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AQHA Legend, Blazing Hot, Laid to Rest

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Our sincerest condolences go out to Joan Schroeder and the many fans of legendary AQHA stallion, Blazing Hot, who was laid to rest yesterday. “Blaze” was the 1992 bay, AQHA stallion by Hotrodders Jet Set and out of Tahnee Zippo. In addition to being a multiple Congress Champion, he was also an AQHA World Champion in Junior Western Pleasure and Junior Western Riding. Notably, he was the only horse to win those two World titles in the same year, back in 1996.

He was inducted into the NSBA Hall of Fame in 2012, was a NSBA Top 20 Lifetime Earning Producing Stallion in 2014, on AQHA’s Top 5 Sire List of Open, Amateur, and Youth Horse Winners and Point Earners in 2017, and the only sire to have two sons also on AQHA’s Top Sire’s List.

But more than the points, trophies, titles, and accolades, Blaze was a beloved member of the Schroeder family. Joan Schroeder shared the following tribute to her beautiful Blaze.

BLAZING HOT… Ride of a Lifetime… A Blessing from God

April 17, 1992 – May 4, 2019

Blazing Hot left the pasture I built for him yesterday and is now in God’s pastures. I am certain of this. There are no words to describe what this sweet-hearted, beautiful, kind, funny, athletic, strong, gentle, perfect, Quarter Horse has done for me, my family, and families around the world. As a show horse, he is still the only horse to win the AQHA Jr. Western Riding and Jr. Western Pleasure on the same day and in the same year with Robbie and Joan Schroeder. As a sire, he has over 2,000 progenies worldwide and more than 50% have money earnings. He achieved this status as a sire on a trainer/horseman’s budget. Blazing Hot was bred, raised, trained, and respected by us. His sire career was guided with love, not money.

Blazing Hot is the Sire of Sires and Sire of Champion producing dams. He is the sire of Champions in numerous disciplines, from World Champion Rope Horses, to $100,000 winners in Western Pleasure, and Champion Hunter Under Saddle horses. The impact he has made with youth around the world is simply over-the-top.

In speaking with KC Montgomery yesterday, he reminded me of the economic impact Blaze made on every facet of the Quarter Horse industry, including his. AQHA has been instrumental in giving Blaze a foundation to build on, and did he do his part to impact AQHA! I would bet Blaze has touched every person passionate about the Quarter Horse, around the world, whether it be economically or in their heart. I have had countless phone calls, emails, letter, and postcards from around the country and the world for over two decades telling me about their “Blazing Hot.” Keep the stories coming!

There will be much more to say as I wrap my head around this loss in my family; but, before I go, I must thank Robbie Schroeder; because, without him, Blazing Hot would not have attained greatness in the show arena and so much more. Thanks to our son, Ryan, for helping me with Blaze in so many ways, every time I asked, and Katie, for being by our side as Blaze crossed over. Dr. John McCarroll, words are totally insufficient to describe your devotion, unending love, care, knowledge, and selflessness. You were the beginning of those 2,000 foals. Before shipped semen, we bred a lot of mares at Schroeder Ranch! You were there with Blaze and I yestereday, just like you said you would be. Blazing Hot is the result of my 30 plus year friendship with Carrie Oakley, the owner of Blaze’s daddy, Hall of Famer, Hotrodders Jet Set. Thank you for being with us yesterday. Blazing Hot had the best of care throughout his life. To name a few: Dr. Tony Rocconi; Don Mock, expert farrier; Randy Mullimax, expert equine dentist; Jamee and Wendy Dietrich; and Scott DesJardin, who gave him countless hours of brushing, baths, and just hanging out when I was too busy!

I have lived next to Blaze for the past three years and been with him practically on a daily basis for 27 years. I know him inside and out. His health has been monitored and cared for by the best. When I told Dr. John and Dr. Tony over a month ago that he was not feeling well, they believed me. Through numerous blood tests over the past few weeks, the results continued to deteriorate and proved he wasn’t producing enough red or white blood cells to sustain him. His heart enzymes were elevated, which made his heart work overtime in order to exist, and his interest in eating and drinking was at a minimum.

Thursday evening, Ryan, Katie, Kamryn, and Rawson came for a last supper with Blaze. It was a special evening full of memories, love, and God’s blessings.

Dr. John came Friday evening for one final blood test. This decision had been talked about for a long, long time. It is heart-wrenching at best. We had both vowed to take care of Blazing Hot when the time came. Saturday morning at 11:00 a.m., on a beautiful, blue sky and sunny day in Texas, Dr. John, Ryan, Katie, Carrie, and I gave him back to God, and he went peacefully. He was ready.

Thank you all for allowing me to share this legendary, magnificent stallion with you. What a ride he gave so many. Blazing Hot, you will be missed, but never gone.

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