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Behind the Scenes at 2016 Martinganza With Steven Pelzer

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11202850_10209250919535197_8412575639423913050_nThe 2016 Martinganza Quarter Horse Show and Futurity kicks off today in Williamston, North Carolina and will continue through the weekend. Judges for the event are Tanya Green, Pam Scott, Clint Fullerton, Chris Jeter, and Clay Macleod.

A new schedule has been implemented for 2016 with random Trail on Friday and Saturday during set times. All Halter/Showmanship classes will run on Saturday to two judges and then to three.

Stay tuned for results right here on EquineChronicle.com. In the meantime, check out some fun photos courtesy of Steven Pelzer. If you’re snapping photos at a horse event in your area and would like to see them on EquineChronicle.com, email b.bevis@equinechronicle.com.

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