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An Equine Production Looking For Summer Interns

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An Equine Production is looking to hire one, possibly two, people to serve as interns this summer. Please note the following:

Do NOT apply:

*If you are not willing to work.
*If you must have your phone constantly in your hand talking, texting, surfing.
*If you are not a licensed driver.
*You smoke.
*You will complain that the day is long.
*If you cannot laugh at a joke. (If you can give as good as you take, bonus points!)
*If you think certain jobs are beneath you.
*You have 4 dogs, a gerbil and a parrot that must come with you.
*You also have three other jobs that would require you to be home at certain times. (That does mean you are a worker, but would not have flexibility needed for this job.
*You want to show at the shows we are managing. Sorry, that cannot happen.
*You cannot follow directions/instructions.

I’m looking for someone that would like to work in the horse show industry. Someone that is interested in learning the show management ends of the industry. Is it glamorous? Not even close! But this could be a position for someone that is truly interested.

We, all of Team AEP, will work as hard as this possible intern. If you are asked to carry a box to the trailer, do not moan about it as there will be someone right alongside you doing the same thing. If you are asked to drive to Starbucks to fuel our addition, do not complain about it, because you will have your order paid for as well. If you will break down in tears because you made a mistake and it was politely pointed out to you, calm down. We make mistakes all the time. And we point it out to ourselves and each other. Everyone is human.

Please submit your resume to the email below. Are we going to hire someone tomorrow? Nope. Are we going to hire someone at all? Maybe not. We know there is a person out there that would be a great fit. We just do not know about them.

Tell your friends. Tell your barn mates. Tell your former roommate. We look forward to hearing about you. Do not have a resume? You can send a simple letter of interest. You do not have to be a rocket scientist. If you are, impressive. I just doubt you will want to spend it at a show! Good luck.

Kathy Avolt

Email – AnEquineProduction@gmail.com

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