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Around the Ring Photos and Results- 2017 Silver Dollar Circuit

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Special thanks to Silver Dollar Circuit show management for some great photos from over the weekend at the 2017 Silver Dollar Circuit that’s currently underway in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Click here to view 2017 show results updated in real time.

Scroll below to view The Daily Stride, fun and informative newsletters that are distributed daily at the horse show.

16991962_1189521187763352_4282016927650296560_oThe Daily Stride- February 24th- Congress Queen Amy Brown

This year at the Silver Dollar, we have more than just a pretty face handing out our ribbons and futurity trophies! Joining us for the show is the 2016 Congress Queen winner. Amy Brown, from South Carolina, measures her life with the unique measurement of horse power. Her parents, Penny and Wade Brown, built their own company from the ground up in motorsports from NASCAR to NHRA Professional Drag Racing. They grew their family and their business simultaneously giving it a close family feel. Amy is a student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a major in Communications and a concentration in public relations, so running for the Congress Queen title was a no brainer for her after interning with “Queens In Jeans,” an equine queen coach! While working and going to school, Amy finds a way to spend time with and show her three Quarter Horses. She normally shows as an all-around competitor in wide range of events.

With a personal mantra of, “When you have, you give,” Amy has an extensive community service record and takes pride in helping anyone in need. We’re excited that Amy is joining us at the Las Vegas Silver Dollar Circuit this year. It’s the first year that a Congress Queen has attended. “I couldn’t be more excited to bring the Queen Contest and Congress out to Nevada for the first time!” Amy comments. Don’t be afraid to welcome Amy to the show and ensure that she sees exactly why we’re the “most fun show to attend.”

16939175_1188530567862414_4962970369887261749_nThe Daily Stride- February 25th- Level Up!

How has leveling affected us?

AQHA brought in class leveling five years ago, in essence to “level the playing field,” for exhibitors by pairing horses and riders with their peers of similar experience and points earned. Although it has taken some getting used to for the show staff and exhibitors alike, the undertaking has been beneficial for many including returning competitors like Jennise Richardson-Lesak from Texas. After nearly a decade off from showing horses, Lesak was timid to enter the ring again. “Coming back after quite the break is very intimidating. Being able to return to the show pen as a novice, now Level 1, in events I haven’t shown in for years, eases that transition.”

16991884_1189519401096864_3534438035543907932_oSilver Dollar is one of the many shows that has adopted the leveling system to help ensure that novice and intermediate riders are welcome at our show. Jan Bruner, show director, is an advocate of the leveling program. “For Silver Dollar, we focus on being exhibitor-centric. This is one more way that we can provide value for our exhibitors. We’re also one of a few show that offer an equivalent circuit award for our Level 2 competitors. We want Silver Dollar to be a fun and valuable experience for competitors of all levels.”

In the end, Silver Dollar is all about growing our industry and making it accessible to anyone that has a passion for showing horses. If you’re attending the Silver Dollar, WELCOME! We’re proud to have you here, and we hope that we can make this the best horse show vacation of the year. For those of you reading at home, whatever level you are, we hope you take the leap and come to the Silver Dollar next year where our exhibitors and staff will show you that all you need is passion to walk in our pen!”

The Daily Stride- Feb. 26th- Record Number of Entries

The Best Part About the Silver Dollar Circuit

We all have our reasons for returning year after year but one thing is for certain; Silver Dollar has some very loyal exhibitors. So, I set out to see what it is about this show that keeps people coming back.

For the trainers and exhibitors alike, the ability to show at such a large show, in a great facility, while having the time to fit in some fun, seems to be the most popular answer.

16939594_1188709364511201_2971673673479121481_nJan Bruner has been running the show for 20 years and cannot remember a year when Leslie Lange hasn’t been in attendance. Leslie Lange, (known endearingly as Bear) comments,” I think it’s two-fold. I think the horse show is a great show. It’s well run and the classes are big. The second thing is it’s a hell of a great facility.”

Jim Searles added that the Silver Dollar has such a friendly and exhibitor oriented staff. First of all, it’s a fun show. It’s so well run and we come here for the classes too. Not only is it good points, but it’s quality too.”

Kelly Hinely mirrors this sentiment. “Everything is so close and my customers love it because their husbands get to come and play while they’re showing.”

For exhibitors, toting significant others or children to the show offers a variety of activities, both outside and inside the show venue. It’s steps away from an arcade, a movie theater, and a bowling alley, not to mention the casino and great variety of restaurants. If Vegas becomes too much; relax at the spa.

In Other News

Congratulations to Ainsley Macbeth, the winner of the Youth Scavenger Hunt!

You’re Simply the Best

Youth Horsemanship L1- Bella Rosa and One Dynamic Krymsun

Youth Horsemanship 13 and Under- Carly Jenkins and I’m Hoping to a Tee

Youth Horsemanship 14-18 L2- Jentry Shandley and I’m Chasing My Dreams

Youth Horsemanship 14-18 L3- Taylor Searles and Al Be Sweet on You

Amateur Western Pleasure L1- Lorie Johnson and Chum Machine

Select Western Pleasure L2- William Cox and Sleep Machine

Select Western Pleasure L3- Susan Roberts and Johnnie On The Spot

Amateur Western Pleasure L2- Katherine Mitchell and Good Money Machine

Amateur Western Pleasure L3- Megan Hawkins and Extremely Dark Chips

Youth Western Pleasure L1- Taylor Searles and Here I Come Again

Youth Western Pleasure 13 and Under- Marella Reid and Ice Vin Diesal

Youth Western Pleasure 14-18 L2- Taylor Searles and Here I Come Again

Youth Western Pleasure 14-18 L3- Deanna Green and Momma Knows Best

Select Horsemanship L1- Susan Juroe and First N Line

Amateur Horsemanship L1- Elizabeth Juette and Huntified

Select Horsemanship L2- Robi Matthews and A Potential Asset

Select Horsemanship L3- Susie Johns and It’s a Good Pleasure

Amateur Horsemanship L2- Laina Banks and A Certain Gypsy

Amateur Horsmanship L3- Angela Wade and The Perfect Kryme

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