 2024 C Bar C Winner Circuit

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The Cowpokes Arena at C Bar C Winter Circuit in Cloverdale, Indiana, from January 24-28, 2024, was AQHA, IQHA, NSBA and IKI approved, and boasted more than 4900 AQHA entries across six shows with strong NSBA entries.

Judges were Jonathan Meilleur, Terry Cross, TW Grose, Robin Frid, Becky George, and Kendra Weis. Saturday Trail Judges were Lynda Danielson, Mike Hay, and Jan Hoskin-Hay.

Thank you to An Equine Production for complete results, circuit winners, high points, and scribe sheets. Thank you also to Jeff and Jodi Geiger, Vanessa Froman, and Christine Parr for sending us some photos for your enjoyment!

Strutin My Best by Strutin on the Range with Jeff Geiger – unanimous win x 6 judges, Yearling Geldings and Reserve Champion x 3.

You can also enjoy a summary of the show as only Kathy Avolt can provide:

The C Bar C Winner Circuit is underway in Cloverdale, IN. The weather might not have been the best, but people are Bourne Ready to have a horse show. It is a Buckett List item to hear your name announced as winning a class. Of course, you are So Luck N Lazy and must be Playin It Cool with your excitement level.

Of course, there are some “after activities” at a horse show. One trainer was PersuadedByMartinis to participate in our trivia contest. There might have been a little too much laughter and one person was Booted From The Bar. Speaking of our trivia we were all trying to Guess Whoo the various trivia questions related to. Of course, when your own judge tells on himself, that is Outrageously Dashing. Jonathan – glad you are not still driving through swimming pools.

Dont Ever Doubt Me, when we say that the youth numbers are always strong in Indiana. The trainers Made The Right Bet when deciding their show locations for the youth. Its All Good Man when the kids are loping down the rail.

James Bond was spotted in the rail classes. Of course he was Dressed In A Tux but everyone knew it was Double O Sevn. Not to be outdone, it was Ladee Luck singing Helllo Darlin from the corner stalls during the break.

Exhibitors are Always Victorious when they remember their patterns. But the judges Respect The Hustle that each shows by just coming through the gate.



High Point Winners


All Circuit and High Point winners: 2024+C+Bar+C+Winner+Circuit_circuit


Complete results circuit 1: 2024+C+Bar+C+Winner+Circuit_SC+1


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Link to scribe sheets: Winner Circuit — An Equine Production


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